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Awesome Template ! GLWS :)

Thanks, metro!

Thanks, my friend!

Nice work ! glws

Thanks, Manuel :)

Wow very nice!! Good luck with the sales :-)

Thanks, Atom! I apreciate it.

Wooow! Cool template!! :) Awesome work htmgarcia!!

Thanks, Regis :)

bel tema complimenti ma nel multipagine l’header è troppo alto. ciao


Beautiful theme!!!! Wish you many sales…;)

Thanks juanmita :)

How do i remove the video in the FAQ?

Hi EnBPhoto!

To remove the video, edit the Category description of FAQ in Category Manager.

Try this and tell me how it goes. Regards.

I was just looking at the demo. A few comments/questions I have, is why does the background image “jump” around on a touch screen. Can the menu be changed to stay open instead of forcing a user to click it open all the time, and is there a gallery component for this?


When viewing the template on a tablet, the background image moves when you scroll the single page layout. It doesn’t appear like its supposed to move, but it looks like it getting ‘pushed’ around when scrolling. I don’t know how to explain it, sorry, but its very irritating to the eye.

Hi Nemesis! Wich tablet are you using (brand, model, OS and browser) We apreciatte your feedback.

Using a Surface Pro tablet. Runs a full Win 8 OS, and the issue is with Chrome as well as IE10

I would love to grab this template, but looks like there are some compatibility issues with IE8 at the moment.

Hi jdtoppin! You’right. Thanks for the feedback. We found the problem, the solution is easy and we will apply this little update to fix it.


ie8 compatible NO…. background wont load..

the option to show the menu and scroll back so people know the arrow is the menu is missing..

for the rest great job

Hi giaxi! Thanks for purchasing :) We are working in this update. Regards.

Hi again! Please check this instructions to get fixed the issue in IE8.

hi their, i cant find the way to edit the TEAM section adding images and edit the team info =) little help here =)


Hi ruicorreia! The Team section is managed using the Content Component.
Check the Articles in the Category: Team, there you will find an Article for every Team Member (the text is the Article Text field) and the image is configured in Images and Links > Intro Image.

Try this and tell me if this was helpful for you, Rui.

Hi, how can I show a little image over the image of the portfolio to indicate that the user can click for zoom, like as your template Fashion?

Hi effelab!

This may be possible adding Custom CSS code in Template Params to specify a hover effect in the item image.


Hi Absolutely love the feel of this theme:) Great work! Im doing a preview for a client and would love to know what the name of fonts the theme is currently using are- here espacially them in the logo- and headlines in the context. If he likes it I will buy it:) Best wishes Katja

Hi hé loved it:) just want to know if the issues with ie8 are fixed on the current version ( since im not good at doping fixes:) Best wishes Katja

Shoud say doing not doping:)

Wich issues you mean, katjagry?

hi! it looks amazing.. there is a way to insert a blog?

Hi lougallo!

Sure, you may add a blog in Multiple Pages behavior. Wich component are you trying to install?

Hi, it’s a great theme! I have one question for “contact form”. Could you tell me how do I insert “ReCaptcha” in the contact from? Thanks a lot!

This template supports Google fonts, this is managed under Template Params (Extensions > Template Manager > vg_bismuth – xxx )

Tell me if this was helpful for you. Regards.

yes! it’s ok now! thanks a lot! ^^

Excellent :)

Hi There! First of all, great work! It’s my first responsive template and it rocks.

I only got a problem with the Last Works module with Alternative layout: slide-portfolio. I cant manage to make it work as it’s supose to.

Can you give a hand please?

here is the url, you can see the resulte in the «pourquoi nous» menu

Hi akinayotaka!

May you ask for support using the account in wich you bought Bismuth template, please.

As Nemesiss pointed out earlier, the background jumps around for me as well. Windows Phone 8 – IE10 I assume. The background doesn’t stay static in the background, but rather, moves with the page as you scroll up and down with your finger on the touch screen.

Not sure about the background issue, but I found this solution for the responsive issue:

The solution should be at the bottom of that page.

“Here’s what you need to do:

Use @-ms-viewport in your CSS @-ms-viewport{ width: device-width; } Use the meta viewport tag <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1” /> And finally, in your <head>, add the following JavaScript (function() { if (“-ms-user-select” in && navigator.userAgent.match(/IEMobile\/10\.0/)) { var msViewportStyle = document.createElement(“style”); msViewportStyle.appendChild( document.createTextNode(”@-ms-viewport{width:auto!important}”) ); document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(msViewportStyle); } })();

This code specifically targets version IE Mobile 10.0 – I’ve also added an extra condition to ensure it only happens in IE – so future, fixed versions will be untouched. It’s worth noting that JavaScript cannot be disabled on Windows Phone 8, so this code will always run.”

Hi htmgarcia,

i purchased the template – and finally it is a real great one. Two things i can’t get working is an email cloacking in the contact area. I miss the option for “preparing content” in this module, to make that work. And the second thing is the contact form. i need to implement the standard joomla implemented captcha for it. As soon, as the site was online, i got up to 20 spam form entries a day… so the usability for this form is not there for me… i am grateful for any help i can get.

Greets, Rafael | VON FREUND Consulting

Hi vonfreund! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

About teh Prepare Content parameter, is not necessary for this module. Sadly, the Captcha is not included in the extension.


Thanks for your answer htmgarcia. Well, if it is not necessary for the module, why is the email-address not cloacked? Whether on my site, where it is activated, nor on your demo page. I thought the Prepare Content parameter is allowing exatly things like the email cloacking? So the contact area is absolutely useless for me this way.

I’m sorry to hear that. As this is an exclusive module is not possible.