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I´m seriously considering buying this template. The only thing my client requires is that the top menu is visible per default, instead of being closed. This is a very small adjustment, I just need to know beforehand that this will not be a problem to change. Also, all the issues regarding the background on a touchscreen and IE8 compatibility, are these fixed with patches etc.?

Brgds Mikkel

You just need to add a Custom CSS code inside the template params in admin ( ).

Hi again,

Thanks for a great template. I purchased it yesterday and I have now made the design pretty much the way my client wants it.

The only thing I am looking for is a way to show Soundcloud Audio the same way you show YouTube by inserting e.g. youtube:YE7VzlLtp-4 as caption to the article image.

Is there an easy way to integrade Soundcloud the same way YouTube and Vimeo is integrated?

Great fabelmik! Unfortunately we don’t support this kind of showcase. May you send us FTP access and a <iframe> or HTML code example of SoundCloud to generate this feature in articles? – use this form:


Hello friend, 1. can this theme be extended for multi-user login so that many different people can login in and post their own images and text ?

2. can it be used for multiple bloggers ?

thanks, Jai Gurudev

Hi advaita56!

Bismuth has the same options that a regular Joomla website. Tell me if this was helpful for you.

Hi Just bought the theme but im pretty new to joomla- would love to know if I allready installed joomla with a auto installer, can I then through extensions – still install the quickstar zip to get it with preview content or can i only choose to install the theme template without the demo content? hope you can help:)

Hi katjagry! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

Sorry for the late. You may install the template (and the other extensions) in an existing Joomla website; or you may choose use the quickstart installation for a new Joomla website ( I strongly recommend this option). Tell me if this was helpful for you.


hi, i just finish adding 8 image to the portfolio and i cant add more ? every image i add now dont apear on the site …. you know what can i be doing wrong ? tkx

Hi ruicorreia! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

Please, go to Extensions > Module Manager > (find the My Isotope module named “Filter”) > Basic Options > Number of articles to show > Change from 8 to a bigger one.

Try it and tell me how it goes, please. Regards.

Hi I Just bought the theme and me and my customer love it… A question,is it possible to make a static background in all page except HOME…i mean just HOME page have slide image but others just static…


Im using joomla 2.5…

I want to add 2 more page…but how to make the title of page section according to my new page…

i mean, how to add a section…TQ

Ok. Please open the documentation file inside the zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest, there is a folder name documentation/index.html locate the section “Explaining Every Section” > Services as example. There we pointed step by step instructions to create modules in One Page behavior.

Let me know if this worked for you. Regards

Hi – we are loving the template but we are having trouble with background images not showing in IE – can you help please –

This is urgent – thanks!

Hi paulcotter! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

Please read this FAQ:

Tell me if this worked for you. Regards

Cheers man – that worked!

Hi I dont understand how the portfolio slideshow works and how to insert the 3 images as per your example. The sample included does not show it either. Thanks in advance.

Hi kakshaks! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

We recommend you read the documentation file in the zip that you downloaded from ThemeForest (documentation/ folder). There we pointed instructions to managed every section.

About how works the Portfolio slideshow (an certainly most of the content is managed in similar way). The content is managed using the Content Component (under Content > Article Manager and Content >Category Manager ) – basically you create articles with Intro and Full Text Images (in Images and Links > Intro Image / Full text Image ). Those images are displayed in the slideshow (the intro ones) .
In demo we put this articles in “Awesome Works” Category. To edit the content in left of the slidwshow (pure text), just edit the Category Description field (in Content > Category Manager > Awesome Works category)

Tell me if this was helpful for you, kakshaks


Hi, thanks for the reply but I am still struggling. I have created a Last Works module with Alternative layout: slide-portfolio called Awesome Works. I have created the category called ‘Awesome Works’. I have created 3 articles, each with a category of ‘Awesome Works’. Each article contains a ‘Intro Image’ which I want to show in the slideshow. However, only 1 slide displays. In your sample that is included with the template, there are no articles as examples and so I cannot see if there are any differrent settings. I do see all 3 slides on your live preview but obviously cannot see the Joomla backend to see how it is achieved. I have read the documentation but again, no help in explaining the setup of the Awesome Works articles. Thanks in advance. K

Ok, let’s check your website to solve this, kakshaks.

Please send us an email using the profile page here: adding this same details to track your case and see what is hapening (please, add the URL and Joomla access).


Cheers man – that worked!

Excellent! :)

Hi, I am experiencing problems to edit google map windows on contact section. When I change the gmap url the map does not display into web -page and this message appeasr to me:


You don’t have permission to access /<iframe class= on this server.

Please could you assist me with this?

Thanks and regards

Sorry, now is back online. Thanks and regards

Let me know if this was helpful, tgalassini

I love the concept, off the beaten path, great ! :)


on Mac, OSX10.7.5, Chrome 28.0.1500.71 (latest version), whichever main menu link yo click you always stay at the top of the “one page”... you wonna check that ;)

Hi Nicha :)

May you provide an screenshot of this via contact form, please:

Thanks for feedback. Regards

Upps… sorry… seems my previous comment is not a bug but an “intended feature” of the “multiple pages” version of the template… I definitely prefer the “one page” though… But anyways, well done! :)

Don’t worry :)

We covered both options.

Kind regards, Valentín

Hello, I just bought the bismuth template and I can’t install, when I upload the vg-bismuth-Joomla-2.5-quickstart-1.0.1-RECOMMENDED .zip at the end of the installation occurs a error, it shows 500 (Internal Server) Error.


Hi wttmads! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

May we know more details about how you tried the installation – the more details, the better support options to solve the situation
Also, your hosting cover the technical requirements to use a Joomla 3.x installation? – more about it here:

Let us know more about it, please. If is possible, you may ask for support using this contact form: – add this same details in the message



Is it possible to have a 3+ column photo gallery instead of the portfolio thats in the preview?

Hi fluxxsimon!

This can be possible adding Custom CSS code to get more columns in same row. A customer did it and worked (very easy if you have a good CSS knowledge)

Kind regards

Great template! I’m having a little trouble with it though. No syntax for plugins or loading modules is working. For example:

{likefptodownload downloadurl=”http://domain/”}

{module [118]}

Just appears as text in the frontend rather then the module or plugin it should load.

I appreciate your help with this.

The loadposition code works for Articles. Last works module doesn’t support the commented plugins.

Please contact here: – add all the previous details to find another way to suit your needs.


Sorry, my email bounced back so I am messaging you here. Thank you for your attention yo this matter. The plugin is used at the bottom of the Mixtapes module, as well it is used in the first article in the News section.

Answered via email. Please keep the support help there.

Hi, i’ m intrested to buy this template can i see somewhere the under construction page for joomla 3? Thank’s.

Hi ibagasa77!

Bismuth uses a default Under Construction page.


Hello , Im considering buy this template the only thing I want to know is, is that possible to make menu but on the top stable ( always open) instead of the way it is right now

best regards

Hi arashkh!

Yep, is easy achieve this:

Waiting for your comments


Hi Just purchased this template. Having some trouble with module positions.

I have followed your instructions about the external menu and the appearance of the module positions (services, portfolio….). for example (#section-contact) But they dont appear. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? the only module positions i have got are the following:

bismuth-bodybottom-a vg_bismuth bismuth-bodybottom-b vg_bismuth bismuth-bodytop-a vg_bismuth bismuth-bodytop-b vg_bismuth bismuth-bottom-a vg_bismuth bismuth-bottom-b vg_bismuth bismuth-footerbottom vg_bismuth bismuth-footertop vg_bismuth bismuth-menu vg_bismuth bismuth-social vg_bismuth

The article (that lives in teh Category you configured in this module) must have the shortcode for slideshow. In documentation we point how to add an slideshow in an article in the Caption fields, like: slide:path/to/folder/


thanks, also (sorry to keep on badgering you) how do you get two modules on the same line, like you did with the video and questions on the FAQ bit of the site? Thanks!

Is not two modules. The video (on right) is placed editing the Category description (under Content > Category Manager).

Please try and tell me if this worked for you.


Hi, can a login link be put on the top menu allowing users to login and see additional content?

Hello me again. could you tell me how you achieved to get the writing on the lefthand side of the Contact section? I can get the map up but when I put writing in the same field as the map within the Contact circle module, the writing comes out black and in arial font without being able to edit.

any help would be great

Hi rstarbuck!

Sure, try wrapping the text with html tags like:
<div style="color:#fff">
Please send us an email if you wish to have a quote or have any questions. We look forward from hearing from you. </div>

In this way you may add white color. About the font, I noticed in Fireox that is loaded with Lato (a Google font configured in template params by default)

Let me know if this was helpful.


Hi dude, I just bought the template, nice templete, but i have a problem with the portfolio, because for example if i add four photos to a category and in the front i click in one of these, the lightbox show thumbs photos of the all categories and it should show only the thumbs of the correspondent category that i clicked. How can i solve the probem? Thanks and cheers!

Hi mindsurfer11! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

May I know the url of your website to see the live result and figure out better your request, please.