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awesome template. Thanks! How can I hidden the “Home” in the Menu? Page Display Options > Page Class (add: hide:component) doesn´t work.

The hide-component only hide the Component section (where the component, like articles or categories can be displayed).

To hide the home, we can apply Custom CSS or move that menu item to another menu (like Help Menu or another that won’t be displayed in website).

Let me know if this has menaing for you.


This is a good idea, I would be glad.

Hi, love the template, but am I right in thinking that because this is all modules my client won’t be able to log in and edit from the front end?

Hi tm-x! Please send me full details of your website using our profile page:


Dear htmgarcia,

Last week I purchased the bismuth template and I must say it works great. I do have a question for the social element; i’m really missing an instagram icon, and not sure how to add one. I figured to make the image myself and add it, but i’ve got no clue how to put it next in line with the others. Is there perhaps a way you could help me with this? Thank you in advance :)

Hi digorta :)

What is teh URL of your website? How is added the CSS that points to use your custom Instagram image?


well that is just my question, I do not know how to add it. For my client I need an instagram-logo between the rest of the social elements, but I got no clue how to do this! is it possible?

Sure, is possible. Please provide FTP and Joomla access with detailed instructions to provide one.

Send us those information here:


hi there.

could you help me out, i cant get the google analytics to work, some instructions would be nice, thanks

Hi Paula!

You can place your analytics code in Extensions > Template manager > vg_bismuth – xx > Basic Options

Let me know if works

hi there. I ave many problem in I phone and I pad you theme its fantastic but dont work nice in mobile!

Hi Mauro!

Nice website :) I just replied in email. Please keep the conversation there


hi there. second question, i purchased Accordion Gallery, but this gallery creates problems to the topic, this its important to me because i work in television service, you ave a council to a gallery whit description that it does not create problems?

May I know which problems did you get? I may suggest is related to jQuery conflicts? If is possible add this same details in your next reply in email. Would be great enable this module to see in action.

Kind regards

Hi, Thanks for this great template! Need help about K2 include. Your module only able to showcase joomla content, is there a way for K2?

Best regards, Cedric

Hi there, finally, I found a way with K2 content module, but I think I need you to find a way to disable “logo position” on certain page.. Best regards,

Please email me using our profile page: to provide you a better support help. Please add this same details in the message and provide access to your backend.


Nice Theme innovative!!! thanks to htmgarcia to the best support!

Thanks Mauro!

I’m glad to be helpful :)


I just finished setting up the template. But even if i change the mail to my email address , i can not receive mails from the contact form. Apart from this everything it’s rellay nice

Hi forsaken1997!

May you provide more using our profile page: – add this same details in the message in order to provide you better support help. Include FTP details in the message to run some tests related to email sending.



Great template. I have one question how can i disable the big logo header on other pages except home? Its taking to much space off the pages!

Is possible buth would require customization in code to match this look.

How can we do that then? I really need that code to put a small logo in the menubar

Please send us a message using this contact page: – add the full details and Joomla access in message, please


Hi yesterday i have purchased this awesome template but i m having an installation problem i m using the Option 1 which is recommended to install the template via pasting the template on the server root folder.i am following the above method but my bismuth installation is not completing it goes on showing the progress for a long time.please i need your support on this.


Hi MobileLabs! Thanks for purchasing Bismuth :)

Which step you got stuck? – sometimes the installation process can be slow; wait for a “success” message or “error”

Are you using Joomla 2.5 or 3.x?

Let me know this details, please. If you need help to make the installation, please send us a message using this contact page: – add this same details in the message. Remember provide FTP and database details to help you.



He intentado contactar hasta en dos ocasiones con el vendedor de esta plantilla (por Twitter y desde su formulario de contacto aquí en ThemeForest) y en ningún caso he obtenido respuesta.

Quería aclarar un par de dudas pues estoy muy interesado por esta plantilla pero esta falta de atención me preocupa.

Por favor, ¿sigue activa esta cuenta? ¿alguien puede atenderme?

Un cordial saludo ;-)


¡Que tal Luis! Haznos saber tus dudas a través del email (o usando nuestra página de contacto:, por favor.


Hi I am trying to use the “allVideo” extension on my site with your template. But it doesn’t show up. Do you know if there is an incompatibility between your template and the allVideo plugin ? I am trying to use it in an article but only get the code instead of the video.


Hi momodragon!

Is possible see your website in the page you are having problems?


How can I just use the multiple page and not the one page setup? By default the one page is the home page. I would like to use the multiple page.

The drop down menu at the top of the page…how can I automatically have that dropped down instead of being closed. I want that menu to be open on every page.

Also, I need a instagram icon that looks like the other icons please.


Hi theboc, you should set teh multiple pahes menu item as default page (yellow star) – do this under Menus >> Main menu >> multipel pages (click on right star)

For menu opened by default:

For Instagram image, you need to set your own icon and set the CSS to make it work

Hopes this helps

Hi, I want to purchase Bismuth to use it for one of my clients. In one of the module positions I want to replace an article with a Soundcloud playlist using this plugin: Will I have any problem with that? Thank you in advance George

This sounds like a very general request and maybe I’m not following 100% your concern. You can place html content (like soundclud embed) in any custom HTML module/article but maybe not in the way you need. About height, that can be done automatically or with custom CSS in the cases where is not so automatic.

Hopes this helps


Hi, the previously mentioned plugin replaces in the article a Soundcloud page URL by the player itself, by embeding a code like this: <iframe width=”100%” height=”166” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=””></iframe> for every song that you want to include. The final result is something like this: So, my concern is double: 1. if I would have a problem with the embeding of such code, and 2. if, by adding all the nescessary songs, I will have a proble with the total height of the section (which is going to be around 700px). And I am asking this because I faced a similar problem (height) with the sections of your template “MyFolio”, where I could not have any height I wanted in the white areas of the content.

Sorry for the length of my message, but I know your will to help because you have supported indefatigably every template I have purchased by you.

Best Regards

If works in that way you could use in any template (including this) to display it inside an article or module in a regular way (depending on plugin behavior)


Hi, somehow the ‘my isotope’ module does not work properly anymore. It shows the portfolio but you can no longer switch between categories! Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Best regards & thank you in advance!

Hi digorta,

May you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)



I just purchased your template. For some reason I can’t install joomla 3.x from the folder provided in the zip file. However, joomla 2.5 installation works fine. In joomla 3.x installation it doesn’t go forward after I click on next button. It shows loading animation, but it doesn’t go further. I am on Safari/Mac/MAMP, tried firefox also but the problem is the same.

Thanks! Awesome template!

Hi dstanko,

I’m glad you like our work :)

If you want me, I can give a try with the quickstart for Joomla 3. Just send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)


Hey, just purchased this awesome template. Please tell me how could i change the map link? and also i need that gallery would open only those pictures that are related to same photo. Lets say i have 3 photos from diferent angles of the same thing, and i need that gallery would not show all pictures but only those three. And last question how could i make fonts show unicode letters, i need to write lithuanian letters, and it shows the letter but in different font.

Hi Mykolas,

I just replied. Please reply to our email.


Just happy with your template, managed to do everythig. Feel free to have a look what we have here: looks very nice, but still needs more improvement in fonts with utf-8 letters.

Nice website! :)

About fonts, I replied on your email in order to see if I can help you with that concern.


hi not show background slide in ie8 and not fixed position in ie9

problem not solved ?

Hi sina13,
is possible have the url of your website?

Looking forward to help you


Hi there, excellent template! Only thing is the favicon icon, I changed the favicon.ico file in the root but the Bismuth icon is still visible. How to do this correctly?

Hi DerkWisma,
the favicons in websites (not only in Joomla, in all websites) are hard cached, even if you changed to a newer one the browser keep displaying the old one temporary

Try opening your website in a new PC (where you never opened the website) to test this, please