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Hi Los Bastardos

I just tried with the menu display as in joomla version for my wp using the following code in general theme options – custom css.

slideout-wrap{ margin-top:0; }
slideout-button a{ display:none; }

I also tried the same code in style.css

But i am not able to view the menu as in case of joomla version can u plz help me with this.

Hi, you probably did something wrong, because I tested it and it worked.

Sir can you plz send me the zipped file of the theme you have worked so that i can use it.

Sure, please contact through my profile page so I can send to you. :)

nice design! i got several questions :) i didn find any solution here and by myself.

- i got also, like few others here, the blank “home”-page in my content that i dont want to show up

- somehow i cant re-organize the content. for example in menu the impressum is the last button but in my content its the second. in your documentation says: After installing the theme, we’ll create the pages (the creation order does not matter). okay, i got this but its not the way it should be on my page.

- how can i resize the font size of each “section header” shown in the content field bevor the content. dont know how to explain it right, english is not my native language. and is it possible to center it and use a different font?

- why cant we use some html in the “Header Smaller Text” section? beacause the font size in that section for example is in my opinion not small – its heavy AND maybe i wanna show a small picture instead of text. possible?

i think thats it for now. great work – i hope u can support me with my quests :)

hellooooooooooOOOO :) , first support is not mandatory in ThemeForest, second here so have a one person to respond and develop, then sometimes I can delay to answer.

1- What blank page? and what is the url of your site?

2 – To re-organize the content (page order) go to Apparence > Menus > and use the WP menu to order the page order, the order that show in menu is the order of your pages in your site.

3- Just change the ‘font-size’ value of h2 inside your style.css ( line 40 ) the default is 300% put you can put % or px value.

4 – If you look the documentation, you will see that the “Header Smaller Text” is done with shortcode, which create 2 columns, the first column, you can add what you want (image or like I did, text), the same for the second, it is very simple.

The documentation have the same code that have in my demo version, if you follow it, you will be able to create a site like the demo version.

:) thank you for answers. ALL GOOD :) “chefproduction.de” is the site. the blank home section that we must create as hometemplate shows on the website. the menu order is absolute correct. impressum is in the menü at last also in the menu admin page. but on the webiste it shows at 3rd (should be last). love

Please inform me through my profile page the access to your Wordpress Admin (login and password) Thanks


Great website design!!

However, I have one question before purchasing the template.

Can I create additional pages and link it to the home page? For example, if someone clicks on a selected hyperlink, can a new page be created for the link?

Thanks :) Yes, you can create other pages.

Hi Bastardos, the Theme works great, I have some issues with the “project” section, I sent you a mail trough your profile, hope you can check it out Thanks in Advance

Hi, Answered. check your email.

I am trying to embed videos in the portfolio by adding youtube/vimeo URL’s but they don’t play, nor takes the user to the link by clicking on it. How do I add videos to my website/portfolio? I also emailed you guys three times.


Hi ska,

The portfolio slider, only support images, like the description “Slide Image” says.

I recommend to you put the video link in the description field in portfolio, like below Look this project guys, and link to video
<a href="www.youtube.com/linkvideo">check this video!</a>.
Something like this :)

Sorry to delay, oh, here do not have guys, but just a guy. If have another question, just ask.

HI I would like to have a Youtube video pop up when people first loading the website. I saw Easy Fancybox plugin .. tried it.. but I am not sure where I should put the code in the wordpress backend…. tried putting it in index.php… but nothign worked

Do you know ?


Support does not cover modifications.

You can try use the Uji Popup Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/uji-popup/

Regards, Regis

HI I still haven’t heard from you regarding my question above.

Please help .. at least reply

Hi babeuske,

Sorry delay, but support does not cover modifications.

You can try use the Uji Popup Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/uji-popup/

Regards, Regis

Great Theme! I would like to add a light gray transparent background so the font is more visible. How do I do this?

Thanks! :)

Just use a gray image as your slide, check the Setting the Background in documentation file.


Hi Los Bastardos,

I want to remove the “sign up” button on the pricing page, but i can’t.. Can you help me please?

Thank you

Hi, it’s me again! I’m having problems with the display of social icons in mobile version. They are placed under the first section title and i can’t fix it. This is my site: www.aldeanativa.cl Could you help me please? Thank you very much

Hi, in style.css file, create this code:
#acerca-de-nosotros { margin-top:150px; }


Thank you very much!!! It works perfect :)!

Hei! If I want to put a video in a page, it always shows full size but I would like to have it in the way you have it in your portfolio page. How does this work? Thanks a lot!


can you tell me what went wrong here? I tried to copy your portfolio slider, but the pictures of the slider are not in the same row like it is in your page.

and I would like to delete the whole “contact” part or at least change the word into the german one. Is that possible? Thank you!

Hello Be :)

let’s by parts,

To remove the contact page, open the file page-template-home.php find this:

<div id="contact" />

and delete it (all content).

I saw your website, and the slide is in the correct position, you have fixed it?

Also, have you fixed the video size? Cause the portfolio only accept images.

Btw, nice song :D

If have any another question, just ask :)

Oh, thank you!! Yes, I could fix the rest in the meantime:-) I have one more question, I read it also in another comment but don`t know if its possible to have the menu for wordpress similar to Joomla theme. On Joomla I do like the menu bar a lot!

Pre-purchase question: can i edit the menu background and remove the white so its only a text menu?

Hello mktgcs, Yes you can edit the menu color, need just edit the style.css, just remove the background color of menu :) Thanks


I’ve a problem with the responsive version of my website with your template…. The logo don’t re-size and the text overlap. Do you have any idea where re the problem ?

Sorry for my syntax. English is not my mother tongue :D www.vanhammeph.be

Thanks ;)

Hello IN-CHA!! Sorry delay to reply.

You changed the style.css file or some other css file?

Welcome to club, English is not my mother tongue too :D

Regards :)


First of all thanks a lot for this nice and clean theme!

I have a logo problem with the responsive version of my website. It don’t re-size. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot! :)


Hello, It me again :)

I have an other question. How much you will charge me to internationalize this theme (http://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers#I18n_for_theme_and_plugin_developers)?

Thanks again!

Do you have a download link for the demo version? The guide leaves a lot to be desired, Thanks

Hi! Great theme! It’s several days I’m looking for a template like yours for my client, and at the end I hope I found it! I have a couple of questions: 1) the menu bar at the top: is it possible to change the aspect like color or maybe let it became transparent like the footer? 2) if I don’t want to use the demo content, is it easy to create a parallax model like the demo or do you think it’s better to upload the demo and then modify the content? I have urgent need to proceed with buying a template and I would like yours! Please let me know asap ! Thanks a lot!

Excuse me! I’ve sent to you an email several days ago with a support request quite urgent! Any chance to receive an answer from you ???

Hello Andrea, Sorry delay. I sent an email to u, showing how to remove the contact block.

Regards, Sorry again.


Unable to trigger mobile menu on kawulok.pl can you help?

Unable to trigger mobile menu too. Do you have a update? And if i have a photo gallery with 4 columns, on mobile it doesn’t show good. Please help.