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I applied the changes to the current theme and fixed the menu. But now Im getting the following JS error: Error: TypeError: $wrapper is null Source File: http://cycloneautomotive.com/js/jquery.rivathemes.js Line: 1472

Please fix this. Thank you!

In addition to the error I noted previously, the change also breaks the use of the Colorbox – a jQuery lightbox that is part of this theme.

Any help in getting this to work properly would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi, i today buy this theme but i have one question. In the image gallery (Portfolio 2 col, and all ) i clicked to photo and i see only one single image whit close button…Not “next” or “previous” or play. What need to do to work these options?Ty

I just purchased this template and Boxed Version is not working for me. Please provide the files. Thanks

Also the website loads very slowly. Can you please advise what can I do to speed it up? Regarding the slider, the delay is set up in a short time, I changed the “slidedelay”, “delayin”, “delayout”, “durationin”, but it doesn’t change anything. Where can I change it. Thanks

How can I make that the logo sticks to the header when I scroll down. Please help. Please respond my questions. Thanks

Unfortunately RivaThemes has poor support,i more than a month of his I wrote and there is not an answer I paid it for the support though and no reply…...... Great theme, But I’ll stay away from their work from now on and reported on this site owner…

Very poor support. will stay away from them too. you mentioned that the themes are well documented but I don’t see that anywhere. people need to change things around and I think we deserve some answers. Further more, the layer-slider is not responsive and I think you missed that part. Very disappointed

I was ready to buy this theme, but after reading all the comments about the poor support- I better look else where. That’s a real shame, as it’s a really nice theme

Well, looked around and couldn’t find another theme that would fit my project. So I decided to buy this one and see what happens. Hopefully, if and when I need some support- I will get it ?

Well, so far so good – but the contact page isn’t working. Can I get any help with solving this problem ?

I also need help getting the contact form working, I have edited email.php but nothing happens when submitting the form.

I’ve found a bug in the main menu. When you hover the button with mouse the first time the sub-menu works fine, after a while it doesn’t. I think it depend by the “layerslider” above.

Could you please help me? Thanks

Hi! You are awesome developers! Thank you for the Biss Corporate html template!

Question…I want my mega menu to show in the mobile view of the template. Right now if I have a mega menu option, when I pull the site up in a mobile device the navigation element isn’t shown. Please help me out…how can this be resolved?? Thanks!

önce menü ayarını düzelt sonra satış yap kardaş.

Can you move the background image around on the layer slide? Like, for example change background positions (center top, center center, center bottom, etc…)

Anyone knows how to edit contact page? I wont even bother messaging support because of how long it will take to get a response.

How do I edit the information in the contact form?

How do I edit the information on the contact page?

Hello, sorry for a delay. If you need to change email to receive any enquiry you should check email.php in the root folder and paste you own email address in $your_email_address variable.

Hi, I downloaded the template but the settings do not open. And in page transitions, loading is not active. Can I get the pictures you used in the demo?

Hello, are you talking about wordpress version?

Hi . If you like partnership in Joomla version then please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com

how do i remove the floating header or sticky header from showing up while scrolling down. i want it fixed so it wont move at all or show up when scrolling. i really need help with this issue, i cant figure it out.