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I tried to change the locations (latitute and longitude) on global.js but it doesn’t change the sample locations you have set. Please help.

Thanks, Theresa


You will need to make sure the html file is loading the global.js and not the minified file global.min.js

Please contact us via our profile page if your have any more questions and also please include link so I can troubleshoot the problem.


Amazing! Wish you many sells;

Thanks :)

Hi, I’m working on your template, but I have a problem: how do I replace the logo in the top not with something written but with a jpg or png? If I insert a png I can not hit it, or do it the right size, in any size monitor. Thanks for your help, Manuela


Thanks for your purchase.

In index.html file, simply replace this line:

Line 87 : <a href="#front">Bistecca<em>’</em> <span>Steakhouse</span></a>


<a href="#front"><img src="assets/images/your-logo.png" /></a>

Depending on the theme you’re using, you might need to do some CSS modifications. I can help you with that too.

Please contact us via the form located on our author page if you need more assistance.


Thanks for answering so fast! I sent you an email with some questions…

Thanks a lot!

Hi In Menu nav bar. I try make point other html page.

I did put in to href

But there are no respond when I click on it!

Please help


You need to add the class “external” on the li containing the link

/* External links can be used in the top navigation * Regular: <li class="external"><a href="">your link</a></li> * External + New Window (Blank): <li class="external blank"><a href="">your link</a></li> */


Just a quick question. I’m failing to find the settings for the top menu (font, padding, etc.) Could you point me in the right direction? Cheers.

Hey! Just got back to you via email.