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I like it. It´s clean, direct and Pro. I think shortly I´m gonna get it for a project. Really nice theme Simplicix !

Thank you very much!

Hi ! I’ve just purchased your theme, and he’s really easy to adapt, really well done, thanks for your work !

The only little problem i have is to hide “Bistecca Steakhouse” in the gallery, when pictures are hovered by the mouse, could you help me for that please ?

I didn’t find where that was in the code.

Thanks again Simplicix :) !


Thanks for purchasing our theme.

There’s a file called ‘zoom.png’ which is the image. There’s a PSD provided so you can put your own logo and save it back to the appropriate folder. The image is inside one of the theme colors.

If you need to remove the image completely, you can edit the theme color CSS file at line 71. Set the ‘background-image’ to ‘none’.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

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Hi, Thanks for answering so fast ! My problem is solved, thank you, i’m going to rate your theme right now :)

Have a good day.

I’m considering buying this theme, but found a bug with Bistecca on iPhone & iPod touch. Can you fix it quickly?

I shot a short video to demonstrate: Bistecca theme problem on iPhone, iPod

Please check it out and let me know. More details are in the video description on YouTube. Thanks!

Hello, we are currently reviewing the issues. However, this is a very bad time of the year for us. I will do my best to address these fixes in a timely manner. The #1 has been fixed but not pushed to Envato neither the demo site. I will give an update as soon as I can.


You guys still on vacation?

Hi elRafa,

We’ve been investigating for the fixes and we’re pretty sure that the multiple Google Maps that are embedded in the website is making the mobile version choppy/sluggish.

We could provide a version without the locations map switcher – therefore, not using the Google Maps API – and embed a single map into this section.

This would allow more flexibility to the mobile version as making all the external calls to Google API drains a lot of CPU and memory.

Would you be ok with that? Do you need the multiple location panel?

We could provide with demo URL if you’d like to test. Please contact us via private message so we can send the demo link.


Hi, Thanks for an amazing theme.

I have couple of questions: 1. How do i change the logo on the front page to an image instead of text.

2. How do I change the direction to point to one main location in the google map provided. I followed your instruction in the document you provided but didn’t work.

Please help Cheers


Please send us your website link via the contact form located on our envato profile page. This will allow me to troubleshoot the problems.

I will also send you information by email for the logo procedure and will make sure it’s included in the documentation for the next update.


Thank you for your quick response,. The website is not live yet. still working on it on my laptop. I look forward to the information on the logo solution.

Thanks again

Hi simplicix

I never got the information by email for the logo procedure.

please help


Hi, as I asked, please contact me via my envato profile page as I dont have your email when you comment on the item. Sending a message from the profile page will give me your email. Cheers,


is there a way to completely remove the “choose a location” dropbox and make it set to only one location along with the address/hours?


Yes, please contact me via email from our profile page. I will send procedure and modified JS file. I’ll also push update on Envato.


Alright, done. Thanks

I am very happy with the theme itself and support I got after purchase. It is pretty easy to implement even with basic html knowledge.

Thanks Julien for great product and really low price! Paul

Thank you! Don’t forget to rate it :)

done :)


Hi simplicix Thank you again for all your help on the theme.

I am having issues with the email part of the theme. whenever the form is filled out and sent it drops off the body message and delivers just the subject line. why is this happening? How do i fix this?

Thanks in advance


Can you please contact me via email with your website URL so I can investigate?


cool will do

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Hi. Finally I want to buy this item ; after purchasing could you help me to change the name for a logo, add a couple pages more and set them in the menu bar?

Thanks for your help


No problem changing the logo. I could replicate some others pages while maintaining the website structure and updating the scripts for a small fee depending on what you need.

Please contact us via PM if you want to move forward.

Thanks for your interest,


How can I disable the mobile browser detection? I want that the page shows the same in e.g. my iPhone as it is on a web browser in a PC or Mac.

So far I removed the if clause below in global.js, making isMobile = false all the time, but it does not seem to work.

var isMobile = false; if( /Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry|Windows Phone|ZuneWP7/i.test(navigator.userAgent) ) { isMobile = true; $('html').addClass('mobile'); }


The theme relies on JavaScript and CSS to get into “mobile” / responsive.

You could go ahead and remove/comment the media queries located in the magick.css file. They are near bottom of the file. Leave the first one which is dedicated to large screens.

Then remove/comment (around) line 35 script inside the index file:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0">

Let me know how that goes,
Thanks for purchasing.


Thanks for the feedback. It worked just as I wanted.


Great news! Please don’t forgot to leave rating if you appreciated theme / support :)


Hi, thanks for a great template. I do have a question, when I view the website on my phone its takes a long time to load the background, and when I scroll down it takes a while for it to load as well.

and whats the difference between the index-development.html and inde-switcher.html


Sorry for late reply.

The difference between these two index: - the development index calls the javascript files that are not compressed/minify. You need to change some of the values in the global.js file. Everything should be explained properly in the theme documentation.

Please contact us via the contact form located on our profile page and send us the url to your website so we can investigate the problem.


Hi ,

It may be a stupid question but I would like to be sure before purchasing. If the menu and wine list is longer can it be spread over several pages ?

Let me know , thanks


Yes you can put as much content as you want in any section. Content will extend. If you have any problem do not hesitate.

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

Hi. I´ve sent a couple of mails asking for some support to your profile mail and I´m still waiting. Could you answer me please?

Hi, just replied to the email. Sorry for the delay.

hi, nice theme. I would like to change the logo to a jpg. How can i do that?


Please contact us via email (from our profile page) and I will send the procedure.


Hello, i just bought this nice theme.

What are the next steps i must do?:) I’m a realy beginner…



This theme require basic HTML/CSS Knowledge in order to work with.

Please contact us via the form our profile page with specific questions and we will see how we can assist you.


Is there anyway you can help with getting this HTML theme into a WordPress theme?

I know that this is easily a $60+ WordPress premium theme if you guys went that route. I would be willing to payup for a WordPress version of this theme.

Let me know!


We’re already considered making a WordPress version of Bistecca as many people requested it.

As for now, I can’t tell any date or if it’s going to happen soon enough. There’s many things that needs to be taken care of and not be overlooked in order to make a perfect WordPress theme. Theres much things to be built like theme options, visual editors, etc.

You can stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter.

Thanks for the interest,


I like your theme! :) Is there a way to add other language to this nice theme?

Thanks Kornel


Thanks for the comment!

Indeed, it is possible to have a multilingual version of that theme. It is failry simple. You can duplicate the index file and call it “index-fr.html” for instance, if you want a French version of the site. Then you can add a link to the top menu pointing to that page.

Do not hesitate if you need some additional assistance, Cheers,

Hi, I used this template some time ago and just now saw it on IE9. My site, as well as your demo site, both show ”<!-[if IE lte 8]> <![endif]->” at the top of the page. It really needs to be fixed, since the template claims support for IE9. Please let me know what is to be done to remove this. Thank you!


Thanks for noticing this. I just fixed it on the demo site and will push an update to Envato soon.

If you don’t want to wait until Envato updates, simply replace “if IE lte 8” by “if lte IE 8” in the source code of the index file.

Cheers, Julien

Thanks very much for the quick and easy fix. As much as it’s a horror to have to deal with IE9, I did just now also notice that 1) the menu is a jumble, and 2) the photos in the gallery zoom incorrectly. Other than that, you’ve managed to squeeze a fair bit of decentness out of IE9. Thanks again.

Hi! i am going to buy this theme. It’s really amazing! I wonder if it’s possible to create a multi language site, using a wordpress plugin, and how this plugin interacts with “Bistecca”. I’m going to try to explain myself: i would like to have a language switch button in this single page site to choose Italian or English. I used some plugins to do this in other sites before, but i don’t know how it works on a single page theme. Can you show me the way to do it with this theme? Thanks for your support. Cheers

Sorry my mistake…


I tried to change the locations (latitute and longitude) on global.js but it doesn’t change the sample locations you have set. Please help.

Thanks, Theresa


You will need to make sure the html file is loading the global.js and not the minified file global.min.js

Please contact us via our profile page if your have any more questions and also please include link so I can troubleshoot the problem.