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It seems like the ordering of the promotions is always random. Making changes to them and then refreshing the page seems to randomize them in an order that doesn’t make sense. We want to use the area on the homepage and the Special Offers page (with shortcode) to list the promos by most recently posted. What’s the easiest way to achieve this?

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THe ordering of the promotions depends on the date, the promotions orders isself os that the most nearby promotions shows first.

Adding different code in that space will require custom coding.


How to add and delete field on booking form? Any code? You ca provide to do that. since croma.res doesn’t have function to add or delete field from booking form.

Hi cedric.

Wow, it will not be easy to add or delete a field in the booking form, i did it for someone recently and the total job was around 4 hours.


Hello I have an issue to upload the logo. I followed the procedure and I alredy red a post which you answered :” I’m suspecting some permissions settings from your host” , What folder needs to be updated ( permissions) ?

Hi arketipi

I’m not sure, if you reply to my email and send me login details I can take a look for you.

It is unfortunately not possible to guess where the problem is when you are tackling permissions.



what is your email address?

Hello, I was thinking about purchasing this theme, but it looks like you haven’t updated it almost a year and a half. Do you plan on updating it soon?

Hi angela. Thanks for the message. I did reply to your email. can you check in your junk mail folder?

i’m available at

I replied with th information you requested.

Thanks, i quickly attended to your mail.


Hi there,

We are considering to buy this theme for a client of us, but i’m a bit concerned about the update history as mentioned in the comment above.

Best regards, Louis

Hi Louis.

The theme currently is compatible with all versions of WordPress. If you’re worried about the theme then it is important for you not to buy the theme.

The history of the theme spans almost 5 years and it is important for the theme to look after older users of the theme as well as new ones and that is why the importance for this theme is to be compatible with WordPress, but not try and make it difficult for owners of older versions of WordPress to loose functionality when a update comes around.

Regards AJ

Some how can not upload a logo. It shows broken link on Croma Dash Theme Logo Section..

Also i am getting php error in log file.. PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/html/wp-content/themes/bistro/inc/framework/ajax.php on line 41, referer: /Ajax Php/ line 41 foreach ($tweetcontent as $crov) {

Never mind i fixed this error. But still can not upload a logo

Ok i fixed logo error too.. It worked when you enter a value for url field before you click on insert in to post

great news.

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Can anyone help with setting the meta description for the home page and not using the /home permalink or a workaround?

I have emailed the developer for help but no response yet.

There is no way to set a meta description. When using Yoast plugin and normally you just use the reading settings to set the front page to static and then home page and blog, if I change that, the front page messes up. The theme is not set up to use a standard set up i.e static front page. So when Googles pulling the meta and title description it shows what’s in the settings general page as opposed to using the yoast description like it would when you set a home page. The permalink also wants to look like and not just

Anyone found a way around this?

HI THere

If you look at your emails you will see that I did indeed reply.

the SEO can be set up for the homepage in Yoast without a problem you do not need the page variables to set it up.



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Hi and I replied back to you for additional support. It is impossible to set a meta description using yoast when you can’t set a static home page.

Hi , Would anyone know, why when I upload a image to the main panel on home page, it appears as uploaded in the field but when I click save it vanishes?? I have checked that the image is the same size, format etc as the demo slides :(

cancel that , found out what it was :)

Hi, Map not loading ., says This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details

Oops! Something went wrong.

Thanks for reaching out.

If you make contact i can assist in setting this up for you.



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Good morning.

The theme is fully compatible with the latest version fo WordPress.


hi i am having a issue with the map saying “opps”

Hi Nashpixels.

THanks for the message.

If you make contact ot my support page, i can assist.


Hi, Love the theme, all is working well… Is there away to give staff access to just the Croma Res section only, so they can accept bookings etc , when logged in???

Good morning.

i can assist with this if you make contact in the support channel



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AJ , Sorry to bother you again , would there be any reason the front page carousel links aren’t working, i have tried using the link hijack as well , but all three carousel items refuse to become links to the relevant page :(

Good morgning.

Should not be a problem, if you reach out to my support line i can assist in setting up.



We have a 35Mb+ sized error_log file that says, over and over from JANUARY 2016 until now: [22-Nov-2016 20:32:59 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /xxx/public_html/xxx/wp-content/themes/Bistro-Responsive_Foodie_App-Theme/inc/framework/ajax.php on line 41

What’s the problem?

Hi pmdinteractive.

Thanks for the message.

apologies for the delayed reply over the thanksgiving time.

If you reach out to me on the support page i can take a look and assist.


Hope this theme is still compatible with last wp version i bought it but i didnt noticed that has not been updated 2 years now..

Hi alexandrostast

THanks for the message.

apologies foe the delayed reply over the thanksgiving season.

The theme is compatible with the latest version of wordpress.