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Clean and beautiful! Nice theme!

Thanks you JOG! I am glad if u like it.

Very nice and super clean. Good luck :)

Thanks you vickystudio.

Clean work! Good luck :)

Thanks you friend.

Best and good support.

Thanks you? cino!

Are the features labeled premium included in the $15 price?

Also, is the xml demo data file included?

Yes they are included. What you mean xml demo content? Like WordPress site? This is not WordPress, just HTML5 template. But the WordPress version will be launch soon!

I hope so aug01-05

Hello. There isn’t any Account page. Please send me Account page. Thank you.

Hello dude. Sorry for late answer, I have not design the account page. but I will. thanks.

Hi, I just bough this nice template but I didn’t realized that it doesn’t have PSD files included. Is there any way you can supply them? Thank you

Hi thanks for purchase. I am sorry but PSD’s not included

what version of bootstrap you are using?

duplicate comment.

what version of bootstrap you are using?

Bootstrap 2.3.2 thanks.

Hi I am trying to use this theme on wordpress but it says that template is missing when I upload it. Can you walk me through the process of uploading this theme??

Oh my friend! This is not a WordPress theme :( This is just HTML template. But 1-2 days later WordPress version will be online on ThemeForest.!

SO what software can i use to customize the theme?

This is a not content management system (CMS) this is just HTML5 template, If you want edit any html files you can use notepad, notepad++, dreamweaver etc.

hello, nice theme. Why I don’t see the rate animation? Thanks

Hello friend, thanks you for your comment. What you mean rate animation? You mean rating stars?

Hello Nice theme, I am in the process of evaluating the HTML5 vs the WordPress version. I have already purchased the wordpress version. I have a couple of question before I purchse the HTML5 versions. Can I contact you by email?


If would you like to contact for bistro WordPress version please contact developer on here :

If would you like to just contact me for HTML version please send me an email to :

Thanks for interesting.

Very bad shopping cart. I can’t fix the dropdown shopping cart. mouse over work very bad :(:(

How do you experienced a problem? I want to help you

The basket open and close repeatly

Let me check thanks for your feedback.

Hello, there is an issue with the menu when the site goes into mobile mode. When you attempt to open the menu it closes almost immediately and does not allow you to select a menu item. It sucks because I would like to get this theme.

Thanks for your feedback and interested my work.

Everything is fine for me but I hope so this week we will update this template to the new version. Let me check again.


Hi, thanks for theme, its perfect, except one thing that bothers me, the cart dropdown menu shows and hides repeatly as was mentioned in comments before, i found out that it happens only if u move the cursor from topbar (cart dropdown) down to about half of cart dropdown a little bit faster, then it starts to show and hide… Tried severel things, but i wasnt able to figure it out yet. Do you have any solution to this? Thanks :)

Hello my friend,

Thanks for purchase our work. I hope so we will update soon with new version. I’ll fix this problem.

Best Regards.

thanks for your reply :)


This menu update to the fixed version.


Hi, Can i use the Theme without the Online Shop thing. Just to show the Clothes?

Yes its html version you can remove the things which ever you want to remove.

I bought this theme in the past. Version 1. Can I get the updated version for free?

You can update.

Hi ! Say this template suitable for CMS?

You need to buy different CMS theme.

Hello, Does this have cart functionality built in? I’m used to Wordpress and Woocomemrce. However, I want to build a simple tee-shirt ecommerce HTML website using PayPal. Ideally I would like the visors to be able to select a size and color, add that to their cart, view their cart and then checkout using Paypal. Can I do this with this file? Do I need anything else to accomplish this with your file? Thank you.

Hi, This is simple static HTML theme you have to add cart functionality by your own.