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excellent job mate… i like the dropdown style… and clean design.. good luck

Hi, Can this template be used as an html site or is it a wordpress template?

@ mabuc
Thank you…. i’m just trying the best.

Thank’s dnoray for your question, this is a html template maybe a time i’ll try to make a wordpress template.

Thank you, CIROdg I just trying to be pro.

It is beautiful and you are a pro—but what is this -top rated menu item doing in FF-


19" monitor/latest FF

Thank you rock304, I’ve corrected in each browser and the results was fine even in safari too, please check your text size browser and select the normal size text. If you have any other solution would you to share with me to fix it?

Anyone who has bought my template, please download again if the view of contact us not same like as a live preview because I wanted to give the best view for you all. Thanks

Just picked up the design and love it but am having trouble figuring out how to time the slide show. I’d like to have the two slides remain up longer. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello nanovation, thank you for the purchase. About the time the slide show, open customized.js and at setInterval code replace the number to a larger number to slow down the slide show. Thanks.

Got it. Thanks for the help :-)

for those who have bought this template was revised slightly, you can delete this link “stylesheets/screen-ie6.css”, because they link it has no effect on this template. Thanks Cate.

Hi. Great design, and i am now adapting it for my website.

Ran inte a problem with ISO 8859 -1 Symbols though and when used in <h>-tags. For exemple the &Ouml; (Ö) is not displayed

Hope you can comment a remedy

Thank you for the purchase, I’m sorry I just read your comment now. For the solution please disable feature cufon, Due to limited features cufon for odd characters.

Hi. It seems that IE9 has problems displaying for example the <h5>-tag as for example “24/7 Online” on the main page example. Works in IE Compability mode.

Seems the problem is old cufon and IE9 , but can be fixed as described here: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/fix-for-cufon-not-working-in-ie9beta/31932?page=2#431467