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I think you should spicy it up with some jquery tooltips for RSS , twitter and email links

Thanks for your feedback

What did you have in mind for the contents of th tooltips though?

Maybe the number of users registered for RSS and followers for Twitter?

On the “Examples” page, it seems as though the latest news table on the right is a little messed up. The seperating line between the title and the date, as well as the date itself, is about 20px lower than what it should be. Other than that, nice template!

Thanks for the feedback!

Can I ask what browser (and version) and OS you are using? It looks fine to me in Firefox and IE (but I’m running that through a third party program)

I’m running Firefox 3.0.13 on Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Looks fine in IE8 , just not FF. I’ve uploaded a screenshot here:


I could be very wrong, but it seems as if you’re getting that oddball “float-drop bug”. I always thought it only happened in IE, but after looking into it a bit further, it seems as though it happens in FF as well. Just an idea, I suppose :)

Thanks for the screenshots, I’m running Firefox 3.5 here and it’s fine in there. I did have to add a fix for IE6 for a similar issue so will take a look

Right on. 3.0.13 was a version right before they came out with 3.5. I don’t know why I haven’t updated yet, but w/e, I’m sure there are a few others out there that haven’t either, so yeah. Always a good idea to run a browser compatibility test anyways :D Good luck with finding the bug!

Impressive work!

I love it! Wish it came with more because I love it so much. lol