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Really nice work! keep it up and good luck with sales! :)

Thanks der :)

I know this is an email template, but I was wondering if it could also be used as an under construction page or a simple one page website?

Umm, actually it could, with some alteration. I didn’t include any help on that aspect though.

Maybe I’ll consider making a website version of it.


Very nice design! Clean and simple, just like any successful email newsletters are!

Thanks katepayton! Appreciated :)

Cool, can I use these with mac mail?

Fully compatible with Outlook 2007?

Hi swmab,

My tests showed me good results, see these screenshots:

Outlook 2007 (Full width)
Outlook 2007 (Sidebar)

Good luck :)

I wanted to have the sidebar in white, is it possible for me to edit?

Yes you can, to have it white do the following:

1- Download this zip file here and replace the original images in the folder “images” with these new ones.

2- Open your HTML file and go to the line just before it says < ! – BEGIN SIDEBAR – >, line number 111, and change the background-color from #e5e7e8 to #ffffff

That’s it

I really appriciate the service. I wanted to know if it was possible to get in contact with you other then here for some work that could be of mutual benefit. Email me on abdellah.berwani@remotia.com

What kind of work?

For further contact please use the contact form in my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/mbiz


hey will this work in mailchimp?

Hi fogger,

Absolutely, it will :)

Hi! Great theme! congrats!

I’d like to have the background in a color different than the dark grey it’s that possible?