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Hello, i have download this theme in this web: http://lp.greedeals.com/FreeThemes?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Ads&utm_content=Dealsthemes

I want to delete de map of the contact page, in the forum of the theme I need the activation key, but i dont have it.

Can I have support?

Sorry for my english and thanks for this fantastic theme!

I dont see the rule :P


Indeed, Themeforest has hiden the rule

Here is a themeforest friendly new rule :)

.light .map{display: none;}

Hope this helped

A lot of thanks!!

Hello again, how can I edit the fields of the contact form?


Hi again!

In order to edit the fields of the contact form you’ve got to edit the parameters of the “biznex_contact_section” shortcode.

Replace the shortcode with this
[biznex_contact_section section_header_left="13, 2 Elizabeth ST,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia" section_header_right="+1 2340 12345
hi@teslathemes.com" section_header_icon="http://teslathemes.com/demo/wp/biznex-single/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/contact-line-arrow.png" section_id="contact" placeholder_name="Name" placeholder_email="Email" placeholder_subject="Subject"]
and replace the strings.

Hope this helped. If you have any other questions feel free to ask on our support desk support@teslathemes.com

Why your every theme has too low sales. Whenever I see its less then 100 sales.

Hi, thanks for notice, we try our best, but it’s seems we have to try more.