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Hello. I’m having some problems about users that seems like robots inserting places on my website. I put a captha but that problem still happens. Why this happens?

You can try several more secure captcha.

Recaptcha is a better captcha:

Please do you have the HTML version of this theme? Thanks

The “All Events” page (using Views) is not working well in responsive mode. The first item loses it’s image and the exposed filter goes behind it and is not visible. This theme is using Bootstrap as a base theme however the grid layouts throughout the site (rendered in Views) are not using the Bootstrap grid… why not?

Pls raise a support request on our forum so we can give you the update style.css file to fix this issue.

Support ticket was raised earlier this morning – waiting on reply.

Pls check on our support forum.


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hi.. what are the settings of ongoing events block as the demo ? i think i changed the settings but i can not fix it now.. can you help me ?

Did you make any changes to the Ongoing events view?

Pls raise a support request on . We will give you the code to revert that view to its original state.

Is there, or when will there be, a version of BizReview for Drupal 8 please?

We are still waiting for some important modules to be available in Drupal 8. So we have no exact plan for now.

OK Thank you. I’ll hold the project for a couple of months in the hope that you will have a D8 version by then. Thanks


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Instead of showing category icons on the map, is it possible to show each company logo on the map instead? This is because we only want to use BizReview to list restaurants and cafes only so would look better if it only shows restaurant logo instead of icon.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to do it yet.


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It turns out, it is possible to swap out the category icons markers and use a custom logo field for each node. Nice work


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When it comes the time to release a drupal 8 version, will there be a migration path included (taking advantage of the core migrate module in D8)?

We may have a try, but in our experience, the core migration module has a little help. It will not be simple like a migration wizard.


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We don’t need the paid listing. Do we just remove Commerce module and it should be disabled?

Pls go to Structure – Content types – Business, scroll to the Commerce Node Checkout tab on the bottom and uncheck all purchasing options.


get-app Purchased

Thank you. We were are aware of this. But since we don’t want to use the commerce features as it is just an extra bloat to the site. Will there be any issues with BizReview custom modules if we completely remove all the commerce stuff?

No problem. You can disable the Commerce module.

Is there a word limitation for the description section of the directory? And also, can the description section contain videos and galleries and a whole lot of more information and without those ‘open time’ and ‘price range’ sections? I intend to use the section as Wikipedia kind of data storage section. Is this possible?

Sure, it is a Full HTML field so you can insert anything you want.

Good day. We’ve got a client where he wants an entire country’s listings loaded on a single view so to speak. Will this theme be able to load give or take 2000 entries in a relatively fast speed? I understand obviously all the listings will need to be queried, so a dip in speed is understandable.

I think no. Loading 2000 entries at once will be slow.

One great feature addition would be if you can keep the menu on mobile stay fixed even if someone scolls. See’s treatment for mobile layouts. Any chance you would consider this request?

It sounds a good feature. We will consider to do it in the next update. Thanks.

I just installed Bizreviews and on adding a new business page which the address is another country , not USA, the front page map shows blank blue . Please help me. What do I do. The page added contains Nigeria address

Please I wasn’t given any secret word, only license code. Unable to create an account due to asking for “secret word”

It is under the support-code.txt file on your download package.

bizreview, bizsearch. what is the difference ?

They are different in design. Their functionalities are quite the same.

Would you please consider adding Google AMP support to theme, now that drupal AMP module and AMP reference /base theme is available for both 7.x and 8.X?

Thanks. It sounds promising. We will take into account to incorporate this feature.

I added a new category and try to clone the list business view to display the category but failed. Can you help to identify which codes to have the taxonomy using the view display the terms?

Thank you.

We don’t see the broken filter on our side. Which view are you talking about?

The list_business view Term Page. Right now has filter: 1, Content: Published (Yes). 2, Content: Type (= Business). 3, Broken/missing handler (= Array). Not sure what’s the last one broken.

You can safely remove it.

Any updates on a Drupal 8 version?

We see it on Chrome browser

Regarding the breakpoints, it’s all fixed and sorted out now. cheers

Great you figured it out.

Can this theme be used with Drupal 8.2.4?

I am sorry, but I did not see that the same question had already been done less than a month ago.

No. not yet. Some important modules are still missing in Drupal 8, so we are not able to implement it yet.


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hello and happy new year

is it possible to implement in the search layout a rating filter on the left sidebar?

thanks in advance

Actually we tried to do it, there is a widget for that but it does not display. We haven’t figured out how to show it yet.


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Is it the fivestar module that you use for ratings? What is the search module?

We use Fivestar and Search API.

I was wondering, I have an existing site with Gmap and Gmap location modules. Can i use this theme with your map?

Install the theme on your existing site will take alot of time, because we need to adapt the theme to your settings.

You can use the theme, but you should need help from a Drupal developer.

Ok, i am, i am a drupal developer. I am just asking if it is possible to use the layout for the other modules. But i understand it is not working out of the box. Ok thank you.

Yes, you can. You can use Gmap instead of Leaflet to display individual listing maps.

However, for the map of multiple listings, we use this module: . It supports Location, Geofield, Geolocation field and Get Locations only.

hello presale question please quickly

I look on site demo. I not found page for ecommerce shop page. this theme support with ecommerce for sell any thing ??

thank you :)

It is a listing theme, so we don’t design a ecommerce shop page.

The ecommerce feature is built-in, but it is for purchasing listings.

ohh I see. do you have plan for some shop page for this theme ? :) some simple shop page, and single product page. for the business listing. I need it , & I will buy this theme :)

It is a nice suggestion but unfortunately, we have no plan for it now.