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Can the business listing owner (and site administrator) be notified before a listing expires, so it can be renewed?

Yes, they are.

Iam interesting in your directory listing drupal theme

is it possible that the company’s can place the review on there own website like trustpilot do.

See for explanation:

I hope this is possible or can you make this for me?

Unfortunately, that feature is not available in this theme. You may need to develop by your own.


Do you have a “Classified Ads” version of this theme?

- GM

The demo is all we have. What is “Classfied Ads” anyway?


“Classifieds” site is like User can submit a post of a product they are selling with the price they are selling it for.

Another example is You should ad that option on your theme.

- GM

Craiglist is a simple classified site.

You can remove unwanted fields from the theme to achieve that.

Hello Support few questions before buying:

1) Can I make of subcategories and on the home page to display only the parent category?

2) Can I create country, region and city without google map? Example choice of locations and then view all the categories of that locality.

3) Create a homepage with all the states and then select the one that interests you? Example: selection Italy and after I view Italian cities I select a city and go on the categories of that city?

Thank you

The answer is yes for #1 and #2

For #3, pls contact us for more information

Have a Geolocalization option for visitors?

Yes, it does. Don’t expect too much, because geolocation on web is not always working properly.

Good afternoon I would like to know if I can insert an image here but with video. That is when I enter / structure / types / manage / business / fields and create a new field as I can add a small image as in photos relative to each field I create. Thanks in advance for all the help you can give me, a great day.

Not sure if we understand what you mean? So you want to insert images or videos?

I have a question before buying. Are there 2 diff kinds of Login/ Register? One for business owners submitting listings and other for Users? Thankx


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Hi, I loved your theme and I bought it. Now I tried installing zip and got this msg: does not contain any .info.yml files.
And it’s not installing…Thankx

Pls unzip the file and browse the index.html file under the Documentation folder. The installation instruction is there.


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Thank you! I got it.

Hi, very nice theme. Can I customize it so that different categories use different templates or page layout?

Do all listings have to use the same template or layout?


Right now, all categories and listings share the same layout.

Your requirement is feasible, but it is not built-in.


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Are you working on a Drupal 8 release?

Yes, but it is not completed because some important modules are missing.