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What modules need to be upgraded to Drupal 8 for you to start porting this to Drupal 8?

We’d rather wait for a full solution (map, clustering, commerce etc …) and provide a temporary one. A partial product may bring alot of troubles and supports.

I can understand. Then would you consider a new D8 theme (derived from this) which does not depend on ip geolocation (and obviously does not support its feature)? My biggest concern is there is no movement at all to port that module to may take 6-8-12 months (if the port ever starts). There is opportunity for you as this niche is not yet addressed by anyone in D8.

Yes, we understood that. We thought about a real estate or a classified theme. Right now we are busy with some local projects so we are not able to start it soon.


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Views and Better Exposed Filters – just updated those to modules caused my entire website to crash

Did you run the update.php script? If yes and the problem is still there, pls raise a support request on . Our supporting staffs there will help you.

Where can i change the font awesome icons inside the leaflet-marker-icon on the Map. Example I would like to replace ‘fa fa-shopping-cart’ icon with “fa fa-shopping-bag”.

Please let me know in which file i need to change these icons.

Thank you.

Pls see Section 6: Configure maps on the Documentation, we have a detail guide with screenshots there.


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I want to show /business-listing/* pages after login. And on registration user should pay amount by choosing one of the two membership type. How can i do so in this theme. Please help me!

And this module for purchasing on registration form:


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How can i show /business-listing/* pages to specific role? I am not able to so.

It is a custom work and out of our scope of support.


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I am getting a long ajax error on setting of fields of list business view

Please check your email.


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How can i enable lat, long field to fill it manually on add or edit business listing page. Because sometime address is not taken by the map.

f you want to set the Coordinate manually, pls go to admin/structure/types/manage/business/fields/field_coordinates/widget-type and set it to Latitude / Longitude . If you want a map so you can place the marker, pls install this module: . You will be able to set the Widget type to Geofield Google Map.


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What image size ratio should i use for each business listings so that image is adjusted on homepage as well as on business category page?

You can adjust the cropping criteria at Configuration – Media – Image styles, edit the style you want and change the configurations there to suit your own images.


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How to show the drop down list in search section of home page on hover of that field? Please help me for this one. It is very important and urgent.

You have to click on it to open the drop down list.


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How can i saw all markers on the map at once instead of that green circle on the business category page.

It won’t, unless you use Indexed Search to show category pages, using Taxonomy Display.


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And how can i do that?

It is a customization request, please contact us if you need our paid service.

Hi, is it possible to have the map in full screen with a side bar with the list. I would like that users to register by themeselves.

You can see another listing theme from ours: . It has that feature.

1. In Search Listing, Filter by location section, It displays City and State as (Hyderabad, TG), and again state (Telangana) as separate results. I don’t want duplicate results, It should be city name i.e Hyderabad, TG or Just as Hyderabad.

2. Can I filter listings by Address 1 field. When the user selects City, it should show all the address 1 data to filter listings.

2. No, we can’t do that. Address 1 is a text field, so it is not filterable.

This may already been answered but does is anything else needed for searching a business via a post code or a place? ie does this module automatically connect to google maps or something like it ?

This feature is not available on this theme, but it can be implemented in a custom module.

Hello, I’m facing an issue with the geocode address map. From now on, when I create a new business with an correct postal address, the map frame doesn’t appear anymore. I don’t know what to do :/. Here is an example : (The previous business geocode maps display well however…)

Thank for so much for your help,



Marker popup works with Geofield Gmap, as well as clustering.

The theme has Geofield Geocoding, it uses the Google Maps service to match a typing address to its position on the map. Sometimes if it does not work, you can change to Geofield Gmap, so you can input the position manually.

As I explained before (I sent an update message the same time you answered ;)), I don’t want to change to geofield map, I just want to fix the issue but keep it as works before. Could you explain me why It’s no longer working ?

Pls use the contact form at and give us access to your site.


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How to translate Search bar?

SEARCH A LISTING Categories Locations Search


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in Business Detail Header, Content: Photo Banner, Rewrite Results, under div class=”field-phone” there was another div for website field, I deleted and forgat it, can you past it here please so I can add again ?


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ignore the previous post please, i installed a test version to a subdomain and i will copy past from there :)

Hi When I try to perform clear cache in performance, the website has gone down It displays error as “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16777216 bytes) in /home/vssyy/public_html/ on line 98”

I tried to increase ” ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘256M’)” in settings.php file. And I still get these errors even after increasing memory to 1024M.

I guess the site is using too much memory. Did you install a module or import alot of content?

No. I didn’t install any new module. And I didn’t import anything new.

Please contact us at and give us access to your site and hosting.

Hello, is the Drupal 8 version coming soon?

No, not yet in the near future.

Hello, Can users pay to post?

Yes, it is built-in

Are you not maintaining this theme anymore? I wanted to buy it

We offer customization service for those requests. Please contact us at for more information.

The link doesn’t work

We cleared the site cache. Please check it again.

Dear Author, is everything fine with BizReview? Is there still working link to Paypal and all the other scripts are working fine?

Just to be sure before I buy. Thank you.

Yes, they are working fine. We still continue to update it regularly.

Could you please assist me to upgrade or guide me to move on Drupal 8?

Unfortunately, this theme is not available in Drupal 8.

i can give you hosting on the server and you will have commision for that if you offering that with free installation of the script

I don’t get it. Pls contact us at