Discussion on BizReview - Directory Listing Drupal 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 Theme

Discussion on BizReview - Directory Listing Drupal 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 Theme

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Can you clarify — the Paypal integration and ability to charge for listings is ONLY available in the D7 version of the theme?

Got it, thanks for clarifying! Will this feature be reintroduced in D9 or D10, using a different method? As much as it pains me to say it, we’ve had to use a Wordpress theme to accomplish a “pay to list” site as we’re not keen on staying on D7 any longer.

Drupal is getting harder and harder to update to newer versions, and the modules we need to build modern sites are not keeping up with Wordpress plugins. Sadly, after 12+ years of being a die-hard Drupal shop, we’re starting to go back to Wordpress for newer sites because of these reasons. :(

Wordpress becomes so widespread, developers can spend efforts to make sophisticated modules for reasonable price because they sell more. Drupal is more towards enterprises who can pay for custom jobs.

Is this theme compatible with drupal 9.5.x or 10.x???

It is compatible with Drupal 9.5.x, we are converting it to Drupal 10, it will be available in the next month.

Is this theme compatible with drupal 9.5.x or 10?

It is compatible with Drupal 9.5.x, we are converting it to Drupal 10, it will be available in the next month.

Hello, I’m wondering, whether you support a sticky header?

Pls purchase the theme and we will support you with the sticky header.

hello. im interested in this template but i need to know…since i wont be using it for real estate activity, can the template be customizable? Being more clear, can the caterogie names and icons be changed into other tags and icons?

Yes, they are fully customizable.

How can I update $ icon just beside Price range in a business listing page. I can see an option to Update Price Category from manage/listing/fields. But please help to update $ icon to local currency symbol.

Pls add the following CSS code to your /themes/custom/bizreview/css/local.css file

.node-type-listing .field.field-name-field-price-range::before { content: ”\f155”; }

The dollar symbol code is f155, you can change it to yours. The list of icons is here: https://fontawesome.com/v5/search

Pls click on the icon you want, and copy the Unicode.

Hi, 1. I have the buttons of “sign up now”, in “submit a listing”, that do not work. It goes to the page ”/user/register”. But that does not seem to exist. How can I solve this, so the visitor can submit a listing? 2. between each block, on the front end, I have the message “On”. What does that mean and how can i desable this ? (class=”field field-name-field-paragraph-container field-type-boolean field-label-hidden field-item”). Thank you for your help, Basiel

Pls use the contact form and give us access to your site: https://www.symphonythemes.com/contact

Hi, have you received my mail? Thank you for your help

Done. Pls check your email.

Hi symphonythemes, would you please kindly send me the latest D7 version (akharabi@hotmail.com)? Thank you

We have sent it to you via WeTransfer. Pls check.

Do you planning soon to make an updates. Its pass almost year from latest update!

We have just released an updated version. Pls check.

The demo site is down. We deleted a view and could use it to get the html we are missing. http://bizreview.symphonythemes.net/

It is still fine. Could you please check it again?

The download only has the D9 version. How can I get the D8 version please?

Please contact us at https://www.symphonythemes.com/contact, we will send you the Drupal 8 version.

Thank you. I’ve sent a message via your site’s contact form

Received. Thanks

Hey I want to test Demo can you share me vendor password i can test user area i have tried to register it is not working my-end.

We are not able to share the demo account.

You can purchase it and test it on your side. If you are not happy with it, you have 30 days to ask for a refund.

Actually i want to know about payment subscription that you applied on the theme is that working can someone pay with this payment gateway http://bizreviewd8.symphonythemes.net/pricing-options and can we restrict customer create listing and choose payment plan ?

The Commerce feature is not built-in with the Drupal 8 version of this theme. You will need to implement it.

Hello, I have a problem in page “Events” movil responsive mode. The first item loses it’s image and the exposed filter goes behind it and is not visible.

Can you send us the link, so we can inspect it.

this is the link. Problem movil responsive mode


On /sites/all/themes/bizreview/css/style.css, line #2352,

.view-events #views-exposed-form-events-page { float: right; width: auto; }

Please remove float: right

hello, for version 9 or 8 the installation changes, they have an updated guide,

Yes, the installation guide is on the Documentation folder.

Hi. I need translate [nid] “listings” lable on home page categories. I can’t find field category COUNT

Fotget it. I got it

Great you figured it out.

Hi, is latest version Drupal 9.2.7 supported? Will you support in theme installation. Will you provide future updates for upcoming Drupal versions. If yes, for how long? Thank you.

Our package is shipped with Drupal 9.2.4. You can always update to the latest version using composer.

Hi. Can you help me locate the file I should edit in order to make customisation in node page (listing details)? Thanks

You can add more fields and arrange their orders at Structure – Content types – Listing.

The listing header (with banner, title, map ..) is a view, you can configure it at: /admin/structure/views/view/listing_detail_header

I am having difficulty getting the Leaflet Map Settings in the Drupal 9 > View to show the Title link, Image and Address on the map.

You show a teaser view of the node, and you configure the teaser at Structure – Content types – Listing – Manage displays – Teaser (/admin/structure/types/manage/listing/display/teaser)

You also need to add some CSS code to make it look nice.

Hi, I’m thinking about buying it to use with Drupal 9.1.5, is it possible to make it full width or is it boxed all the time ?

Sorry for late reply. We can make it as a full width and boxed with custom job.

Is there still no Drupal Commerce integration with 8 and 9? Does BizSearch have the Drupal Commerce integration for 8 and 9 or is BizSearch a Drupal 7 only theme?

BizSearch is only availabe in Drupal 7.

Yes, we do not integrate Drupal Commerce to the Drupal 8 and 9 version of BizReview.


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