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A Complete Landing Page

Bizzr is a complete Landing Page solution for those who are extremely serious about their website. Quite modern. Contains all the requirements like Newsletter Form, Video Box, Image Fancy Box etc. and they are built amazingly. I am more than satisfied buying Bizzr.

More surprising is ” The Author ” of this theme available 24×7 to support you. He has solved my N Number of customization query very patiently.

Finally, I think ” Bizzr ” is priceless. You can call it ” A Million Dollar Landing Page ”.

Hats up to BIZZR ! Hats up to TANSH !

Many thanks for such nice appreciation!

Hello tansh, I am interested to buy this landing page but i wanted to get one more feature.Will you be able to add “Contact Us” page besides “Gallery” tab.I think Contact Us tab is essential for this type of landing page.I would also like to know Subscribe option works or it’s only present with the site.Please let me know.Thanks.

Hello creative786,

I will update template for contact form. Regarding subscribe form, I will provide update for it also. Let me clear that, this subscribe form will only send email id of subscriber to receiver.

Updates need approval, so could not specify how much time it will take. May be within 7 days.


Hi Tansh,

First off, great work on the landing page.

However, I noticed a small bug that needs to be fixed on the image rotator. Using IE8 & IE6 , the images in the slider appear tiny.

I took a screenshot of this and uploaded it here:http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/594/sampled.jpg/

If you could send me a quick-fix for this ASAP that would be great, as I’m looking to go live with my page and I have had several people point this out to me on my demo site.


Hi glynh,

Thanks for appreciation.

In your page, specify height and width to slider images. All will work fine.

Regarding that small image, you must have seen those small images, when themeforest frame is on. Remove frame, images will appear normal…(though these small images appear very rarely.)

If with removed frame too, all is because of not giving height and width to slider images. I will update it too. Thanks.

If any more queries feel free to contact.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Tansh,

Could you explain to me how do do the following:

...for subscribe form

Would it be action= http://name of my site.com/subscribe-form

Thanks for your help.

Really nice work I might add.



Hello chris,

Yes, that is the action. You need to give this in form html and your mail id in subscribe php file. Form will work fine.

Thanks for appreciation.


Hello Chris,

Give correct path of php file as form action…please check whether it is

1. http://name of my site.com/subscribe-form


2. http://name of my site.com/php/subscribe-form

Let me know if any queries.


Hi Tansh,

I LOVE your landing page! Awesome work.


1. Is it possible to link the ‘Purchase Now’ Button to the ‘Contact Us’ page at the bottom of the website (so it automatically scrolls to the bottom and activates the contact us.’

2. Is it possible to make the gallery a streaming ticker gallery that pulls and scrolls from images in an image folder?


- Kevin

Hello Kevin,

1. I don’t think, automatic activation of contact tab is possible with this tab. The other way can be…..take contact form as first tab and attach jquery ‘scroll to’ to button, so click on the button will leave visitor at contact form.

2. Regarding image streaming, you can attach cycle plugin or some other plugin of your choice to rotate images at certain interval automatically or on click.



1. How would one ‘attach jquery ‘scroll to’ to the button. What would the code look like… where is the ‘scroll to button?’

2. Thank you!

The purchase button can have ‘scroll to’ effect….On click of purchase button it will take us to the bottom / desired part of the page.

Mail me through profile page, I will send you help file for scroll to.

If possible Let me know which variation and color you are preferring so I can directly send that template with scroll to attached.


Is it possible to require the user to enter info into a form before allowing the video to play?

Hi, not possible with the current template. Thanks.

ok trying to uplaod and getting the message “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.” what should i do??

Hi, it is a HTML / CSS landing page, not a WordPress. It can not be installed with WordPress as such. Thanks.