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This is awesome, love it. Great work and welcome to TF!

Thank you really much.

This is really very good. Is there to be a html version?

Thank you. I’m not sure if there will be a html version. But i can tell you that the template is easy to convert into html because all the lines are straight, so it’s no problem to slice it.

EDIT : There will be a html version soon. :)

Cool ! Nice work bro.

Just need to clear it:> see contact page > under it, see “visit us” .it now “vistit us” . it should be “visit us”

overall nice theme.. like it.

Thanks… And you’re right. It’s “visit”. I’ll see if i can change it.

I love this! Great job! :)

Thank you really much.

Wow, so different :)

Is that blackboard texture seamless? Can it be set to repeat if the main content area increases in height?

I love your template, awesome debut on TF!

Thank you for the compliment.

The texture unfortunately isn’t seamless. The edges are a bit darker, so that it looks more realistic.

If you really need the texture seamless i could send it via email to you. (After you bought it on TF :) )

What font is being used here? From the looks of it, it’s not included..

The used font is called: Crosswordbelle. It isn’t included because I wasn’t sure about the license, but it’s a free font.

There is a download link in the Readme and PSD file.

Thanks for your response regarding the font. Great design, loved it so much I decided to purchase it even though I may not use it.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks a lot!

I have used Flwe’s stuff to explain a new product coming to market!

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Flwe – What do you think of it?

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Thanks for this great comment. This is exactly the way it was ment to be used.

You did a very good job and I’m happy that you like it.

when can I expect the HTML version .. I am waiting for that since I read your comment (15 days ago) :-)

hello Flwe,

Have been waiting for the HTML version of the page to be added to it. Please update if you are, or would be working on it in near future. Please please please update.

Thanks, Honey Arora India

Hi, like the theme too. Need to do something for my son, so I am also waiting for the HTML version. Regards Dominique

The blackboard is bad quality JPG compressed. If you delete the draft, below, the shelf is cut. The icons are not really “good quality”.

Don’t forget that this is for web. And I’m of the opinion that the quality of the Blackboard JPG and the quality of the icons (if you mean their resolution) reaches out.

If you are able to open the psd file, I’m sure you can also fix the gap in the shelf by simply transforming a part nexto the gap. Alls lines are parallel so there won’t be any complications.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards


I know it’s for the web and i’m using it for a blog. But the quality of the blackboard is not the best, i can see the pixels(the feeling is JPG extra compressed).

Sorry for my english.

ist die HTML version auch zum Download angeboten?

Also die HTML Version ist bereits fertiggestellt und wartet auf den upload. leider funktioniert das im moment nicht auf themeforest. sämtliche versuche sind gescheitert. Ich werde es aber weiterhin versuchen. :-)

Wenn die html version dringend gebraucht wird, kann ich sie gegen Bezahlung auch so schicken. (Dann würd ich auch nicht nur 40% bekommen :D :D :D )

Gerne, aber einppar fragen da keine demo vorhanden ist:

1. Bildergallery mit Ajax & co? 2. Sind die Text layer, wie bei blog demo foto aussieht mit pfeilen nach unten und nach oben rollbar? 3. Kannst du ein Bild von einem gebäude so wie der rest in Kreide effekt umwandeln? :-D


Email: berid@ymail.com

Cool Layout .. any news about the html version?

Coming soon, when upload is working again. The HTML Version is already finished.

I should have read the comments. But I was under the impression that the logo BB and such can be edited. From seeing the work in the SS I was sure it was good. :(.

I want to buy, but can be support ai format?