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Hey On this page with portfolio http://wp.geosesame.com/index.php/realisations/realite-augmentee-sur-mobile/ when I click to “Multitracking”, I would like to see just the video and not the image. How can I fix that ? :grin:

I don’t see the Multitracking page but you can add a video as featured using this option: http://cl.ly/image/100P3a0E3n2v

I tried, but it doesn’t work. You can see the pages also here : http://www.geosesame.com/index.php/realisations/realite-augmentee-sur-mobile/

Please create a ticket on our support site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

Hello there, I am very happy with the theme.

When I hover over my videos, is it possible to remove the Zoom-in effect that takes place. Also, is it possible to remove the video icon that pops up in the corner of the video thumbnails when you mouse over them ?

Here is the link to my portfolio:


All best, // Marius

Hi Marius, can you create a ticket on our support site? I will help you there. Thanks!

Ups sorry, this is the site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

Hello there, I have some trouble with my portfolio template. I have chosen the three-column template, but it will only show the single column one. I have tried to change to the other column templates as well, but to no success: my portfolio is here: http://www.layersinmotion.com/portfolio/ Any idea how I might change back to the 3-column template again ? Thank you in advance,

// Marius

Hi there and a happy new year. Please help me to fix this issue: http://ellada.ro/landing-gravity/ulei-de-masline-extra-virgin/ Thanks!

Hi, I am trying to install black label theme, but unable to. I followed the instructions to how to upload, but it’s still not working. I looked for blacklabel.zip and it’s not in the folder.

So, it looks like I will have to go with another theme over at Template Monster if I don’t have this up this week. http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/52175.html?_ga=1.66026859.453406711.1456097608

Templatemonster is very professional, doesn’t give me the runaround and has never left me hanging. And I’ve bought several themes from them. I hope you guys can really come through on this because if not, I will have to switch over and take all my friends with me. :/

znure, I’m answering you in the support portal. It’s not necessary to keep posting on both places. Thanks.

Well, I will stop posting in both places if you stop leaving me hanging. Thank you.

Hi, I sent an email to your support, but haven’t heard a reply. I purchased the Black Label theme over 24 hours ago and need it up. Can you please look into this for me? Thanks! I greatly appreciate it!

Hi znure, sorry for the delay. Can you create a support ticket on https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/ thanks!

I did, just waiting for a reply from Nico since yesterday.

Hello. One of our clients have some problems with your template. He bought it some years ago and he lost the documentation. He came to us from another company and we can’t change the Fullscreen Gallery photos from the home page, neither if we use the sortcode [gallery…] or just the images . The old photos is still there and not changing as we mention above. He told us, if we put the images on the home page, save it, and delete the code, then the images appears. We didn’t try it because we think this is wrong. The site is tselios.gr Thanks in Advance.

Hi there, please create a support ticket with your URL here and we will help you: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/


Hello, in the new update 21/2/2016 what files have modified or added? Thanks,

Is possibly to have this information or not?

Yes, this is the complete list: portfolio-1column.php portfolio-2columns.php portfolio-3columns.php portfolio-4columns.php portfolio-loop.php portfolio-masonry.php single-portfolio.php style.css woocommerce/content-product.php

I’m interested to purchase your theme… im am also sort of a beginner to wordpress and i’d like to know if when the theme is installed it will look exactly like your demo… and just easily replace the contents and videos. lemme know please.

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can easily achieve the same site as the demo.

Hello. Great theme. I bought the site where was your topic, probably the former site owner bought it. But I could not customize this template. After clicking on the Read further – non-displayed item.

Hi there, if you have your purchase license you can create a support topic here https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/ and we will help you.

?Is the update already available for redownload? I want to upgrade with the version that is compatible with woocommerce 2.5.

Yes, you can always redownload the theme from your Download section, here in Theme Forest.

just try to set the video as a background didnt work, trying with old JWplayer or new Jwplayer with same result , is there any area I need to look into ?

Hi Andrea, please create a support ticket in our site with your URL. We will take a look at the problem. https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/


[hashtag] sidebar .widget ul li a:active { color: #fff !important; }

not work :( – mistake or forget something? Thanks!

Hi there, what are you trying to achieve? We can help you on our support portal: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

I am trying to upload a video to play in the background and the wheel keeps spinning and the video won’t pop up. It’s a YouTube video and I’ve verified the link is correct. I am using a brand new Mac to stream so there should be no problem with streaming. Could you advice what might be the cause?

Hi there, can you create a support ticket on our support site with your URL? https://quemalabs.ticksy.com We will take a look at your site. Thanks.
http://ww2.eneaa.com/?folio=7POYGN0G2 site down cant see demo bought product some time ago trying to configure yikes

Hi there, I’m sorry we are having issues with one of our domains. This should be fixed soon. Is there something that we can help you with?

Any page we make seems to be misaligned and shows a loading symbol in the middle of the screen. Here is a screenshot. Please direct us in the right direction. https://i.imgsafe.org/3f3891bc94.png

Hi there, please create a support ticket on our support site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

I just updated to the latest theme version. When I click on an individual portfolio item, I am seeing Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in single.php on line 7.

here’s a link to my site so you can see example: http://www.rivendell-design.com/portfolio/hawks-brook/
Hi there, Can you create a support topic with a FTP user on our support site? We will take a better look there: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/ Thanks!

I have been having this problem for over a year. background images no longer work with thus theme. I have version Version: 3.1.2. Also many of my portfolios just disappeared. More concerned about background images. Godday auto updates wordpress and start noticing problems with background images during these auto updates.

Hi there, sorry for the delay. Can you create a ticket on our support site with your URL? We will take a look at the problem. Thanks! https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

Hi there, When I use https in the Wordpress address, this template does not work properly such as toggle menu and seems the design corruption. And youtube video background does not work as well. How can I fix it?

Hi there, please can you create a ticket on our support site. There should be no problem with https sites. https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/ Thanks!

djzzon Purchased

Hi My theme do not show any navigation-menu in my Iphone and no background image? It works correctly on my computer and so on but not in my Iphone :/


djzzon Purchased

I resolved the problem! It was my SSL

Glad to hear! Have a good day.


Pinhead Purchased

​I am having problems with all the videos on the site http://rodrigoleal.com/​ Also they do not work on Ipads. How can I solve this problem and force HTML5 on all videos? Flash is just too erratic theses days..

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, Are you using MP4 H.264 videos? this is the best format for HTML5.


Pinhead Purchased

I am using embedding Youtube videos.. is that a problem?

Yes, if you want to use HTML5 videos you should use self-hosted videos in that case.