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Presales question – Do you know if your theme is compatible with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin so I can sell images?

Hi there, Easy Digital Downloads is compatible with almost any theme, including this one. But is not specifically supported as a theme developed with EDD in mind.

Hello, I really like your theme and am interested in buying it. But I have a few questions based on your live demo :

1) Is it possible to hotlink the full screen images/their titles that loaded on Home page slider ? For example I’d like the text in each of the images like your “Animal Kingdom” or “About Freedom”to go to a certain gallery page when clicked.

2) Is it possible to hide the “eye” icon on pages?

3) Can the Gallery Masonry thumbnails have any sort of hover effect?

Also, your demo site seems buggy on the iPad (very zoomed in)

Hi there, 1) Yes, you can make the entire image to link anywhere.

2) You can do that with CSS easily.

3) Yes, I guess we can add some hover effect with CSS.

Perfect,thanks for the clarifications! I’d go ahead and buy if you could please also confirm that the UI doesnt get bugged on iPad (all zoomed in on any browser, iPad Air). Its great on the iPhone and the biggest reason I wish to purchase this theme is for it to be a perfect responsive UI. Thanks!