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Hello, a beautiful theme, but it has some problems that need to be solved, at least in version the drop-down menu does not work in internet explorer, at the top had to edit the css file to be able to separate the language of icons greeting of welcome. Has some predictive adjustment of these errors? Thank you.

Can you tell me in which version of IE dropdown is not working.

IE 10, including his demo this also with the same problem. Putting in compatibility mode ai works normally.

Another thing I would ask, would create a tutorial on how to leave the store like your demo? Thank you.


Hello, I’m still waiting for your email regarding the configuration of the store like this in the demo.

can you give me your mail id once again.

I’m having an issue with the install. Where is the admin section…

disregard my last. Thank you!

hi having an issue with the search. it doesnt look like its grabing the correct file. need your help

Hi, im recieving the notice/error :

Any suggestions would be great

Undefined variable: small in: /home/rapunzel/public_html/shop/catalog/view/theme/blackoc-

Hi Thanks for buying can you mail me the screenshot or the link of the error to my mail. sainath.chillapuram{at}

Cloudzoom files seem to be missing from the download, so had to find another version to fill the hole.

send me a test message to my id and i will mail u the files again.

Hi, is it possible to have the cart remain always at the top as you scroll down?

Hi sorry for the delay reply. Its a Custom work and need to write code for that. Just mail me if you need it. sainath.chillapuram {at}

Please help me with language change. This theme on opencart can’t change language. What need fix?


give me ur mail id plz

I’m fix. in file: template/module/language.tpl change: $(this).parent().parent().submit(); to: $(this).parent().parent().parent().submit();

Does this work with v. 1.5.6? version works with 1.5.6. anyways will update this theme to 1.5.6 in 2 days.

Been thinking off purchasing, two things though…

  • Any word on the template being updated for 1.5.6?
  • In the top-right of the demo site, it looks like the language is overtop the logging in text, has this been fixed already?
  • Would it be possible to receive the config file to match the demo store layout?


My theme Works with 1.5.6 also. Top right in demo site is correct only and its not overlapping login text. To match like demo help doc is provided, we have to set things manually but not with config file in opencart.

After buying if need help you can mail me sainath.chillapuram{at} and i will try to help with setup theme exact like demo ok.

Purchased and emailed you regarding setting it up like the demo.


I think in 1.5.6 pack there is an old bug in language.

in file: template/module/language.tpl need to change to make it work: $(this).parent().parent().submit(); to: $(this).parent().parent().parent().submit();

I will have a look. Thanks a lot.

You are wrong to put incomplete or not tested themes for sale. Finish the product and then sell it. What a waste. Every single browser has problems with language, links overlapping etc. If there was a money-back option I would take it.

Hi Thanks for buying. Can you show me what errors your getting. It is my theme problem then i will solve your issue, need to see if it is Language Plugin problem or my theme. Here is my Mail id Just Drop me a Mail ( sainath.chillapuram{at}


great template, many thanks for your hard work. I hope, the customers will enjoy as well.

One question anyway, how may I remove the section as copied below?


“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus vel pellentesque tellus. Donec consequat, erat sed accumsan pretium, sem mauris accumsan velit, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit..”

I can not find a way how to remove it from the OPEN CART Administration

Many thanks for your endeavor

Regards, Brano

Its in the footer.tpl file and it is in template/common/footer.tpl file. can open in Notepad file and you can edit, save and upload done. Thanks for buying.

I noticed on the demo of this black theme, whenever I click on a new tab or button, the whole page flashes bright white, which does not look appealing. Normally, the page should just transition from one black page to another and cache some content. It appears to be reloading everything every time. Will the page continue to do this on my own site, if I purchase it? Second question: How do you change the title of all the tabs in the default template or your template? I know how to change products. When I edit the existing categories, will it change the tabs titles?

Hi, i would like to know if this template is responsive. In case not, if i can make ir responsive after buy. Thanks

Hi its not responsive template. It is regular default opencart layout style.


Can someone please tell me on how do I fix this? (google chrome)

Notice: Error: Could not load language english! in /home3/x/public_html/ on line 39

system/library/currency.php on line 45—safari

I’ve tried many things and nothing. Please help? I emailed the owner of this as well.


Can I buy html + css only? I don´t use opencart.