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Great looking template!

Thankyou Very much

Is it possible to change the background of the stars in the ratings area

As you can see they have a white background instead of a black one

yes we can change as these images are default and it will be in theme.

Its the reviews section

Sorry also is it possible to display only 3 products in a row, instead of 4 and making the pictures bigger.

Need to edit in the php files and as well as in css..

I have purchased the theme, however I am getting a nasty white background around my images, could you please advise how this can be fixed.

This is a nice template, but it does not work with IE9 . There is a flash of white that appears each time you click a link. This needs fixing as IE9 is now a full release version.

Will update very soon.


Any update?

Hi, nice template. I would like to ask about Designed by Sainath Chillapuram,do I must to keep it? :) Stefan

Its your wish if you want to remove then you can.

Im prepared to purchase this stylesheet however I need to know a couple of things… first can the background be changed to a custom image, also i will need to create an order form that will be able to be sent out via email… is this possible? Lastly i need to be able to connect the shopping cart to the clients paypal account I assume this can be done however im not sure how to go about it any ideas…?

Yes you can change the background image just need to replace the bg image in the image folder. And the remaining options can be find in the admin area.

Any update for 1.5? I purchased this before noticing the 1.4.9. This does not work at all on 1.5. Just errors everywhere:

Notice: Undefined variable: entry_search in /home/content/35/7185035/html/store/catalog/view/theme/black-opencart/template/common/header.tpl on line 122 Notice: Undefined variable: keyword in /home/content/35/7185035/html/store/catalog/view/theme/black-opencart/template/common/header.tpl on line 123

Hi Thanks for purchase. But my theme does not supports 1.5 as it was developed upto 1.4.9.x. Once i update will let you know. Thankyou


I have just updated for 1.5 Version and waiting for the approval from the site manager. Once it is done you can download.

Just wait for the update. Thanks.

Installed to OpenCart (1.5) but i’m still getting the default layout instead of the 3 column layout as shown in the “live preview”. Only the wallpaper and color scheme changed. Please advise, thank you.

Hi Frankieb,

After uploading theme, login to admin / system/ settings / click on the edit and in that Store tab will be their in that Template title with dropdown will be their you select the black theme and save it. It will reflect on the website.

Please go thru opencart documentation page

If you have any more doubts Please send mail from my profile page

Thanks for purchase.

Having the same issue as frankieb0nez02, was wondering if you have a fix for this.

Also the how do you setup the slider on the front page? I have added images in the banners section but they come up underneath the existing banner instead of additional sliding images?

Please advise

Many Thanks

Hi Stevenesler,

Its not the issue or bug. You need to have a clear look on the admin panel. after adding the images in the banner section go to Extension / Modules / Slideshow and select the wanted banner title. And dont forget to give the exact size of the banners.

Still if you have doubt mail me from my profile page.

Hello, I would like to use a bigger logo but when I upload it, the script does not adjust to it. The logo is over the top menu bar. I would the script to adjust according to the logo size is this possible. Nice template by the way using script 1.5

Hi you need to increase the header height in the css file.

Thanks for the purchease.

Downloaded and tried the new version. It still flashes white when clicking on the menus in IE9 . Is there a fix for this?

Here i can see it works good, but can you send me screenshot which area your getting white.

This is my first OpenCart experience.

I installed OpenCart on localhost using XAMPP and then I imported your template. Everything works nicely except when I go to http://localhost/****/admin/ and go to Catalog>Products>Edit, none of the “Add” buttons on that page work; Add Image Add Attribute Add Discount Add Special etc. The Remove buttons work, as does the Link feature. In System>Settings>Store>Image the file manager for the Store Logo opens and works fine.

All of my folders in XAMPP >htdocs have permissions for Read/Write enabled. I’m using IE8 and the page error info is as follows:

Message: Object expected
Line: 604
Char: 1
Code: 0
URI: http://localhost/ecom/admin/index.php?route=catalog/product/update&token=16f0c0324d7171c54917efeeaf99119d&product_id=42 
Do you have any suggestions?

I need the complete instructions on how to replicate the layout shown in the templates screenshots and preview on this website. No documentation is supplied concerning this. Help please?

Hi i will help you out in the issues. Plz mail me at

I’ve emailed you.

Hi, I’ve just got this template and I really like the layout and the contrast of it. I do have one small problem: I can’t show the left (or right) column on the homepage (on product view is there) – is it something I need to do to enable it? (I’m using

Thanks, Gabriel

EDIT : Sorry, I figured it out, layout wasn’t set to homepage :)

Thanks that you liked the layout. If you have any doubts plz drop me a mail