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Awesome Work :) GLWS


And already has some stars :)
Congrats !

Thank you :)

Great theme. Love it! Finally a theme that works with Portrait portfolio without bugs!!! Consideringn buying it, questions

1. And How dos it work with landscape images on portfolio? 2. One thing I a missing from creative templates protfolio are the portfolios detail, similar to this http://cl.ly/image/2w1n0X003N0e and this http://cl.ly/image/1f02290a2138. Planing to add it? 3. Where we can see the possibilities of home page? Does it work with shortcodes? Any video or scrrenshos of admin panel? 4. Taking a look at you demo, I only see image an video Post type. Does this have differente blog post type. like Gallery, Audio and Quote? 5. Possible to choose our own colors and fonts? Via CSS or Admin Panel?

Gracias :D

Thx. Maybe in next update, u planing to add different Post types (Gallery, Audio and Quote) and portfolio detail page… :D

I added some screenshots of admin panel here:


Thx for the screenshots :D

Looking to buy this teme but I am restyling my web page, and some of my post s are Gallery and Quote

Awesome work PixFlow! I really like minimalist style of your design. In my opinion there are few themes in ThemeForest that is focused on content and doesn’t overwhelm user with loads of features. I have few questions for you:

1) How does contact form in contact page store users message? 2) I How can I remove home page slogan?

Wish you luck with sales. :)

Thanks for your compliment, I appreciate it. :)

1. Contact form and contact widget sends an email to your desired email address. In order for yor contact forms to work you have to set your contact form settings in admin panel and have your php.ini file set to correct mail server.

2. Simply leave it empty in admin panel.

Mohsen Heydari
Lead Developer

awesome work! :)

Thank you :)

very nice!

Love the vertical tabs at the bottom, are they a shortcode or a widget?

Cheers! Tom

I mean the partners/our team/workplace tabs?

I See, We call it special intro and its a custom post type. Maybe we’ll convert it to widget/shortcode as well.

Ah okay, thanks, shortcode would be excellent too!

does the portfolio take vimeo vids

Yes, The portfolio takes vimeo and YouTube videos.

Great work! It’s all about fresh ideas :)

Thank you :)

Just curious (considering purchasing for a project) -

1. I tested the demo on IPAD 3 and I noticed the vertical scrolling is a little difficult on the home page because the Slider & recent posts are touch dynamic – which essentially means you cannot use that “screen space” to scroll vertically. Essentially if you happen to be unfortunate enough to have only the slider showing and the tops of the recent projects showing you can get stuck. I found you can use the sides of the slider (about 20px on each side) to scroll – but I’m a little afraid of the end user experience on that. Thoughts?

But otherwise I love it! awesome design!

Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that touch functionality prevents page scrolling, but i’ll address the issue in the next update.

I updated both sliders and so far the issue is solved on our android devices. Could you please kindly test it on your IPAD and let me know if it works so i could include it in the next update.


Hi, like the theme very much, great work!

1. I experienced the same issue like “tkavanaugh” during scrolling down the homepage on an iphone4. It is only possible to scroll down on the side of the slider in the space which is not more than 20px left/right. I guess many user will try to scroll down in a “usual way” in the middle of the screen, which does not work currently.

2. The left/right arrows beside “related projects” http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_wp/?portfolio=ana-smith are crushing the screen in portrait mode and are not working in landscape & portrait mode on iphone4.

3. Would you mind to add a page with a default wordpress gallery (with thumbnails) to your demo site? Would like to know how the page looks like with 2/3/4 columns and 25-30 images in a gallery.

4. Are the images autoresized/cropped to fit the screen on the portfolio single-page and also for thumbnails on portfolio page?

5. The left/right arrow on keyboard should be activated on portfolio single-item page in addition to only “grabbing” the images to left and right.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. Here is your answers:

1. Like i said to “tkavanaugh” we’ll address the issue in the next update.

2. I’ll check this issue and fix it as well

3. I’ll try to add it asap

4. For Portfolio Single Page the images are resized by the touchSlider plugin, but in portfolio list page the thumbnails are resized by Wordpress

5. Thanks for your suggestion, No promisses but I’ll try to add that functionality in upcomming updates

Fixed the slider issue in the demo, you could check it out if you like. :)

Does this theme support video (Vimeo/YouTube) within the portfolio grid?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. No, but you can have videos in portfolio single page.

Is there a way to put music in the Theme? The Theme ist very nice but i need a theme with the option to put music in it.


Hello, Currently there is no way to have music on the theme but maybe there is a plugin that could do it for you.



I am considering your theme, however, I feel there is a few areas need tweaked in the mobile version.

It is difficult to scroll on the homepage past the top slide images, you have to touch the very side of the screen to move past the home slider. Some of the slide images are not all sizing correctly.

Thats the negative out of the way if these small areas are fixed you have a top theme on your hands!

Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme. We’re aware that home page slider has issues with scrolling and we will update the theme to address the issue asap.

I would appreciate it if you could point us to the second issue so we could fix that as well.


The image of the lady is only showing part of her hat brim. Just not resizing to show full image. This is very minor and nit picking!

I have the $40 uploaded to buy, I will once the tweak is done on the slider. It is a common thing I am seeing with responsive themes but an easy fit!

Hi! I have one question: It’s possible insert video on Swap Slider? Not link for new page, but video? If you click , you can see video on homepage? Regards! Nick

Hi, Currently its not possible to have videos on home slider but i will try to find a way to incorporate that into our slider, if possible.


I think i am in love ! :o

Thanks for your support, We Appreciate it :)

does the demo content come with the template?

No, but our documentation explains pretty much every part you need to have on your website. And our support team will be glad to help you out with any part of template you need help with.

About the problem with iOS scrolling past the slider, can you give us an ETA on when the fix will be issued. I can’t use the theme with this issue.

We will fix it in a day or two.

AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t expect to see such brilliance based on the preview. You should spice up that preview thumbnail… this is CRAZY !!! I LOVE this theme.

Buying ASAP !

Thank you! Much Appreciated. :)

very well done, if i buy this theme am i able to make the posts photos more square than rectangle on the main page below the banner? can i easily change these sizes to be a little taller like a square? thanks i need them to be like 300×300 example instead of 300×200

Thanks, Yes, you can make your theme thumbnails square if you like.Once purchased, just drop us an email through our profile page and our support team will help you with that.