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Hi, I’m having trouble with my slider not working. www.nuvoimages.com – Can you look to see what the problem is?

1. Hopefuly we will update the theme so it will be compatible with WP 3.5 but i can’t give you any specific date.

2. Maybe, I have yet to test the theme on WP 3.5

3. Currently it needs customization of some theme files.

Could you point me in the right direction for changing the slider to the Revolution slider? I just need to remove your existing slider and insert the SHORT CODE for the revolution slider.

Well, I could point you where you could remove the slider but you can’t use page editor to insert your shortcode under the header (where current slider is located) as its not the content area.

(note that this is for latest version of BP “v1.0.5”)

Look for following line in your page template and remove it:


You could replace the above line with “do_shortcode” tag in order to insert Revolution slider shortcode.


HI, i just update my theme and my contact page doesn’t work anymore…http://illuzion.re/contactez-nous/ my address doesn’t appear.

Thanx for your help

My mistake i had to add Contact widgets…

understand but its so confusing to code this and to make it fit on one page i just want the site not to scroll. I paid good money to have this theme I deserve the support.

i already sized it down it just confusing im not asking for anything that you shouldnt answer

1. Decrease page width to 900px width 2. Decrease page height to 800px 3. Scale down the portfolio slider 4. Decrease size of Special Intro Tabs


I really like to answer your questions but as you can see there are lots of support requests. Here are your answers:

1. You have to change all columns and containers width in “style.css” file some styles that you have to change are:

all .span classes
all .offset classes

Thats the base grid structure. Most of other things are adjusted to those classes.

2. You have to scale down your page contents so it fits (i have no idea what content you have).

3. Which portfolio slider do you mean? recent portfolio slider in home page or single portfolio?

4. All special intro settings are located under “22. Special Intro” section inside “style.css” file. You can change the special intro height by finding following class(s):

.special_intro .span8,.special_intro .span8 .description


PIXFLOW – I am very much updated to the latest version. Please see the link below http://destination50.com/category/destinations/

here, the blog titles are coming in black by default and hence are “hiding” in the background which is also dark.

Can you suggest whats being done wrong here by me.

You’re using 1.0.4, the current version is 1.0.5

PIXFLOW: Sorry for oversight but I just updated and the problem remains. Another interesting thing I note is, despite choosing RED skin, when i click on “destinations” in the menu, which is essentially an aggregate of all posts tagged “destinations”, the color on left frame (showing when the post was published) changes to ORANGE.


I can’t see any problems in your (1.0.5) installation. If problem still presist please let me know.

Hi Thanks for a great theme. My client would like the slider images reduced by 30%. I see from the theme docs “You can choose a solid color or an image to be shown as slider background. Maximum size of images for the slider background is 1270*520 pixels.”

Is there an easy way to reduce the slider image size by 30%

Many thanks

Hi, We’re glad that you like our theme :)

In which dimention you like to reduce your images?

The blog looks very blaaahh. Is it possible to have the blog postings in the pinterst like placement? Please see this site for examplet: http://www.allblogtools.com/blogger-templates/3-columns/thestyle/?theme=demo

If not, is there a code to make the blog posting pics to move when mouse is over pic? I would like to use this code to put it on this blog template, if I am not able to change the posting placement.




No, its not possible to have pinterest like placement. In which direction you like to move your thumbnail images?

PIXFLOW: Managed to resolve that.

is there anyway to extend the navigation bar & slider (horizontally) across the entire page? If so how? Would there be an issue to post something similar to this in the slider: (please view) </http://themeforest.net/item/lost-in-space-error-404/full_screen_preview/398403 ?

Yes, haven’t tested this but you have to remove “wrap” class from a div inside “header.php” file if you like to extend the “gray” area also you can remove class=”container” from the div tag under that in order to extend navigation and logo.

There is a similliar process for the slider. For example you can put slider tag outside the div with class=”wrap” and it will fill entire page width.

Is there a way to adjust the slider to 1420×660 pixel?

Just put your slider tag inside a div with a custom class that has 1420px width. Also find ”.awesome-slider” class inside “style.css” file and change the height to 660px. But please note that you have to adjust your slider container class for other screen sizes as well.

PixFlow, how are you? we love your theme, we build websites and this is one of our favorite themes to date! I understand your last point, its just been really hard to find all the proper tags in your theme. our client wanted the theme sized down to fit on one page and its been so difficult resizing the portfolio slider, weve tried everything, I managed to size dow the actual images and slides but for the life of me nothing works when i try to change padding margin between the photos, can you please help us? we are in a time crunch.

I have updated to version 1.0.5 yesterday and my slider just vanished. Contact page settings are gone as well: http://www.veilleursdenuit.com/

OSX117, PIXFLOW: I have the same problem, the slider just vanished.

Is there anyway to transfer this into Joomla format? If so, how?

I have no idea what format you’re talking about. Can you please elaborate?

hello Everything its OK now – we change server


To membervarum, osx117 :

Extract from FAQ :

In this version we added the ability to include slider on some pages other than “Home” page so we had to change/add some options. If you updated the theme all you have to do is check “show all slides” option from your WP admin panel page editor to enable your slider again.

For the contact page : it’s now a widget go to widget panel administration

Above Tomchang wrote: “My mistake : i had to add Contact widgets…” ;))

Good Luck

To dieseljp:

Thanks for your help. Works now like it should ;) Happy Holidays!

for some reason my news page (which was the blog page) is not showing any post made.

Can you please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website and WP account so i could investigate your problem from there?


Thank you, I figured everything out for the most part but the main problem now after sizing down the images in the recent portfolio slider in home page is the margins (space between each image) how and where can i fix that.

Also in those 3 images I get a weird loading icon instead of the image now, can you help me with that.


Our server is currently down and your default images can’t be loaded from there.