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I’m really looking forward to this new 22/12/12 update! If it fixes the iOS issues with the slider, my clients are going to be over the moon!

Within 3 months this theme has evolved into a well rounded, fully supported theme with great features.

Thank you for your support jagdomar :) the theme is already updated and slider works fine on iOS

HI there, I have purchased and implemented the theme, great work. One thing I need, is to be able to hide the slider when viewing from a mobile device (smallest size in the responsive functionality). Can you tell me how to do this please?

Hi thank you, currently it is not possible but we will add it in next updates.

okay now i am having an issue with the portfilio page now, once i click on an image it directs me to modern blog layout vs whats on themeforest demo

I know the server is down, does that affect importing demo contact (.xml files?) also before my site went down i was having problems with the portfio post directing me to blog style vs. what was in the live preview in Themeforest.

If this issue is not resolved, can you give me back my money.


link is broken. Can you please provide new link so i can upload demo content

you can use import demo content in black pearl control panel, in Appearance > Theme Settings > Demo Content > import setting. it just wont import the images for now, but if you need xml file we will make a new one in a few hours.

Hi, I updated to 1.1 and now the home page slider does not work at all. The slider is turned on in the Theme Settings, but doesn’t show on my site. tried deleting and re-adding slides and creating new slides.

Hello, Please read below FAQ entry here
“I installed Black Pearl 1.0.5 and now slider is not visible at all”

Please hit the “Remove Frame” button at the top of the demo on the left corner and try to paste your URL again.


Beautiful theme! Wonderful work! Can you tell me what font you use for the title, Black Pearl?

I mean the font used in the logo

Sorry, maybe I was unclear. I was wondering which font you use in the logo, “Black Pearl”. I don’t think its Ubuntu. Many thanks!

Can you please ask your question through the email so our designer could reply?


i get a 404 error once you click on the portfilio image. Can you please help me with this.


I don’t see any 404 errors on your blog. Can you please send specific item URL that gives 404 error.


Double post…

Immediately after install and getting the slideshow up and running i got this error within the homepage slideshow ….

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/**/public_html/dev/wp-content/themes/blackpearl/lib/utilities.php on line 70 and defined in /home/*/public_html/dev/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

Looks like this is an error as of WP3.5 which requires a new arguement


SO… the fix is …. LINE 70 CURRENTLY says

$attachment = $wpdb->get_col($wpdb->prepare("SELECT ID FROM " . $prefix . "posts" . " WHERE guid='" . $image_url . "';"));

change it to:

$attachment = $wpdb->get_col($wpdb->prepare("SELECT ID FROM " . $prefix . "posts" . " WHERE guid='%s'", $image_url . "';"));

Glad to see your problem is solved, please feel free to ask if you needed any further assistance :)

Excellent Windows Surface 8 theme!!! Congrats.. all the best with sales

Thank you :)

For some reason the social icons moved out side of the container after scaling down the site.

I need help with a mobile plugging bc everything looks distorted on a mobile device

Also if you click on the portfolio page, everything is shifted to the left and it loos distorted.

Also i need help with side bar.

thank you

The reason your social icons moved outside of the container is that you calculated your spans spacing entirely wrong.

Sorry but the only thing i could do for you here is to help you point which places to modify and not fix your customization problems.

PIXFLOW: A very very very humble but assertive request. The 10 images per portfolio limitation is stifling. Your theme is as good as it can get and you can win many customers from other potential themes such as “Expressions” by just altering the gallery/portfolio page and making it more flexible – see their http://pexetothemes.com/demos/expression_wp/ for details. Please work on it. My blog is looking good, thanks to you, but not with this limitation.

Thanks, I can’t promise you anything but we’ll try to add as many features as we can. :)


The twitter isn’t working on my page – is there something I have down wrong?


Could you please send screenshot of the error? It seems its working ok here.

I need help with a mobile plugging bc everything looks distorted on a mobile device. I have tried using different pluggins but it messes up the theme.


Please read your previous comment reply.

OPEN QUESTION to all: Which host are you using? My images are too slow to load, I am using iPage.

I can’t recommend our current hosting service as we have issues with them. Hope others could help you with this.

Though you could find some hosting reviews on “webhostingtalk.com” website.

I need help with a mobile plugging bc everything looks distorted on a mobile device. I have tried using different pluggins but it messes up the theme. www.play-mag.com

Hi, This is a great looking theme and I am thinking of buying it. When will it be WP 3.5 ready?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our theme. I can’t give you exact time but we’ll try to fix it in next update

do you have problems with the 3.5 version of wordpress?

Currently its not tested on WP 3.5 but we’re working on it.