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Really, really nice work!

Just two questions, probably concerning future update plans:

- Is there any way to move the social media icons elsewhere? They’re pretty hidden down there in the footer…

- Will it be possible to play videos directly within the slider (instead of using a link to a sub-page)?


Thank you. :)

For media icons Currently you have to do it manually by moving social icons code elsewhere. And for playing videos, the slider should be customized heavily so it can detect when the video is playing and pause the slideshow.

Love this. Is it possible to put a video in the place of the slider or to have both?

Love this. Is it possible to put a video in the place of the slider or to have both?

Thank you, Currently its not possible to have video in the slider and that require customization.

Could you please send me the XML sample data?

Here you are:

I want to insert in homepage the partners/our team/workplace tabs as your demo. How? What have I to set up in the special intro!?

Its described in Special Intro section of provided manual. But you could use demo XML data posted below.

Thank you for the support.

How can I set-up the page “blog”? There is no the template “blog”.

You have to create an empty page (named Blog for example) and then go to Settings -> Reading and set Front page displays to “A static Page” and set posts page to “Blog” .

Interested for a new project at hand. Couple of questions. 1) Can you remove any of your branding from the backend? (I know that this is a ‘touchy’ thing to ask, but for this project we need to remove any of your branding / links) 2) Would it be possible to feature two images at the same time in the slider? In other words, instead of the slide image descripion and more link, to have another image there. Two images side by side. (not photoshopped together as one) And if this would require modifications that you would charge for – how much would it cost to have it happen? Thanks

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

1. Thanks for asking about it but generally, we prefer users not to remove our branding from the backend but if you could refer users to us from elsewhere, its not a problem.

2. Its not currently possible and require customization, please send us an email for costs

Is this theme wpml ready and can I use Google fonts latin extended subset?

The theme is translation ready but we will look at wpml soon. Also the theme uses google fonts but you have to change the fonts in “header.php” file if you like.

Hi, I absolutely love your theme! Excellent work!!! :D

I would like to add my vote for the following requests:

1) Support video (Vimeo/YouTube) within the portfolio grid

2) ...insert video on Swap Slider? Not link for new page, but video? If you click , you can see video on homepage?

Hi, I would also like to request the option to enable a Light Box Portfolio for image, video etc.

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your compliment. :) We will look into those requests soon.

Awesome! Thank you. :)

Hi There,

Any way to paginate the portfolio section?


Hello, We will add that in upcomming updates.

What would the cost to customize this template through you?

We probably will implement it in next updates. But you could send us an email through our profile and we will discuss it there.

Good job guys!

Thank you :)

Thanks for the support. Another important question/issue: in the slider, sometimes (it depends on image type and colors) the text is not readable. So, how to put a black panel behind the text? Thanks.

Currently its not possible but we’ll consider it for next updates, meanwhile you could try to change your text colors if possible.

Great and amazing Theme. I’ve bought it yesterday. Fully responsive (test on ipad and iphone and the website responsivator) and nice portfolio system.

I’ve installed WPML , it seems to work, but the language selector menu is too big on the right.

I’ve a question : how to remove the comment part on static page ? I’ve a suggestion : the opportunity to put the slogan between the slider and the portfolio and to choose the font size ;) A little big on iphone screen ;)

Thanks and sorry for my english :) JPh.

Thank you. We will look into WPML soon. You could disable comments from quick edit option in page. Also we updated slogan and few other styles as well. :)


ist it possible to link the three boxes on the homepage to every page? Or are they linked to portfolio items?

Please do not forget to add a page with default wordpress gallery in your online-demo (2/3/4 columns if possible). Just waiting to see that before purchasing the theme.

Important: Just trying to figure out how the portfolio images will be resized. Could you put a very large image to a portfolio and link it here, just to see how it works with the theme? I got large images (portrait and landscape) and am not sure if they will look OK in the portfolio section.



Currently its only possible to have portfolio images on home page. I’ll try to update the demo and let you know when its updated.

What a simplicity firework!

THE THEME , 5 stars before even downloading it.

Thanks for your encouraging words. We appreciate it. :)

Just purchased this theme and when I add to slider I get 404 page not found when trying to preview the slider page.


How do I get the slider to work like the demo page?

Disregard my comments for this post – I got it fixed by adding a ‘Home’ page


I understand that you like to have your website up and running asap but please understand that as much as we like to keep everyone happy with their purchase we have limited time and resources and we can’t spend all of our time giving support. We have to keep some of our time for updates and bug fixes as well.

Please send us an email through our profile page and we will be happy to help you with your website.

Also please do not send your WP account on public websites like TF as it may put your website at risk.


By the way you could Import the demo XML file and start editing the content to your liking:

In wordpress admin panel you have to go to “Tools -> Import” and click on Wordpress link at bottom of that list. If you don’t have wordpress importer plugin installed it asks you to install it. After that you have to activate and run the plugin. You can then import the XML file with that plugin.


Before I purchase this great theme I have few questions.

1. Does your theme have more email contact options and what options? Can I create contact form with more complex input like in contact 7 or other email plugin? 2. Can I use submit email for newsletter form? 3. Can I use TEAM option for other purpose? 4. Do you have screen shoots of the wp-admin area just to get the idea?


To answer some of your questions:

1. Can you please elaborate on “more options”?
2. If i understand you correctly, currently there is no newsletter subscription functionality
3. What kind of use you have for team option?

PIXFLOW : To answer some of your questions: PIXFLOW 1 . Can you please elaborate on “more options”?

Name email phone number 2 differetn dropdowns with few options or check boxes with few options captcha

PIXFLOW 2 . If i understand you correctly, currently there is no newsletter subscription functionality

Probably I can use some of the Newsletter subscription plugins with your css?!!

PIXFLOW 3 . What kind of use you have for team option?

Can I make few different Team options (like team 1, team 2, team 3) with different pictures and text data and with different headings?

It could be used on different pages for let’s say product presentation, different services, different locations etc.

Thank you! :)

1. Currently all fields in the demo is present in Admin panel but we will look at adding more options for contact page.

2. If the subscription plugin it uses standard html/css probably it will look fine but you could restyle your plugin (using override css option in admin panel) to match how Black Pearl looks.

3. Currently the design/code is intended for one team but if there are enough requests we will add more flexibility into that.

I am not able to get the live demo site working right now. Is there a problem on the Themeforest end?

We don’t see any problem when loading the demo, try to check it in a different browser,



just want to know one thing before i buy :) The slider you have on the front page can that be added on pages with other images?

Hello, If you mean the big slider on top, it only shows up in front page, and if you mean 3 box sliders under it, they only show the latest portfolio items.

So no option for large images on pages? same size as slider on front page

Currently the slider is only available on Home Page template. But if other people like to have that as well, we will consider adding the slider to other pages too.