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I need Help ASAP .. When I add an image to the slider this warning appears: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/midadps/public_html/ar/wp-content/themes/blackpearl/lib/utilities.php on line 70 and defined in

Its because you’re using WP 3.5, we sent an update to fix this issue. You could download the new update when i get accepted. In meantime you could fix your issue like below:

You can just put this in “wp-config.php” file: @ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);

The update is now ready

If you think about advertising, such as AdSense etc. does this work good with this theme? Have you thought anything about this when you created this theme? I really like this theme, alot. But I need it to work with advertising.

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

Well, Black Pearl is general purpose portfolio theme, it has sidebars and page templates which you could put your ads in anyway you like. We thought about image ads so we created a widget for that as well. Also i don’t think there is any compatibility issues with google AdSense as the theme follows latest web design and WordPress standards.

Column shortcodes do not work except the 3/12 and the 4/12 ones. I tried the sample “column” page. How could I create a working 6/12 ?


It had no sidebar if the template is set to default template then it is not working properly.

Well, as far as i remember default page has a sidebar (even if its empty, no widgets)

Thanks, I see now.

Hello I need help..the theme is cool, but the contact page, i don’t know why i cant set the Address or Contact information, don’t have the field in my admin. And I cant see the contact form also, please advise asap! thank you:)

@anneocy : from the FAQ ;)

The contact page is now widgetised. In order to make it work like before you have to add a text and contact form widget to contact page side bar and enter following template into your text widget.

@dieseljp : Thank you very much! I will try to do it now.


I asked it two days ago and did not get any answer.

“Column shortcodes do not work except the 3/12 and the 4/12 ones. I tried the sample “column” page. How could I create a working 6/12 ?”

Sorry, we were busy updating Black Pearl. I replied to your comment.


Where can I change the background for the about us page? I want to insert an image, not have a solid color…

Great template btw!

Thanks :)

You have to use “featured image” link on right side of the page editor.

Hello, Fonts: my future project will use only Polish language and now when i add polish marks there are bold and i think that it is not OPEN SANS. How too add polish font? I add &subset=latin-ext to google font link in theme-scripts.php but when i try to save ther was fatal error !!!

Sorry, Maybe your email gone to spam folder, I’ll check again

Thanx it works at one page but pleas fix it at my other project http://veryluckystar.com/

Its fixed

How to add background photo on Contact Page?

And at the About Us page?

You can use “set featured image” link inside your page editor if you like to set background image for About Us page template.


Thank you for the reply!

Another question: In the fAQ it say that to stop the error message from displaying (when adding a slider image) I need to add that line of code – does this mean I have to reinstall wordpress theme?

No but with new version you no longer need that fix ;)

We have already purchased the template on our site (www.untadclub.com) we have had it for a few months but none of our pics will load on portfolio mode. And the Portfolio (home page) is not picking up the different portfolios… any help?


You have to use direct URL of your image instead of attachment URLs

For example:


should become:


Hello, I love this theme but one thing I need to do is make the background plain white, instead of light grey – especially on the blog posts page. I am using the light skin but I really need it to be just white. Can you let me know where I would make the change to the code so I can do that and what I should look for? Thanks!

you have to edit your background color inside “style.css” file

try to look for following CSS selector:

#wrap_main, #wrap_intro

you could also use a tool for FireFox browser called firebug to find the selectors you like to change.

Good afternoon, is there a way to make the BP Twitter widget open in another tab instead of the current window. I want to keep visitors on the page.

Yes, open “lib/widget-twitter.php” file with your favorite text editor and look for following line:

<a href="http://twitter.com/<?php echo $id; ?>" class="join"><?php echo $followText; ?></a>

change it so it looks like below and save:

<a href="http://twitter.com/<?php echo $id; ?>" class="join" target="_blank"><?php echo $followText; ?></a>

As always thanks for the quick reply, Pixflow def has the best support. I added that line and it works perfectly for the ‘Follow Us’ text but the actual link 2 the tweet still opens in the same window as well as the ‘days ago’ link…I’m fooling around with the php file now but I do not see another place a ‘_blank’ target could go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*Site is www.Fresh360.net and I am referencing the middle twitter widget in the footer.

Oops, i thought you only wanted that.

Please copy/paste this into “lib/twitter_timeline.php” file and save.

It appears that the latest update (v1.2) does not work properly (at least for me). I attempted to copy it over my old theme files and was left with an unformated/CSS-less website. I cleaned out the database and tried again without any results. After wiping the entire directory/database and trying again I still have the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on Wordpress 3.5 and do not have any plugins installed what so ever.

This is common error among themes and not specific to Black Pearl. To fix this make sure that you put the “blackpearl” folder directly under “wp-content/themes” folder and also among other files “style.css” should located directly under “blackpearl” folder.

I tried to mess with the permissions and was unsuccessful as well. I had placed the blackpearl folder directly in the themes folder. I deleted the blackpearl folder and decided to upload via Wordpress instead of FTP. This corrected my problem! I am unsure what caused it but am thankful it is finished. I appreciate your help and quick reply!

I’m glad that it worked for you, sometimes it works when uploading using FTP and sometimes it works the other way.

We posted this question on the HTML Black Pearl comments section by mistake (since we purchased the HTML version as well as the WP version) but wanted to paste this and PixFlow’s reply here to help possible users in the future. I think the answer we received would work for both HTML and WP versions . . .

------------- Q: Hello PixFlow Happy New Year! Firstly, this is a great theme, thank you. It’s working very well so far for a client. We have a question regarding the drop-down menu though. This is presently opening to the right; are we able to have this open to the left, and if so, where is the code? Thanks! We really appreciate your quick help on this.

A: Hello WhatBox, Happy new year and thank you for your kind words If i understand right, you want the drop downs to open on left side instead of right side, for that you have to open style.css and go to line 579 and change: left:0; to right:0; and add text-align:right; Hope that it helps:)

Hello PixFlow Thanks a bunch for your email, and this is exactly what we needed! For your info (and for anyone else) the site we’ve built is at http://www.jamindustries.com, and it looks good. The client is thrilled, and reviews are very positive. Thank you again for an awesome and easy-to-set-up and build theme! 5-star rating coming up!

Cheers, Team WhatBox Rob and Sam

I’m glad that you liked our theme. If you need any further assistance please let me know :)

Hey, Again awesome theme, just trying to go through a few changes which I can’t figure out by myself. Firstly, I’m trying to change the skin colour from the standard orange you have set to a slightly different shade of orange (to match logo). The colour stated in the editor code seems pretty good but once it actually shows on the site it become your standard skin orange. I have tried to update all instances where this colour is stated but this doesn’t work. My other problem which I managed to solve in the previous update was the scaling of the header image. I have included an image which I would like to stretch the full 1230px across the top with no padding on either top or sides. Currently my header image is being scaled to a ensure padding on both sides.

Sorry for my lack of script knowledge just trying to learn as I go.

Cheers, Beau


1. If you’re using default (light oragnge) skin then you have to only edit “style.css” file. Try to look for orange color and change it to your desired color. If you like to change the dark orange then you also have to edit “assets/css/dark_orange.css” file. You can also use override CSS option inside Black Pearl admin panel but i don’t recommend using it for that scale of changes.

2. in order to do so you have to remove the “div” tag with class=”container” from your header section (its located inside “header.php” file)

Also please note that if you don’t like to loose your changes when new updates come you have to use a child theme.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply. Answer to the second question was perfect, thanks.

I am still having trouble changing the skin colours. I can edit every other colour on the template, mainly background colours, but am still unable to edit the orange colour. I have changed every instance of the orange on the style.css file but no matter what colour I try changing it to it does not chance from the default. Is it possible to update the themes script directly specifically the line: wp_register_style(‘skin-light-orange’, THEME_CSS_URI . ’/dark_orange.css’, false, THEME_VERSION); to change to a colour rather than the preset css colour? If so how would I update it?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers, Beau

Don’t worry I have found the assests file and will edit that directly to solve the problem. Cheers, Beau.

When you have a list of portfolio page the icone are photo but when you click on photo icon we see icon photo in new pop up window i think it will be beter in comunication when you click on icon you open a portfolio page It is posible to change it?

Yes, there is an option to disable that and go stratight to portfolio detail page (its located inside Black Pearl admin panel )


Is there any way to get the portfolio images on the home page to link to a different page (something other than the corresponding portfolio page)?


Its generated automatically but currently there are two ways to modify that behavior:

1. Modify the php code that generates the portfolio sliders inside “template-home.php” so it links portfolio items to other pages.

2. Remove the php code and replace it with static (html) slider code

Hello The theme is very good, but now I’m having a lot of problems with the slides and with the control pannel of the theme. When I want to publish a new post or just want to change the menu in the control panel the home page stays loading for a very long time On the home page it is the sam, the page does not load the slide or the wallpapers and all the home page takes forever to load.

I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing these problems and if they can check my page to see if www.iktancorp.com see something weird. anted to know if anyone else is experiencing these problems and if they can check my page to see if www.iktancorp.com see something weird.

As a general suggestion please make sure that you read the user manual and watched the video tutorials. Most of times its because of bad hosting configuration or you missed a detail from the manual.

Anyway if thats not the case please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website and WP login detail so our support could investigate your issue further.