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Hi, I bought this theme and i’ve been having issues getting it working. First off, the home slider doesn’t seem to work. tried importing the demo content, it still doesn’t work. I’ve tried to set it up manually, yet no dice. I really need to have it working for a client’s project and i’m behind on schedule.

Hi, When you create your page there is a slider option on bottom of your page. You have to select show all slides or showing slides from specific category.


On the portfolio / gallery page, how can we make it so that when they click the text on the picture it still only goes to the light box of the image? It’s confusing having it go to the light box when they click the image, but an empty page when they click the text.

Ultimately, I’d love to turn off the text altogether.

I don’t know what code I need to modify and would really love your help…

Please advise.

If you like to remove the text you have to remove an “a” tag with class=”item_meta item_hover” inside “template-portfolio.php” file.


Our client just discovered that the portfolio doesn’t work at all in IE8, somthing I just tested myself.

Anything I/you could do to fix the problem?

Hi, Thanks, I’ll investigate the issue

I figured out how to turn off the text.

                            <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" class="item_meta item_hover">
                                <div class="meta_bg" />
                                <span class="description"><?php the_title(); ?></span>
                                <div class="separator" />
                                <span class="category"><?php PrintTerms($terms, ', '); ?></span>

Now I’m having one last issue with the portfolio section on the homepage.

<img src="http://nuvoimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/port.jpg" alt="Portraits" style="display: block; max-width: none; width: auto; height: 340px; left: -78px; top: 0px;" data-width="298" data-height="223" data-aspectratio="1.336322869955157" />

You’ll notice that the left margin is set to -78px. Where does this code exist? I’d like to change these numbers around if at all possible.

I think thats the output from your debugger. In that case its generated by the slider plugin and can not be changed.


GSG Purchased

Is there a way to display a video in the portfolio preview on the home page, instead of an image of that video?

Having an image and the video embed in the portfolio page is redundant and confusing, I would like to be able to just have the video like you do in the blog post and the blog post preview on the home page.


Currently it is not possible. But we will try to incorporate such ideas in next updates.

Hi there,

Love the them but wondering what size of picture is perfect fit for a portfolio post? Its seem doesn’t lord when I post on my homepage.


Thank you

You’re welcome :)

hi there, can you please help I need to upload pictures for portfolio but the image doesn’t show up, so what should I do? Thanks

@ingegd i have the same problem! But your page is loading for my properly and the same is my page www.veryluckystar.com i my network it’s load very long but when i test it on other internet connection in other computer it load properly!

PS. Why them forest don’t think about beter social forums and support it is hard for you PixFlow and hard for us to search information. For example many users ask about doesn’t worke home page slider and you must answer for each question. I think it is many ways to do it easier!!!!!

Yeah, its hard to us and users to communicate with this comments system. However we’re working on a support forum so it could be easier for users to search information.

I have question about Home Page and Portfolio icons it is posible to ad more not only 3 but for example 6 in secound line?

Yes, you have to find following line inside “template-home.php” file and chage “posts_per_page” value to your liking:


Thanx i would like to do the same with blog posts i change:

$lastposts = get_posts( ‘numberposts=6&suppress_filters=0’ );

to 6 but the posts are not in 2 lines why? http://veryluckystar.com/

Pleas answer how to fix this!


I love your theme but unfortunately some features break on the ipad, particularly the responsive menu (initially on page load the menu shows but after a few seconds the dropdown will not display and longer, making the site un navigatable.) and the special intro part (when you press on the various entries they won’t show up). I am wondering how I can turn of the responsive menu? and if there is anything i can for the speical intro.

thanks, karina


Currently we don’t have access to an iPad but we test our code on iPhone 4 running iOS 5 and it worked as expected. We’ll try to fix any issues regarding iPad device once we got access to one.

Hi, I understand. I am using an ipad 4 with ios6. Thought i would let you know, for an aesthetic reason I ended up deleting the touch slider for the front page. This has made the special intro work on the front page on the ipad. Just thought I would let you know. keep up the great work!


its me again. I figured out how to get rid of the menu, so I am fine on that point. Special intro is still an issue on the ipad, but its not a dealbreaker.

I was wondering if you could tell me how to do the following: On the portfolio page I want to make it that when people click the photo they get taken to the portfolio. Currently when you click the image it loads the full version in a thickbox/light box.

So I figured out how to change the link in the portfolio template for the thumbnail images to the permalink for the portfolio, this changes the link correctly but the light box is still trying to load, so it kind of breaks. How do I get the lightbox to stop trying to open the link?

thanks, karina

We added that option in recent updates. You could disable the prettyPhoto altogether in Black Pearl admin panel.

Hi, i was wondering if it’s possible to make two distinct special intros, to be placed in two different pages. thanks!

Hi pixflow, thanks for the answer.

i don’t mind getting my hands a little dirty in the code, could you give me some detail on this process? maybe you already explained it in another post i couldn’t find? Are there other customer who gave it a try?


To introduce categories (taxonomy) you have to modify “lib/theme-intro-post-type.php” file and add “register_taxonomy” function.

Also to filter spacial-intro posts by category you have to use “WP_Query” object to retrive posts. For code samples you can take a look at “lib/awesome-slider.php” file.


than you, i’ll give it a try. btw, i think it could be a useful feature for a future release. best regards


I recently updated to the latest version of Black Pearl, and I cannot get the slider or portfolio images to appear on the homepage as they were before I performed the update. The last time I updated, I went into Permalinks and clicked on “Save all changes”, and the images were once again visible. However, this time it didn’t work. What can I do? The content is still on the website, simply the pictures won’t show up on the actual homepage. Thanks.


This is from Black Pearl FAQ:

In this version we added the ability to include slider on some pages other than “Home” page so we had to change/add some options. If you updated the theme all you have to do is check “show all items” option from your WP admin panel page editor to enable your slider again.

Hi. Thank you for the reply. I also read this instruction in the FAQ, but I cannot find the “show all items” option in the admin panel editor. Whereabouts is it? I have the latest version of WP.


Great theme its very easy to navigate through though just having one error based around the ‘About’ Template. When ever i click update i get a page of errors though when i click back and visit the live URL its been updated. Thats just a small issue though the main issue is ‘Page Options’ in the edit page where you edit your own introduction, it gets the same error though it doesnt update it on the URL.

If you could please help me with this it will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Andrew

May i ask which version of Black Pearl you’re using? As general suggestion please make sure you have latest version of Black Pearl and try again.

Sorry i forgot to ask:

How do i remove the ‘Comments are closed for this article.’ from each page when i turn off comments?

Please read this FAQ entry regarding your question.


Thank you it worked :)

@elitegraphics : see the last answer in the FAQ ;))

Could let me know where the option is to display a portfolio page with pagination? Just like you have in your demo (portfolio 2).


When you select portfolio as your page template an option called “Posts Per Page” will be available under the text editor. You can use that to paginate your portfolio.

Hi Hi I want to ask you how to remove the mobile CSS? I dont want the different view in desktop and mobile.

You can disable responsive layout in Black Pearl admin panel.


Currently the latest three portfolios are shown on the home page.

I would like to show the same three portfolios on the home page no matter which portfolios were created later. I could not find a way to limit which categories are shown on the home page.

I also would like to create a gallery using the portfolio template I would like to show the image lightbox no matter if the text or the image is selected.

Thanks a lot.



1. You have to modify portfolio query on “template-home.php” file in order to show specific items.

2. You can change that by editing “assets/js/custom.js” file. Look for following line:

var $gallery = $('.gallery .item_image');

change it to following and save your file.

var $gallery = $('.gallery .item_image, .gallery .item_meta');

Though i didn’t test above code but i think it will work.


PixFlow, First off, I know once a theme gets legs you can get buried in complaints and forget how awesome your original idea is. Black Pearl has been my favorite Theme Forest wordpress theme to stretch and re-brand, hands down! I meant to send this to you (our site: The Girl Tyler) 48 hours after we bought it, because we seriously had 95% of what you see done. There were some bugs here and there, but for someone who knows how to dig around it was a pleasure to sort through. I’ve seen theme’s that read like a foreign language Moby Dick, but your code was excellent. Also, I may track you down for freelance some day if you are interested, your wordpress admin back-end is the best superb!

One question, we’ve been fine with a lumped together portfolio, we like our clients to see our breadth of work when they are seeking something specific (especially since your filtering is so quick!) That being said, I’m thinking I would like to have a drop down with pre-filtered portfolio searches. I want people to still be able to re-filter to another category, but start the process for them through portfolio category specific links. This is a task I have coded with other sites, but I thought I check in with you first to make sure something of this nature is not already (or almost) there!

Highly recommended my friend, Martin C. Walsh The Girl Tyler

Hello aperitifTV
Thanks for your compliments. :) It’s always refreshing and encouraging to see someone who could use and modify our theme to this dgree!

Well there are two kinds of filtering in portfolio template. Client side that is done by “Isotope” JavaScript plugin and server side through “WP_Query” object. Both filter items by category but you could add more criteria to both sides. With that being said, I’m not sure how exactly you gonna get this done but i could help you further if you elaborate more about it.


Hi AperitifTV, I was wondering what you changed on the home page portfolio preview section, specifically the colour change (pink to black) when you over over the image? Also you don’t get the option to scroll through the images which is what I need.