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I bought it yesterday. I cant find the blog template . How can I make a blog page ? I did find Contact – home – portfolio – left sidebar- full width – about templates but not the Blog template.


Thank you for choosing Black Pearl. All you have to do is to create a page with default template and name it “Blog”, then in left sidebar you must go to Settings—> Readings , then choose “a static page” option and select “Blog” in post page list. From now on all the posts you create will be shown in “Blog”.

Hope that helps you. Cheers :)

Hi I just bought this and tried to install it on my website. It hasn’t worked at all. The site looks like it would if it didn’t have any scripts or CSS (so just the text). Is there something I should of installed first? I’m running the latest version of wordpress.

Greetings D3pro,

Thank you for Buying our item, I didn’t exactly get the problem, please read the manual first, and upload your data step by step. If the problem persist please feel free to send us an email through our profile page.

Good Luck :)

Hi there,

I see that there is a 10mm white border to the left and right of the page – can the page be extended to the edge so there is no white border on the sides? (the menu, slider and page body)

On portfolio post page, the post title is repeated twice in page heading and next to the arrows. Can the page heading area be taken out?

On the About Us template page with a background image, is it possible to have the page heading sit over the image between the menu and the body, rather than in the body?

Is it possible to use large horizontal format images in portfolio post pages with the text underneath?

Is it possible to customise the homepage by adding html body text, shortcodes, or widgets?



First,the white borders you mentioned is a part of design and can not be changed.

Second, you can change the intro title for every portfolio item, its pretty easy and accessable through page option under the text editor. You can choose custom title with or without description.

Third, its not possible at the moment, maybe if more people have the same request we add that option in next updates.

Next, all images are fixed in width, based on screen size.

Finally, You can remove the elements in home page, but you cant add extra items in it.

Great looking theme and thanks for creating it.

There are two things I would like to ask: 1. Would it be possible to make the header customizable? Meaning, having the ability to type in a number for the size needed. 2. Would it also be possible to have the ability to move the logo up/down and side to side?

Also, I am having trouble with the contact form page when trying to send a message, I get “An error has been occurred while sending message.” is there something I need to do? I’ve read the documentation a few times now and have not seen anything about setting up or changing contact page info other then on the “Start” where is says under basic features “Working contact form with PHP mailer and configuration scripts” but I am not able find anything else within the manual on this.

Again thanks for your hard work.

Thanks for the updates PixFlow. 1. I did over the css for the header but I was still wondering if you could make it easier for future updates instead of needing to update it could be database driven.

2. Make it so the logo can move left / right and up / down by adding in vertical and horizontal where someone can type in “-50” or “50” to move the logo.

Mailing from contact page: I loaded 2 other templates I have and the contact page(s) were able to send email(s) just fine. I activate this theme and I get an error. I looked over the site you sent about updating the php.ini file and upon checking the php.ini file it is setup according to the site. Thanks.

We are working on an update and we will add an option for changing logo position and header size. Also we will add better contact form script in next updates.

Thanks, I look forward to the updates.

IS there a way to import all the demo content. I want that layout and look and it will be much easier to edit the demo content than add it all in from scratch, as im having trouble with that.


You could import following XML file into your wordpress:


congratulation for this pretty theme.

Is it possible to: Have only 1 slide with a video in it (no moving Slider with multiple slides)

Play the video in the slider instead of clicking in the watching link


Thanks :)

We are working on the slider to include videos on it as well, so yes, it “will” be possible.


Just bought the template and it looks brillant.

nevertheless, I don’t quite get how to set it up.

I follow the “How to insert slides in slider?” and don’t get anything similar to the demo. Is the main picture gallery on the homepage actually the slider ? There are also icons on the left like if it was an post ! how do I fix that because I dont see anything on the manual.

Also, is it possible to get freelance support to fix the website?


Hello and thank you for purchasing Black Pearl

Slider is located on top of the Home Page Template. Black Pearl also has Portfolio slider in home page as well (that is located below main slider)

I think you could start by importing the demo XML file into your wordpress:


And then edit it to your liking.

Please let me know if that helps.

Hi Pixflow,

To answer to your reply.

All right, so how do I “activate” the slider because it is activited on the control panel and slider have been created.

also and sorry about that but I dont know how to import an xml file.


There is no activation of the slider. You just need to add slides to slide post type and it should be shown in Home Page template.

To Import:

In wordpress admin panel you have to go to “Tools -> Import” and click on Wordpress link at bottom of that list. If you don’t have wordpress importer plugin installed it asks you to install it. After that you have to activate and run the plugin. You can then import the XML file with that plugin.


Like this a lot, it is really nice – I can understand that you working on a update – is something new coming up and when in that case?

Best Regards J.

Hello and thanks for your interest in Black Pearl

We are working on adding new options to Black Pearl, like adding the ability to play video in Home Page slider or Adding more portfolio options etc.

I can’t tell you exactly when but It takes few more days for the next update i guess.


Hi Love the theme, just bought it however the link you have provided for the content data isn’t working for me I just get a page of code – have you another link?


Hi, Thanks for purchasing Black Pearl

In wordpress admin panel you have to go to “Tools -> Import” and click on Wordpress link at bottom of that list. If you don’t have wordpress importer plugin installed it asks you to install it. After that you have to activate and run the plugin. You can then import the XML file with that plugin.

Hope that helps

Contact Page.

I added the details of the contact page: map, address, etc.

Then I made a page called ‘Contact’ and added it to the menu, but I dont see anything with the Contact info.

How do I get the contact details to show up from the theme for the Contact page?

Can you please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website so i could investigate your problem?


A realy super responsive theme !!! Very nice work… congratulation !

I have 2 requests 1 – can you modify your code to make the theme available with permalink (it’s ok but not with portfolio) 2 – Can you explain who can i modify the text position in Sliders


1. Sure :)
2. Text in Home Page slider is dynamically positioned (by JavaScript) so it could work in mobile devices as well, May i ask how would you like to position the text in the slider?

Hi friends!

I love the template! but for some reason the Cyan color is not working on the theme. It display orange instead of Cyan.

Hello, Please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website so i could investigate your problem.


Hi, fantastic theme! A few issues:-

1 – On an iPhone the Home Page does not display all the content. The 3 portfolio images are not shown (only the 1st). 2 – On an iPhone the Special Intro does not change the content, and remains only on the 1st.

Fantastic Theme – I love it, soo excited for all the updates!!

Thanks! :)

1. We designed it that way so on smaller devices only one portfolio item shows. But it could be easily changed.

2. I’ll investigate the issue, thanks for mentioning it

Thanks soo much! If possible could there be an option for all 3 to be shown?

I love this theme soo much.

Also, what is the size of the slider so that I can scale my images correctly?

Yes, I’ll add an option for that soon.

Its 1230×520 pixels for background images (Wide screen) and 615×520 for slide objects.

Hey Team,

Another issue i’ve encountered is the Portfolio is now showing up as a blog. I re-imported the sample .xml and still nothing. It was working fine a few hours ago so maybe I changed something but I deleted and check everything and I can’t find the problem. Your help would be much appreciated.


Hello, Please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website so i could investigate your problem.


I need an help. Currently I do not want to show portfolio. So, I want to link the 3 slide blocks in homepage to a static page. How to do this through the edit of the theme. Thank you.

Currently it requires customization of your theme. I can point you where you could start but you have to have some experience working with PHP /HTML.

Yes. Can we continue through mail/support? Thanks.

Hello, maybe this can help some. So I write this post here. Some said they had problems reading the text on the slider with the photos. I solved the problem as follows (pending further options) on the slider I wrote the text using the box shortcode, style 2. Hope this helps some, J-Philippe.

That would be nice to have the possibility of 1/ several locations on the google map on the contact page and 2/ horizontal sliding tabs or something similar.

Nice trick. Thanks for pointing that out. :D

I’ll try to add some option for that as well.

Also, I need to set-up the contact form. The contact form is not ready out of the box guys! :-( I follow the instructions on http://www.quackit.com/php/tutorial/php_mail_configuration.cfm but I’m not able to make it work. So, please, tell me how to configure it.

Please send us an email with your website URL so i could figure out the issue.


Thanks for a great theme. I have been asked to add a telephone number above the main nav. How would I do this?

Again, thanks for a great theme, my client loves it!

You’re welcome. It needs a bit of customization. You have to modify “header.php” file in order to do that.

thanks for a great theme, how can i make the three photos below the slider to be longer 300×250? or what ever width by more height. thank you

Do you mean recent portfolio items below the slider?

For that you have to open “custom.js” file in “assets/js” folder with your favorite text editor. Look for a line that looks like below:

function Home() {

Below that there is a line that look like below:

            frame_height: 340, ...

change that number to your desired height and save.


I really need the portfolio to link to a page instead of a lightbox. is that possible with this theme?

question: i have kpboundary.com but i go to make a regular page it wont let me insert any images, i hit the images to insert, but nothing shows up. please help. thanks

1. Currently Its not possible to link portfolio items in the home page to other pages. You have to modify template-home.php in order to do that.

2. An update is sent for review and it contains a fix for that issue.