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Hello, I received an email that tells me that an update is available, what are the changes in this version ?

Hello, it was just content images update, but we will update Black Pearl soon, Home template 2 and some other options will add to that update.

Thanks ;) I’m looking forward to discover this :)

Can I add a slider image that’s also a link? I would like people to click on the entire slider picture and be transported to a new page instead of having to click the small link Link Button.

That needs customization in slider and theme scripts, unfortunately we can’t do that for you at the moment, but I can guide you through that.

hello, how do you get the Portfolio to show up I am getting a blank screen and none of the pics are linking over, same thing goes for the our team images from the demo on the about us page.

Can you please send me an URL to your website through our profile page?

I am bit confused. I got a Mail about some Update. But in the Envato WP Toolkit there is no update. Do you know when it is possible to update my theme? Thx for mail me at office@anmedia.ch

PS. Its an AWESOME THEME! Congratulation!

Thank you dear ben_fernando, it was the demo content updates, but we might have an update for Black Pearl in next 2 weeks. :)


The footer twitter widget seems to have stopped working. When will this be fixed?

Ok I deleted the twitter_cache and it is still not working…

Unfortunately our dev team is busy with current projects, but i will take a look at it and if i found a quick fix i’ll let you know.

Please do. I have been looking at the code all night and going through online fixes and nothing is helping and I am sure your future buyers would appreciate it as well. Thank you again!

Hi There, is this WPML?

Hello, Yes Black Pearl supports WPML.

Hi there PixFlow, I have asked this before, but can’t manage to make it work as im not good with PHP. How can i link the picture from the portfolio masonry page directly to the portfolio single page? I mean, instead of the lightbox with the full picture.

I managed to remove the lightbox effect, but I don`t know where to transform it into the link. I know i should edit “template-portfolio.php”, but how?


Hello agenciahurra, guess i’ve answered you on support forum. we will try to have that functionality on our next update of Black Pearl.

Twitter change their API, and twitter widget stop to work. You have some fix in program?

Yes, twitter widget fix is on progress already :)

Trying to insert a gallery with shortcode. The thumbnails show up on page but when I click the thumbnail I get a popup stated unable to show the image, make sure the path is correct and image exists. Can anyone help me with this?

You’re welcome, That requires customization and it’s not easily possible, still you search about WordPress galleries and read about prettyPhoto plugin here: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

Thanks. I see. The problem is when you hover over the thumbnail image it shows the tile tag, which looks terrible. Do you happen to know the file that the call for the title tag resides in? Once I can pinpoint where the call is made I can change the code to my liking.

Unfortunately I don’t have any clue on that, but usually you can find any kind of information about WordPress on http://codex.wordpress.org/

How can I set up the blog page so it shows a preview of a post rather than the full post?

EG http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_wp/?page_id=24 raher than http://www.luxuryandboutiquehotels.com/hotel-and-travel-blog/


when you write your post in text editor you can see some buttons at the top of the editor,Insert More Tag is the button that you need to show a preview of your post.
write the first part you want to show then click on Insert More Tag button and write rest of your content.

Is there a list of files that were changed for the new 1.3 version?


Also for using twitter widget you can check the last section in documentation.

Thanks for the quick reply, is there a list of the specific files that were updated with the new version? The changelog lets me know the new features but not the files that were involved.

I only ask as I have made a few changes to the theme code and it is much easier to update certain files that upgrade the whole theme.

oh it’s alright, here are the files that have been changed:
style.css , template-home-2.php , filecache.php , cache folder , twitter folder inside lib folder , filecache.php , theme-page-meta.php , theme-scripts.php , widget-advertisement.php , widget-twitter.php , page-meta.js

hello is there anyway someone can send me widget-twitter and twitter_timeline before they were updated. I did not back up those two files and when I changed them my entire website crashed: www.brookblander.com/bb PLEASE PLEASE help. My email is nicholelanier@gmail.com

I’ve send you Black Pearl ver 1.2 :)

Thank you!!

No problem.

Also where is page-meta.js found. I cannot seem to find it on the update theme or the old theme. Thank you

It’s in lib > admin > scripts :)

Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome.

Hi. I could not install the “envato wordpress toolkit”. How should I upgrade? manually, replacing folders on FTP? I hope you can help me.

thanks and regards!

Hi, yes you can manually replace Black pearl files on your server using FTP, just make sure you haven’t edited any PHP or CSS file on your theme. :)

Thank you, perfect. another query. This theme is compatible with plugins like woo-commerce?

You’re welcome, we haven’t tested Black Pearl with woo-commerce, but we also had no report on any issue using woo-commerce on Black pearl.

How can I change the font style.

Thank you great theme….



I buy the template “black pearl”.. but I can’t find the folder that contain folder who send me to the Wordpress. Can you help me please. Please send to me the rigth folder..

This is my e-mail: direccion@zenteno.mx


Black Pearl package is consist of “blackpearl.zip” “manual” folder and “PSD” folder. all you need to do is to install the theme using “blackpearl.zip”. Also i can’t see the purchased badge in front of your name, can you please email us using the user which has bought Black Pearl?


When I tried to replace the Twitter files my site would not load up? All I get is

Warning: require_once(filecache.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/themes/blackpearl/lib/widget-twitter.php on line 4

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘filecache.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /wp-content/themes/blackpearl/lib/widget-twitter.php on line 4

I have replaced with the old files again and it comes up but how can I fix this please as I need the twitter feed back. Thanks

Have you copy all the related files? specially “filecache.php”? You should change a few files to get that working.

Hello. I see you have an updated version. How do i update my clients page without loosing what we already have designed. Please help. Thanks ICY

Hi, You just need to replace twitter widge files and the folder related to twitter.

Admin, am having a problem. Everything works so fine except for the Twitter thing, which wasn’t so important so i deleted some lines on it. The 2nd problem, when i create a slider, i do enter my properties plus images settings if not links, but when i save it, every option stays as default, no values. Help needed.

Please send me an email using our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow with user who purchased Black Pearl and i will assist you. :)

hi, is there a way to have the portfolio categories as menu items, right now in the menu for portfolio it shows as individual posts rather than category sections, if not this would be great for an update.

also 1 more problem my portfolio menu is acting very strange, half of it is hidden & the rest is spread very wide apart, what could be causing this?? http://masters.mo-am.com/portfolio/ thanks

Hi, it’s not possible at the moment, but that’s a great suggestion, i will talk to our developers about that. Also can please you send me your WP username and password so i can check your categories? Send it via our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow

i have emailed you thanks