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Hi I tried registering on your support site and when it asks for the licence, I cannot find it even after following your instructions.

Hi, you have to go to download tab, click on download button in front of our item and click on “License certificate & purchase code”, a text file will be downloaded and you can find the purchase code inside it.


I have puchased the theme from themeforest and have some beginner questions.

1) When I add a picture from media gallery; it shows after inserting “http://www.idifo.com/?attachment_id=403” .. But never load on the website. If i choice its link while inserting such as “http://www.idifo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/IMG_9773_1600×1067.jpg” its goes OK… So, is it a bug ?or has it any solution.

2) After i added pictures to my portfolio page, i want the “set featured picture” to it. At this point, when i set it, you can see the featured image at the portfolio page, but You can not see it at the Homepage. It always show the first picture as a featured pic of the portfolio page. How can i fix it ?


3) Can i remove the left-right cursor scrolling for the picture ? I want the use it auto scroll pictures to pictures at the portfolio page, Or may i do it only specified portfolio pages. So, May i use it auto scrolling and manual scrolling one to another ?

4) And lastly, When i trying from the Admin menu, effects of the homepage portfolio tab totaly shows pictures.

I’ll looking for your fast reply, best regards, Erdinc

Thank you for buying Black Pearl :)
1) It’s probably permalinks bug, you have to set it to default permalink and save, then put it back to your current setting and save again.
2) Featured image is only shown in portfolio page, in home page and portfolio detail you need to upload some images to be shown there.
3) That’s not possible with current settings, it requires customization.

3) That’s not possible with current settings, it requires customization.
Regarding your answer, how can i customize it ? If its possible to make it as easy, i really need to do that. Otherwise, My clients wont scrool it by manual :(

There is no easy way for that, can you please send us an email and explain exactly what you are trying to do?

please ignore my #4 question. I fixed it, i tried custom.js file editing regarding one of your forum helps. But it was a different thing which’s completely shuts down the effects on homepage portfolio effects. Sorry about it.

Glad you could fix it :)

Hi, I am using this theme through a client who needs a hand with his site.

The contact form on the contact page, and the widget in footer are both not working. Keep getting this issue:

“An error has been occurred while sending message.”

I have tried everything and still doesn’t work. I have since installed another contact form plugin (contact form 7) and that works fine.

Can I please have a fix for this as the site is to launched today.

we will answer your mail soon.

Hi, still haven’t heard anything, need this working. Is it a bug in your theme?

Hello, sorry for delay, it’s not a bug in our theme, contact from works fine, but your server configuration will affect it, i will check it soon and answer your mail.

Hello again,

Does the theme support Instagram widget at the footer sections ? such as “simply instagram” or any suggestions of you ?

Also could you please tell me facebook timeline sharing for my website at the footer section too.


You can use any widget in widgetized areas of Black Pearl such as footer and sidebar, just test them before you buy the premium ones.

It’s ok i tried some, and simply instagram also works well. Thankyou very much :)

You’re very welcome mate :)


Thank you for this great theme !

one question, how do I put navigation controls on the awesome slider homepage ? (previous, next and pause) I try to upload the new style.css, the jquery.awesome-slider.1.0.3.min.js, the button pictures in the assets/img folder but…nothing appear !

Can you help me please ?


You’re welcome :)

Yes ! I did it ! I updated and now it works like a charm… thanks again for your help. ;-)

It’s my pleasure. :)

HI PixFlow

I starting to use a countdown plugin named Tminus (T-) but i noticed a conflict between BlackPearl theme and T-

Please can you read this post – It’s very interesting and may be can solve my problem.

“Please stop force-loading jQuery in WordPress Themes & Plugins. Required reading for anyone using jQuery with WordPress: ” http://msyk.es/blog/prevent-jquery-wordpress-theme/

Hello mate, thank you for sharing this, can you please email me your website URL and your website WP login information so i can check it out?


I’m using your theme with the Woocommerce plugin. I setup the shop page with the “Default page” template but it all displays not properly: http://naikster.com/born2rave/shop/

Any ideas why?

Hi, can you please send me an email through our profile page and send me your website URL and login WP information?

Hi, it’s OK I fixed it. I had to add some code to the functions file to make it compatible with the woocommerce plugin. i found the fix online in the woocommerce support website. Thanks

Glad to hear that mate, hope you enjoy Black Pearl :)


Why isn’t the slider responsive on iPhone? I can only see the left side of it….it doesn’t scale to show the whole slider images? http://naikster.com/born2rave/


Hello mate, which slider are you talking about?

The main one with the large images just below my menu. With the 1200pixels images. On iPhone we can only see a portion of the images. It does the same on the demo website.

I just tried on my iPhone 5 is doesn’t scale the slider images down…you can also preview on http://iphone5simulator.com/naikster.com/born2rave/

Black Pearl uses a custom plugin for slider called awesome slider, it will not resize the background image, it resizes the featured image you add to each slide instead. You can add featured images on each slide to see it resized on phone.

Hi. Love the theme. Totally beautiful site we made with it. BUT I want to have arrows to scroll between the photos in the portfolio. I got an email from you some time ago saying that this was in the upgrade, but I’m not seeing how to do it.

I am an Black Pearl 1.3.1, on Wordpress 3.5.2, so I have the latest, but can’t see the settings to change.

Please help.

thanks, Robin

Hello mate, thank you very much :)
We will add features to our themes if we get enough requests, we haven’t got many requests on that yet, so that’s why it’s not added yet, still if you want to customize the theme yourself, i can tell you which files you should develop.


Thans for the great theme!
I would like to have the blog page show only the excerpt with the ‘continue reading’-button as you have it in the demo. On my site the full text is shown. Where can I change this?


Hello mate, thank you :) you have to use “insert more tag” in editor.

I didn’t even know WP had this function. Thanks

You’re welcome. :)

For some reason I can’t get this theme to work. Is there any installation assistance?

Don’t worry mate, install a fresh Black Pearl (which is shown without css and jquery) and send me an email through our profile page, i need your website URL and wordpress username and password. I will fix it for you ASAP. :)

I have emailed you. Thanks

I have fixed that for you :)

Bug: Cannot add hyperlinks into the copyright footer:

Neither the ” or ’ will work when saved.

<a href="http://test.com/">Test</a> Saves as <a href="\'http://test.com/\'">Test</a>

<a href="http://test.com/">Test</a> Saves as <a href="\"http://test.com/\"">Test</a>

Need to use http://php.net/manual/en/function.stripslashes.php

Fix: <?php echo stripslashes(opt('footer_copyright')) ; ?>

Thank you for sharing mate, you can also use HTML code instead of ” or ’ for that issue.

Hey team,

Its a great theme to work on. Actually I want to ask that is there any way to insert more than 1 address on a contact page so that the google map could show those addresses ?? Secondly, how can i change the colour of the flag and the text inside it, indicating the location on google map.


Hello mate, thanks for your kind words.
Google map can only show 1 address, but you can add 2 contact info widgets to the contact page and enter 2 addresses inside it. for google map icon go to “assets > img” and open “gmap_pin.png” and edit it.

Thanx man. Another thing i want to ask is that how can I remove the following lines showed up on a blog page beside the pictures. “AUTHOR: admin COMMENTS: 0 IN: DMH, Shops

You’re welcome. If you want to remove it permanently send me an email through our profile page and give me your website URL.


I have problems with your theme, I can not make it work the twitter I mark the following error:

Recent tweets

Twitter Error: Array ([0] => stdClass Object ([message] => The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1. Https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/ 1.1/overview. [code] => 68))

How I can fix this?

Hello mate, just update your Black Pearl to latest version and it will be fixed.

Hi, I use Blackpearl theme for my web, but now I need to install a store and this theme does not support ecommerce plugins correctly. What is the most appropriate plugin for this theme? I suggest updating your theme with store support. It’s required today.

Hello, have you read the ecommerce guideline for integrating the plugin with different themes?

No. I don´t know where is it. I just need to know what is the most appropriate ecommerce plugin for blackpearl theme. Thanks.

You can use woo commerce, here is it’s URL http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/

Hi PixFlow,

How can I make the text “CONTACT” in contact page smaller? And how can I change texts inside contact page like “WRITE TO US”


Hello mate, please send me an email through our profile page and give me your website URL, so i can help you with that.

Why does it say “An error has been occurred while sending message.” Please help.

You need to set the contact form settings based on your host, i can help you better if you join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net

How can I change the “ABOUT” text and change the text colour.

please join our support forum and leave us your website URL so we can help you with that. :)


Where’s the .PSD file in the Black Pearl folder?


Hi, it’s in the zip file that you download from themeforest.