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2 things, how can I update from version 1.2 to 1.3 and is there a way of reducing the page width say from 100% to 90%

Hi, you have to download the latest version of Black Pearl and unzip the “blackpearl.zip” file, then replace it with the same folder in “wp-content > themes”, and reducing the page width is not possible.

Can I put a captcha in the contact from?

Hello, you can’t do that unless you are a PHP expert.

lol luckly I am. I was just wondering if it was available within the theme. Thanks, any other tip?

great :)
as a tip, you should edit “contact.php”, “class.phpmailer.php”, “class.smtp.php” in lib folder and “custom.js” in assets > js.


Refer to this gallery page:


How to insert gallery and how to resize image for gallery ? i don’t want 150×150 (default).

i want to resize it to 300px width x 270px height.


Hello mate, you should use gallery shortcode, here is the explanation: http://codex.wordpress.org/Gallery_Shortcode
also for image sizes you can go to Settings -> Media, default thumbnail sizes are Thumbnail, medium, and large.

Are you planning a update anytime soon?

Nope, are you looking for anything specific?

The Team and Portfolio features are treated as posts rather than as pages. Which means that every time we install a sharebar or an author box, it gets added to Team and Portfolio posts.

Is it possible to make those two treated as pages rather than as posts please?

In the meantime, I’d like to remove the Author box from Team and Portfolio posts. See http://dinodogan.com/team/dino-dogan/ for an example.

How would I go about that?

Unfortunately that’s not possible, still if you want to customize the theme, related files are “template-about.php” and “single-team.php”.

Pre-sales question please. Does the theme have a built in protection feature to keep photos from being copied and pirated? If not, what plugin do you recommend will work with the portfolios within the theme.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme

That’s not standard feature and its very hard to protect your images from someone who is determined to rip it from your website. If nothing else, One could simply save a screenshot of your page and slice out images they wanted. That’s said you could use Photo Protect plugin to somewhat protecting your images. Though i don’t have any experience with it but it sounds promising.

Hope that helps

Hi Guys, great Template. Everything works fine in the last months. But suddenly (last week) the comment system stopped working. Now if somebody tries to submit a Comment in a Post a 404 Error screen shows up. I already checked if the Wordpress works and it seems like every file is there and everything works. If I change to an other template, the comment function works fine. We haven´t install any new plugin or code change in the last month. Hopefully you guys can help us. Thanks

Hello mate, can you please send me your website URL and WP login information via our profile page? I will investigate the issue.

Hi I like the theme and interested to purchase.

Few per-sales questions:

1- The screenshot and live are different. Can you give me a link the screenshot one.

2- I want it to be customize it as per my needs. I want to use sidebar on the homepage on that sidebar quick contact form and client login box and few PDF forms to download. Not sure what are possibilities.

3- Can i change the whole black color to blue easily ?


Hello, thank you for your interest in our theme.
1) It’s the same, we just changed the images: check this theme color: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_wp/?color=dark_red
2) You add those widgets to footer, but if you are keen to customize the home template, i can guide you. Still you need to be an PHP/WordPress expert.
3) It’s CSS, i can guide you with how to change it to blue.


I was wondering if you could help me? My client who is currently using your theme has recently had an error when saving the ‘Slogan Text’, when you click save it never stops loading and then if you try and cancel it an error appears saying: “Error occured in saving data”

Everything was working fine so I’m not sure what made this happen, are you able to please help me with this?


Hello Andrew,
Please send me your client website URL and login information via our profile page, so i can check it out.

In the live preview on my desktop when I resize my browser, the responsiveness works beautifully. But on my phone, it does not. I think it may have to do with not including a specific line of code between the head tags. Reading into this more, I found out it’s a common problem & solution. It is documented on Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14304494/responsive-web-design-is-working-on-desktop-but-not-on-mobile-device

Would you be able to add this code so that this theme is responsive on mobile phones? Thanks!

Thank you for sharing that solution mate, but Black Pearl is responsive, all you have to do is to remove the envato/pixflow bar from the top and it will become responsive on mobile as well.

We are having a problem with the Slider on our home page. When you first open the site all of the text from all slides show up then disappear then the background appears late. You can view it at http://workthatwoos.com/knight/

Dear arequimis

The slider system work like this :
all of slider items should load first so they can be transform easily , we checked your site and the slider worked fine , if the visitor of site use slow internet connection it may take time to all slide load but its not a major bug of slider.

Hi Again,

We were talking a week back and you were helping me on fixing something but then disappeared and i haven’t heard back since? Are you able to please help me with this? Its only a small problem, if you look above at my previous comment.



Hello Andrew, guess i haven’t received your email. Can you please send me your Website URL and WordPress login information again?

Hi there! I was wondering if the image gallery can have an arrow to the next picture? Can you help me with this?

This page for example: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_wp/?page_id=710 When I click on a picture and it opens the lightbox, i need to change to the next picture without having to close the lightbox and click on a new one.


Hello mate, Please send us an email through our profile page and i will help you with that.


How do I make the website full width like the demo one?

Hello, which page are you referring to?

All of them. I have a huge gap on the left hand side. Thanks

Can you please send us your website URL via our profile page?

The fields to put content into the contact us page are in my theme settings like they are in the documentation. Any thoughts on why?

The field are NOT in my theme settings under contact us.

You should go to “appearance > widgets” and find contact page widget area in right column, then put your widgets into it.

Hi pixflow team. Again need your help. Actually for signup form I have installed a plugin named Grunion Contact Form. At first it worked fine but now since I have updated the wordpress its not working. I want to ask that how can I edit your contact us form that includes name, email and message fields. I want to add some more fields to it. I am not good at php. So what should i do ?

Thanx in advance.

Hello mate, i can guide you on how to update the contact form, but i suggest you to install contact form 7 on your webaite and i will style it like Black Pearl’s default contact form. Contact form 7 is very customizable and easy to use.

Thanks alot mate it’s working fine. Now i want to make a little change to it that i want to add a picture to the background to make the contact form more eye catching, how is it possible ? Another thing is that i want to link the the featured image that is on the home page (below the slider) to the page itself. Like i have showed a product in featured image and have created a separate page of that product and now i want to link both so how can i do this? You can visit this site to have a clear picture of what i am asking. http://www.greetinggallery.com.pk/

You’re welcome mate, please send us an email using our profile page with the user that bought Black Pearl and i will guide you with that.

Hi there. I would like to put a .5 opacity black box around the slider title and text (without affecting the opacity of the text itself). where should i insert the code in the css file? which class/id? what line of the css? thanks!

Hello mate, please send us an email using our profile page and we will help you with that.

Hi, i only have 1 issue, all else is great..

My client has askd m to dit their site (your theme)

For some reason, we are unable to make pics/slider on home page.. its just blank and says Slide name.

And also how to change the color of the background..


Hello mate, I need to see the website to investigate it’s issue, please send us the website URL and WordPress login information using our profile page.

So WP is up to 3.7.1, but your specs say compatible with 3.5. Are there any issues updating my WP version?

Now it is at 3.8

I have checked Black Pearl on WordPress 3.7.1 and it was working fine, we gonna check it on 3.8 soon.

I can not get the contact form to work. My wordpress site is hosted on godaddy.com. How do I set this up? Please help! I need ASAP!.

I suggest you to install contact form 7 and we will style it just like black pearl default contact form for you.

I’m new to WP. I assumed you were talking about a plug in. I downloaded it. Now what?

Please send us your website URL and WordPress login information using our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow and i will take care of it. Also please mention the email you want to use for receiving messages.