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What is wrong with your theme? I have changed several different WP installations and always get this: http://tntfactory.com/works/video/! I cannot deliver website without CSS to the client. Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, please send us your website URL and WP login information using our profile page so we can help you.

I don’t see anything about this theme being compatible with WooCommerce… any plans for that in the future? I’d love to be able to use it for a client but need to use WC. Thanks!

Unfortunately we have no plans to make Black Pearl WooCommerce ready, but if you search wptuts you can find some article on how to make a theme WooCommerce ready.

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.8?

Yes, we have checked it on WP 3.8 and it’s working fine.

how can i change the permalink of portfolios ? I want to link each portfolio to it’s separate page ?

When you create portfolio items, each item have a seperate page, whatever you put in portfolio item will be shown in portfolio detail page.

hi can i integrate e-commerce plugin into this theme? thanks

Hey mate, You can use the eCommerce plugins with our theme, but you might need some customization for using some plugins.

Great theme, but I’ve lost the ‘my team’ page. You know on your example where you have nice images of each of the staff and then they click through to the individual profile? How do I set that up?

I have lots of staff profile pages ready to go such as http://visualizethis.co.uk/team/marilyn/

But no page where they are all linked from…

I’m sure it’s something minor but hope you can help.

You have to do that using “team members” post type, if you have any problem doing that, please send me your website URL and WordPress login information using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow , so i can help you.


I have searched your comments and found plenty of questions that I have that you haven’t answered that I’m looking for. I am using your theme on behalf of my client.

I have looked and need your help. I’m after a few things:

1) I need to add traditional navigation “arrows” to the image sliders, IE homepage portfolio images that slide across with portfolio images. The users don’t understand to slide and my client has asked for arrows.

2) On the “Portfolio” when you click the image it opens in PrettyPhoto, what I want to add is the rest of the images associated inside the portfolio. So when the Portfolio image is selected you can scroll through all the images in that category. The 1 image PrettyPhoto lightbox is not good enough.


Hello mate,
1) You can change the navigation button size, but you can’t add arrows, you should edit the navigation button size using this style:
.touch-slider .slider_navigation a{
2) You should go to “assets > css > prettyPhoto.css”, look for “display:none” and change them to “display:block”, if it didn’t help, log in with the user that have purchased Black Pearl and send us and email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow .

are you going to have pinterest on the footer? or am i missing something?

You should make a sprite sheet just like what we did on our default socials.

I’ve been tinkering on this and haven’t any success, is there a specific file i’m looking for?

Also for the individual portfolio iitems, i was able to use one of your coding that you answered to another client on how to enlarge the boxes, but is there a code to make the boxes a different color since its blending into my pictures?

Please send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you with both questions :)

Hi, I purchased this theme and have it setup at http://www.eggz.ca/

First of all the CSS wasn’t working so I hard coded 2 css file includes. Now I noticed NONE of the JS files are working (hence why the special intros, etc are not working) neither is responsive. I’m on WP 8.1. Please advise. I can provide my login details if need be.

Please and thanks. You can contact me at brock@seoplus.ca.

Please change back the modification to default and send us your website URL, WordPress login information, FTP address and FTP login information via http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow , so i can fix it ASAP.

Thank you SO much for fixing that so quickly. You’re the best! A++

It’s my pleasure. :)

Shortcodes like button or lists don’t resolve inside a tab-shortcode!

Page: http://server46.cyon.ch/~pbewachu/?page_id=62 <- See VIP-Tab

Black Pearl tabs does not support some shortcodes inside them, but if you send me your website URL and WP login information via our profile page, maybe i can give you an alternate solution.

What? Really? Ok, i don’t need the Shortcode but I need the standard ul-list at least..sent you login-informations

We will answer you soon.

Hello, i want to use the Home Gallery Slideshow of demo page. And i want the home show 3 recent post on a cell instead of 1 post / 1 cell (look like the deme page of Black Pearl) Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. Can you please explain your request?

My wordpress didn’t show the Slideshow when i use Black Pearl. Would i have to install any plugins for the Slideshow?

Please send me your website URL and WordPress login information using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.

Hello, I just upgraded WordPress and now the theme is not centered on the container. It is left-aligned. Is this a bug? Can you help? I tried your support but don’t know how to log onto it. We have the latest version of the theme.

Hello mate, please send us your website URL and WP login information via http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.

Hi guys Is this template compatible with latest WP?

Thank you

Hello mate, yes it’s compatible with WP 3.8.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Does this come with XML demo content?


Hello mate, yes when you install the theme, you can import the demo content using theme settings.

Hi I need to know how to remove the photo transitions on post images on home page. Also, Portfolio items on home page I want the whole image to be clickable and link to a page.

Hello mate, you should edit “template-home.php”, go to line 42 and you can see the structure. change the href attribute from permalink to any page you want.

Thanks, what about the ipad view? it resizes the photos and they dont look good.

You’re welcome, unfortunately that’s the plugin functionality, you can’t easily edit that, best way to use the touch slider, is to use images with centered subjects.

Hi, I have some pre-sale questions.

1. I want to include a newsletter form. I use mailchimp for another website and I am very pleased with this service. Is it possible to include mailchimp plugin in this theme?

2. The website has 2 languages. Is this possible to use a plugin such as WPML?

3. Can I include a plugin for Donations form?

Thank you.

Hello mate,
1) I haven’t worked with mailchimp plugin for WordPress, but if it’s using a simple widget, it’s should not have any problem with our theme.
2) Sure, Black Pearl is compatible with WPML.
3) Again if the plugin is using a simple widget, it should not have any problem with our theme.

Hi guys

Where can i set background image on About us page?

Original http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_wp/?page_id=27 Our page http://www.prodive.si/divewp/o-nas/

Thank you

Hey mate,
You should simply add a featured image for about page and it will be shown as about us page background.

GREAT theme with great Support !

Thanks a lot mate. :)

I do not see how to add the Large Slider that would go between the menu and the body. Every time I try anything I just get a small one in the body. Any advice?

For the Black Pearl Theme

I imported the “demo data” and got this: http://haninghometheater.com/ but the demo looks like this: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/?theme=blackpearl_wp I don’t get a pretty girl in an orange dress. I want a pretty girl in an orange dress. :)

You should go to “appearance > theme settings > home page > slider” and set it to enabled. If you had any other question send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow .

Can the revolution slider be added on this theme?

Not easily, you need to customize the back-end code to achieve that.