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Does your theme use timthumb script?

Hi, this is a quick video i made http://screenr.com/aFI8 about the images not inserting into the pages. (that i posted earlier) thank you for your help

You can send an email and i’ll give you fixed files for that if you like. Though the update is already sent for review and waiting to get accepted.

where does it show how to add the full background how you have the teams area ? thank you.

On team page the featured image is shown as full width background.

For teams there is a post type on the left bar of the wordpress admin area called Team, you have to add your team members and thier photo/skills there.

Hello I answered my own question the portfolio links do click on a page instead of a light box . The single portfolio page photo was to big for my pictures, so i reduced the size, how do I get my text scooted over to the left to to fill in the gap where I took away the photo size? http://kpboundary.com/portfolio/designer-brands-3/ like this link – how do I scoot the text over to the left more please. thanks

Hiya, am having trouble inserting pictures into posts and pages – is there a fix ?

Yes, The update is sent for review and it contains a fix for that.


Is it possible to have more thna one portfolio with different filters?


Hello, No, The theme is designed to have one portfolio page.

How do I make the html added to a page called home, with the template home, and the reading options setting the front page to that static page home, show up? I do not want the special intro section, instead I would like my own custom html (its three columns with images and brief text.)


In current home page you have to edit the home template file. But we are working on a new home page that is editor enabled.

Bug in the twitter widget? No matter what twitter ID I enter, it displays “over a year ago” and when clicked, it goes to https://twitter.com//statuses/ and says “account suspended”

I will check this and let you know if there is a problem.

Two more questions 1. I don’t want any text in the slider. Is there any way to have just an image background without the text?

2. I only want one slide on the home page. If I only add one slide, it fades out leaving a blank background. Is there a way to fix this?

1. You can leave the text and the title of slide post empty

2. It will be fixed in the next update

Can someone please tell me how to add a custom background image instead of the black solid color?

Currently It requires customization of your theme. The only page you can use a featured image as a background is About Page template.

Love the theme :-)

Quick question, how do I create the partners, our team, workplace… menu?

Kind regard

Its described in provided manual:

1. For adding team please refer to “How to add team members in our team?” Section.

2. Partners and Workplace belong to Special Intro Post type. Please refer to “How to make special intro?” section

3. For adding top navigation menu please watch this:

Thanks very much, all sorted :-)

I love this theme and I am pleased to develop my website with it. But…there is a big problem with the management of portfolio and WPML .

On the Home page, the three portfolios appear but it is not possible to display the selected language, everything is mixed.

Then when clicking on one of the portfolios, we get a 404 error message. Is that a solution would be that? : I duplicate (with modifications) home page model in model-home-language? and in the creation of the home page I select each home page with the language?

How to fix it?

Thanks JPh.

Thanks. We are working on it to make it compatible with WPML . The 404 error you mentioned is solved in the last update of Black Pearl.


I am extremely interested in this, but i would like to check before i purchase if it is woo commerce friendly / easy to integrate etc. ?


Thanks for your interest. We didn’t test it with woo commerce yet. But its fully checked against wordpress standards.

How do you get the contact page email form working.

Thanks in advance.

Its fully described in “Contact Page Settings > How to configure contact form?” section of provided Manual.

I did read that however I’m getting a send error whenever I try to send mail via the website… “An error has been occurred while sending message”

Any suggestions?

Thanks again

Please make sure your email settings in Admin Panel are correct and try again.

Anyone know how to also get lower case text on the special intro text?


You have to do the following:

1. Open “style.css” file inside Black Bearl theme folder with your favorite text editor.
2. find following line:
3. Look for following line under above line:
text-transform: uppercase;
4. Remove it and save the file.

I edited the text below and it only changed the “slogan text” not the the “special intro” text :-)

Thanks away as I wanted this text changed also :-)

Oops my bad :) But special intro text in home page is normal i think (no transformation at all).

I just bought this theme and I love the look and feel. However, for some reason it will not honor the setting of a graphic in a blog post (have not tested on a page) where I can choose align left or right and the text wraps around the picture.

How can I fix this? I imported my blog and it’s throwing off the layout.


Eddie Velez me@eddievelez.net

I sent you an email with a fix related to your problem.


I didn’t get the e-mail. Please resend.


Sent an email to “me@eddievelez.net”

Hello, I got to test the theme on localhost and it worked fine. However, when I put it online, the theme does not work and comes up with some bugs. I’ve done the test back to the default theme (Twenty Ten), and there is no problem with Wordpress. I have also checked the permissions (CHMOD 777) and all is ok. What might be happening? Some CSS problem?

My website is: http://ziil.siteprofissional.com/na/

Did you install the theme with zip file through Wordpress Control Panel or uploaded it manually?

If uploaded the theme manually, please upload it using the zip package and try again.

If thats not the case please send us an email through our profile page and if possible set some WP account so we could investigate your problem further.



Lovely theme. As soon as I saw it, I could picture my site perfectly, and all is coming along nicely. It’s so easy to customize:

I just have one question: does the slider default to a certain height/width when uploaded, or is it something which needs to be configured beforehand?


Thanks! :)

It has a default max with/height and its resized according to the device/screen.

Brilliant, thanks!

I do have a problem though: I’m having a lot of trouble getting the slider to show up on the Homepage. What is it I’m missing?

Thanks again,

Forget I said anything. I had been previewing the wrong page. It must be the weather! It looks great! :)

Hello, I’ve made the theme update (two times by FTP and the second one by ZIP method after erasing the old theme) : I’ve got always the 404 error with permalinks. I don’t understand what’s happen.

Its fixed in the recent update (v1.0.2). Please make sure you have the latest update and try again. Also please use clean installation of Wordpress.


Great, after the last update of Wordpress everything is ok. With the previous, that doesn’t work.

Hi Thanks for the great theme.

How do i upgrade your theme to a higher version? Where can i download the latest version and how to update to my WP?

You’re welcome :)

I think You can use “Envato WordPress Toolkit” to update your theme. (Haven’t tried it myself)


For manual update you have to change Black Pearl to other default theme and delete the Black Pearl and replace it with newer version.

You can download “Black Pearl” updates from your downloads tab in your envato user page.