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Hello, I’d like the text or HTML of the portfolio may fall below the photograph or image, instead of staying in a frame on the right.

I have a lot of text and mini-galleries to insert in this section. Can it be done? Thanks.

Hi, Currently It requires customization of your theme.

Hello, i’ve found this solution yesterday with the editor in single-portfolio.php : i’ve changed the class span 3 to class span 12…:))) in the section of content-post ;))) and so the text is under not on the right :) and is responsive too. Thanks

Glad you could solve it :)

Has the latest update been added to ThemeForest yet?

Yes, Its currently version 1.0.2

My Contact page has gone all wack! all it displays in the map and left column but all the background colors and images in the css is not displaying.

Can you please send us an email through our profile page with URL of your website?


i sent you a private message

“An error has been occurred while sending message”

As far as I can tell everything looks ok, however I’m still getting the same error. Should I be adding information here:

From: [Name] < [Sender] > Website: [Website]


Please send us an email through our profile page with your website URL .


The sliders and intro froze when we are browsing through the iPad

I’ll investigate the issue. Thanks for mentioning it.

I can’t find the 1.02 update!!

Can someone tell me where it is?


Its located inside your Theme Forest user page under downloads tab.

I want to be able to edit the size of the post featured images on the homepage bottom, can you point me in the right direction? Anyone? :)

Open “lib/theme-support.php” file with your favorite text editor. and look for a line like below:

add_image_size( 'recent-posts', 370, 160, true );

That is current size of those featured images (370×160 pixels). Edit that to your liking and upload your featured images again so they get new sizes.

I’m considering purchasing the Black Pearl theme and have two questions:

(1) On the “Homepage” (middle left) and “Footer” (bottom right) the corners are cut off. I understand the purpose from a design standpoint, although can we have them square?

(2) The homepage slider, can that be placed on any page with different slides or is that only for the homepage?

Thanks so much! Excellent work on this.

Please check your email.


I am having problems with the site on iPad, android devices.

On the slider, if you add a slide with a background at the maximum width of 1270×520, the slides do not resize. They stay large and cut off the edges at either side.

Can you please advise

Can you please send us an email through our profile with your website URL ?


Well, this WPML everything seems to be OK (Pixflow, I can send you a mail with the url of the beta test site ;)), except : the 3 last posts on the Home Page and the “We are here” on the map ;)

Which modification should I do on the home template to have the last posts only in the good language ?


Hehe, I still have to test WPML on our theme. Right now I don’t have any idea what should be done about those posts (sorry). But I’ll let you know once I test it with WPML .

When I import “dummy data” I get an error that says “error occurred in saving data” and the content is not imported. Please advise.


Please make sure Black Pearl folder inside your themes folder has full read/write permission also check that for your uploads folder as well.

Correct. The theme folder is set to 777 as well as the upload folder. Can you verify that the upload folder is located in the right directory? Below is the path.

The path to the upload folder is the following: /wp-content/uploads

Yes thats correct

can i add another 3 portfolio boxes on the frontpage?

You have to edit “template-home.php” file in order to do so: 1. Open the “template-home.php” with your favorite text editor

2. Find the following line:
3. Change it to something like below:

4. Save and enjoy

How i can replace the initial page to Homepage or Portfolio? I can’t change the initial page to others. How can i change??

In wordpress admin panel go to “Settings > Reading”

Then change “Front page displays” to “A Static page” and select your desired page for the Home Page (front page)


Along with the email issue (contact form not working) I also can’t get the twitter widget working, it worked for a while once i refreshed it stopped, is it just me or are there issues with it?


Please send us an email with a wordpress account so i could investigate your issue.


I have not found information in the manual of how to translate. How do I translate into my language (Brazilian Portuguese). You already have the translation file for our language?

Please refer to following tutorial for translating the Black Pearl:



Is there a way for me to insert a photo into a page without it being a Portfolio one? It doesn’t seem to work when I upload it in the regular fashion through my blog.


In wordpress admin panel go to “Appearacnce > Menu” and set your navigation menu under “Theme Locations” box in “Primary Navigation”

Hi again,

Yes, that’s exactly what I did to create the menu and then set the Primary Navigation. However, the primary navigation menu won’t save. However, I think it’s actually a problem with Wordpress 3.4.2 from what I’ve read. If you go to Appearance -> Menus and set the primary navigation in “Theme Locations” box, then click save, then go to Appearance -> Widgets (for example), and then back to Menus, there is nothing set for the primary navigation. And therefore it doesn’t appear on the site.

As for posting pictures on pages which I asked about earlier, I do have the latest version of Black Pearl, but I still cannot post pictures in the pages OR posts. If I set a featured image for a post, I can see the picture, but not if I insert thumbnails for example. This isn’t a problem anymore because I’ve decided to use Portfolio pages only. However, just so you know the problem persists for me with latest version of theme.

We did not encounter such a problem but its interesting. In my opinion sometimes its ajax problem (because of slow connections or data loss).

By the way, I inspected your website and its version “1.0.1” Please upgrade to “v1.0.2” and try again using the blog editor.


Thank you for such a fast response! I also have one other question, the slide animation does not work for my needs, but I am able to use slider background as a static image, but can you help me figure out how to link the background image to another page?

The slider script is not designed to have links on background images. In order to do so you have to customize slider script. Hopefully we will add other sliders to Black Pearl in next updates.


How can I link the buttons of Team?

Thanks in advanced.

Right now there are no details page for the team. So those are not functional and are for presentation purposes. We are designing details page for team members as well.


Where can I find the .xml-file with all issues from the “live preview”-site?

I would like to import the whole live preview-site to my website, so that I can after that easily edit and change the content. Thank you.

Hello, Demo Import function is added to latest version of Black Peal. You can find that in Black Pearl control panel:

“Appearance > Theme Settings > Demo Content > Import Settings”