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What font is used in the logo?

used “univers” font

How to create such images with mirror reflections?

hi navjotjsingh, you need to create it with photoshop


Great template. Loving it. Is there a way to make the panels in the slider default to the first one (from left to right) when the page first loads, as opposed to having it display one of the middle panels. The reason is that i’ve got a page that needs to have only TWO panel items in the slider and when the page loads you dont see anything in the slider unless and until you click on the left arrow a couple of times.

Thanks for the help, its much needed.


gtothab , you need to change settings in slide.js ( u can find it in js folder ), for more details assistance plz mail me from my profile page.


I am testing the web site and have noted a glitch in IE 7 .

On the index page. When the index page is first loaded the image slider seems to come up with no issues. However, when a user navigates to it from another page in the web site directory the images seem to line up (stack) vertically for a second before they snap into place Horizontally.

If I leave the index page go to another web site and return it works fine.

Can this be fixed, if so how. It is a small bug but I would not go live with that sort of thing.

Thank you, David

Hi David, i got your mail, i just send u the mail plz check it.

Could you please send me the font(s)? That would be greatly appreciated!

Was the glitch fixed in the update, or does it still exist?

TylerBell it as been fixed, am gonna update file

How easily can I customize the orange gradient on the navigation bar?

Okay. I purchased it. Please disregard the last comment as I figured it out. One more question though. How can I make my slider start on panel 1?

Sorry to keep spamming this page, but I fixed it. It will not let me edit my previous post, so I am sorry about that. This is definitely a 5 star item though. Keep up the good work :D

sorry tylerbell for not responding to your query’s as i was not feeling well, am glad u solved all ur doubts.

Thanks for the great file. I also have the issue with the content loading up vertically in IE7 . I see that you applied a fix to the file but I have already gone live with this file. How can I fix the problem? Thank you

carldac for fix PM from my profile page.

How can I change the Jquery Slider with click on the image link to a post page?

hi jackwong, this is not wp theme its static html template, for linking to pages just give link to images.

Hi There,

I love this template and I think it will be ideal for a client of mine. Quick question- can the gallery items be link-able? I am hoping to use them to display an artist’s prints and we’d like to have visitors click one to purchase.