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Hello. Recently I faced some problems in back end. http://i.imgur.com/qDBQu2J.png 1) .ui-widget-overlay makes it impossible to add any info when I’m trying to change or add smth in existing or new elements. It’s beckause of z-index I beleive (4) but for now I simply can’t find any css to change it. I don’t have any clue of where I can find this file, there’s o such folder (3). 2) Same sort of problems with buttons (2). Why this is happenned? The only plugin I’ve recently added is WPML. What should I do?

download the latest version of a theme. styles of your “goodlogistics” replace styles of a theme, therefore you can’t work with a pagebuilder. try to remove “goodlogistics”. if you reinstall WordPress, don’t install anything except a theme, to check it.

I see this under every blog post http://prntscr.com/512z97. Can I ger rid of this somehow?

We have seen your wordpress admin panel and have not found most menu items ( appearance, plugins, theme options). Seams like you have installed your wordpress incorrectly. And accordingly to the link you gave, blogs are shown correctly. You are still using the first version of the site, please make the update. Thank you!

I have purchased this theme and i am having some issues with the responsiveness when selecting “boxed mode” The images within the demo content are not resizing and are too big.

I would prefer to use the boxed mode but if i cannot find a solution i will have to use the full width option


Write this code to Theme Options -> Custom CSS @media (max-width: 1024px) {.theme-boxed {width:100%;}}

Can you explain why this is needed please. Surely the theme should have worked without me having to ask this question, or is it something i have done

something is perhaps missed. for this purpose also there is a technical support. have a nice day

Product images not showing full images

Hi, i got problem with product pages, images shown in left product images was not showing full images (looks like it has been auto cropped on top and bottom), only when I click the images, it will shown in full images.

Refers to your latest demo, all images in product page was shown in full images.

Please help me getting to do that also.


WordPress admin panel WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Product Image Sizes change these values and surely reinstall pictures of products

many thanks for the solution :)

I’ve lost shop demo page, how could i create another one just like the demo ? Please help..


Hello, you may add products by yourself, just fill in the needed fields of products, add products images. https://m.vk.com/away.php?to=http%3A%2F%2Fdocs.woothemes.com%2Fdocument%2Fproduct-variations%2F This is the instruction for choosing the options (for example color, size, etc.). Sincerely, annabalashova team

Looking to purchase, pre-purchase questions: 1) can the menu be easily hidden/deactivated? 2) can the slideshow switch to fixed width instead of fluid? Thanks!

Hello. Yes, the main menu can be hidden or disabled. Slideshow can be of definite width, if you choose boxed version of site in theme options. Sincerely, annabalashova team

Hi Is there any way of being able to replicate elements of a page throughout the site went built using the theme page builder. I know of a plugin called templatera but it requires visual composer on steriods

you can create any number of pages with any content by means of our Evatheme Bilder. you don’t need other plugins. in what at you complexity consists?

I recently purchase this theme and really like it. Very easy to work with and does exactly what I need it to. The only thing I am struggling with is trying to add Shop Products to the home page as it displays in the demo version. There is no option for it in page builder, I couldn’t get any code to work properly either. The only solution I was able to find was an additional plugin that I would have to purchase. Before I went ahead and purchased it I figured I’d ask here! So, how do I get products to display on the homepage as it shows in the demo? Thank you very much for your time!

Hello, thank you for purchasing our theme, we hope there is everything you need. Here are the list of short codes that you may use for free. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/ This link is added in our documentation as well. If there is something else you need, you may find your solution there. Thank you.

Hi, really like your theme, well-done. Urgent pre-purchase question – is the theme fully compatible with Worpress 4.x and WooCommerce 2.2+ ? If not, why not and what’s the roadmap ? Thanks !

Theme supports WooCommerce 2.1.x, WordPress 3.9 I plan to make updating which will support the latests version of woocommerce and wordpress

Does this template support WP v4.x?

Hello, thank you for purchasing our theme. It supports WP 3,9 and WooCommerce2.1.x

Hello !

Awesome work, thank you !

I just have some questions: 1) I would like to always have the black background with the main menu. What can i do? 2) In your demo, can we change icon with “Development & CMS/ Web design & UI etc” with a picture instead?

Thanks !

Hello, In these browsers point choice through pressing heading Thank You

Hi, i don’t get it. What do i have to do?

Hello, the main part of transition to the chosen field is to press the heading of it. For example, if there is no checkbox, just press on the needed PayPal method (on the heading) and then continue

hello how can I remove the author of the post? I set false, but always remains visible in the list of posts and in detail

Hello, Add .eva-author{display:none;} Theme Options -> Custom Css Thank You

ok thanks!

How can I translate the key MORE in my language?

Hello, in a root of your theme there is a loop.php line 51 file, replace it with the word necessary for you. Thank You

Ok thanks!

Does your wp Theme support WPML?


Yes, WPML supported


During installing demo-content an error occured. Tryed to re-install wordpress and theme, but nothing helped.

Hello Please send to my e-mail address is your username, password, and a link with a brief description of the problem Thank You

Hello when I go to see a checkbox on the form CF7, this does not appear correctly, it appears as a blank field. I believe that there is some problem with the css style how do I fix?


try delete this style from file style.css

-webkit-appearance: none; -webkit-border-radius: 0;

Thank You

ok thanks!

hello, this theme is compatible with WordPress 4.5?

Yes. compatible.
on all issues, please visit our forum
Thank You


How to remove / hide a title of a page?, it is not working with a plugin or css code we tried. Please help.

Secondly, there is a problem with menu, when we add any icons related elements or contents in the page, it is bringing a mini bar on top of menu, how can we remove this? I am not getting any support for the ticket we raised on your support forum, no replies.

see menu top issue: https://snag.gy/QSVeLw.jpg See the title we need to remove : https://snag.gy/m6uar2.jpg

Please respond, Thank you.

on the support forum link to the version from our demo. update and check please.
Thank You

I use a static page (Home 4 – Full Screen) as home page but everything disappear whenever i am trying to use a slider. I am using Slider Revolution 6.1.0 and i have imported all the slider demos . Why does this happen?

write your WP Admin Panel login, password, link to your site.
We will check what the problem is.
Thank You