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Looks great!

Beautiful! Simply supergood looking. If this were an HTML /Wordpress template I’d definately buy!

Best of luck with sales! :-)

Thanks! Coming soon;)

Yeah Wordpress, and defo would buy

Would buy HTML version for sure ! Great job !

Hi, what are the fonts you used? Please include in future zips within a readme.

Hi! The font is called “CartoGothic Std” You can download it here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/CartoGothic-Std I will update template description in few minutes. Thanks for mentioning of that issue.

Wow! This is gorgeous! Hopefully you release an HTML version soon.

Simply stunning!!! HTML this suckah and I’m buying it!! :shocked:

Beautifull theme, wow!

I purchased the theme, just one major problem, there is no display for dropdown menus. Any chances of getting this updated? Thanks!

Hi! You can dawnload dropdown menus here: http://dream-theme.com/black_sakura_dd.zip

Thank you for the fast turn around! One more question, and I promise I’ll leave you alone (I think). Any chances of adding/designing what a search box would look like (I would think this would be a feature others would also want). In most cases this is right above the menu. I would think just a styled field to match the theme + a nice looking submit button. Thanks!

I will provide in day or two

Guys, thanks for the nice feedback. In 2-3 days I will release a html-version;)

That´s great! I will buy the HTML version and I´m sure many others will buy it too. Does that one come also with the psd files?


I’m going to design a webpage for my newly opened Chinese art gallery. I want my pages in both English and Chinese. I’m wondering if your template supports duals languages? Thanks. —Great design!


Any news about the HTML version?

Hi! Almost there:) I was going to submit it today, but I feel like it need little more polish… dont want to be hasty.

I think, tommorow I will submit it

Who wants a sneak-peak? ;)

HTML version of Black Sakura is avalible for purchase! http://themeforest.net/item/black-sakura-html/180955

Excellent! I think I’m going to purchase the HTML version now as well… I got about half way through cropping and I made mine so it was fluid and could stretch with the different resolutions but might as well just buy the HTML version and save me a few hours. Thanks for putting out such a great theme and supporting it!

Thank you for your positive feedback! I hope you enjoyed working with my template

This is great Design :)

Hi is this template for Tumblr? Or something else…I don’t see if it is or not?

Hi! It is not Tumblr template. This is PSD template; HTML version is also avalible. WordPress theme with Woo Tumblog plugin is coming in 2 days.