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Example: http://merk-design.com/portfolio/poli/ if click on little pics

Thanks for the answer. And I’d like to see the admin panel. Removing line in “functions.php” did not help me

Hi, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand these 2 comments. They are the continuing from other comments?

Hi WebLionMedia team,

I just bought your theme and really happy with it. But, I need some help…

First: Is is possible to have a page that shows only specific blog posts(specified by the categories)??? i.e I would like have All “category A” blog posts feed into “page A”, and All “category B” blog posts feed into “page B”. Is this possible?

Second: Is it possible to add specific page link where we have email/fax/phone information in the header section?

Third: When I load a page that has “toggle” items, it shows the second item in open-state. I would like to show the first item in open-state, not the second one.. Is it possible to change this setting?



1)Unfortunately, this option does not exists in this theme.

2)Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

3)Open the file ”/blackbird/functions/shortcodes.php” and find these lines:

toggle: true,
initialIndex : 1

and change “initialIndex” to “0” and finally we will have:

toggle: true,
initialIndex : 0

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hellow. Text on page “http://merk-design.com/3d/” dsplayed too small, when I used [list_item]

Hi, find the css code as shown below and change the font-size:

.list_1 li {
padding-left: 17px;
padding-top: 8px;
display: block;
background: url(images/marker_1.gif) no-repeat 0px 13px;
font-size: 13px;
color: #656565;
line-height: 18px;

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Is there a way I can show only a specific category on a portfolio page? if not, can I do it under the recent projects shortcode?

Hi. It is possible, I will send the modified code and use the new parameter for the recent_projects shortcode: category=”“

Send an message from our contact form form our Profile on ThemeForest and I will send the new shortcodes file.

Theme Updates

Version 1.2 (Released 02 November, 2013)

  • Was fixed the search page.

Quick question. In LIVE PREVIEW, the breadcrumbs part of the navigation works so that you can click HOME or click ABOUT US while you are in secondary and tertiary pages. Not working on the site now. Is there a check box that I missed that ACTIVATES breadcrumbs as URLs?

Is it possible that your theme update addressed that? Or separate recommendation? I’ve gone pretty far down the road with set-up and hate to replace all the theme files and reset if I don’t have too.


The breadcrumbs navigation is automatically activated. You can find in the files this function:

<?php blackbird_breadcrumb(); ?>

I can check this issue, please reply to my email with your site. I have checked your emails, but there is the link to the site with SkyDream WP theme.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Good point. I used SkyDream with my www.pierpoint.com website, which we ALL LOVE! See, I’m already back using WebLionMedia theme #2 for another client!!!! :)

I have a license that I can email back to you. Grateful for any help!!!!

CLIENT doesn’t want breadcrumbs now so let’s mark this one RESOLVED!!! (def look at for future updates).

I think your contact form doesn’t work. I sent two emails so far and didn’t get any response.

Please check your spam.


Hi. I have found your 2 emails. Will reply to them in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Hi! Where do i find the text for the revolution slider import? Other themes all seem to have it with the demo content—yours does not. Or am i not looking hard enough?

Thanks! Tamhas

I can send the full sql from our site. Please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest. Thank you.

hey thanks for the file … you gave me months back. good service!

You are welcome!

Is there a way in FlexiSlider to link to pages/posts? I am currently using FlexiSlider and not revolutions slider and will prefer to stay with FlexiSlider. I don’t want to use Revoliution Slider!!!!!!

Theme version 1.2 has this option. Find “Slide URL:” under the “Slider Options” when add or edit the slider slides for FlexSlider.

Hello, is the Multiple Featured Images Plugin with the latest Wordpress Version compatible? thanx

Hello, I have installed the last WP version 3.7.1 and works without problems.

Working on more updates to the site, but having some weird issues.


When one scrolls down any page with content, the menu navigation appears on the top of the page over page text awkwardly. See screenshot here: http://smci.co/smci.awkwardmenu.png Known issue you are working on?


I have numerous pages without any sidebars that seem to have extra space, 290 Pixels WIDTH by 940 pixels across to be specific, that isn’t tied to the footer widgets… and the page content for partners has been removed yet blank content space is being held. ANY suggestions?

SCREENSHOTS or just go to the live page http://smci.co/smci-about1.png http://smci.co/about-us/ http://smci.co/smci-about2.png http://smci.co/about-us/presidents-message/


MY SITE NO :(http://smci.co/breadcrumbs-smciNO.png LIVE DEMO YES – http://smci.co/live-demo-breadcrumbsYES.png

GHOST MENU issue resolved with that CSS fix. THANK YOU!!!! Just need help with the page templates :)

EXTRA SPACE ON PAGES IS LAST ISSUE. http://smci.co/about-us/why-smci/ and http://smci.co/client-services/ have the most issue


As I said, I have send the site to my friend and he tested and the pages are displayed without extra space. What is the dimensions of your display in pixels? Thank you.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

How do you do the slider on this page on your demo?


Can I have the css for the captions ?

i used RevSlider, but how are you able to get the first line background with 1 color and the 2nd row of text with the background with another colour.

when i change the css, both the background turn out to be the same color.


This is the revolution slider that can be created under the left menu “Revolutions Slider > Create New Slider”. After you will add slides and captions, then add the slider shortcode with the alias name (we have named it as “AboutUsPageStyle2”)into the page content. In our demo site we using:

[rev_slider AboutUsPageStyle2]

You can add the custom css for every element if you know the class name or element id. Add the custom css under the left menu “Theme Options > Custom CSS”. To find the class name or element id, you can use “Inspect Element” in the Chrome browser for example.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Sidebars. For my installation, custom sidebars plugin isn’t working. Created new one called EVENTS, but the events page keeps the default RIGHT SIDEBAR template. http://smci.co/press-media/events/ Have a custom widget created and assigned it on the EVENTS page. :( Can I BUY an hour of your time to help me manage these little fixes? I’m being as proactive & independent as I can, but some little things are buggy on my end. Could be flukes, but they are starting to add up to “beyond user error”. Grateful!!!



I have received your email will reply to it in a few minutes.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

THANK YOU so much for RESOLVING the sidebars issue. Glad that we realized that WP3.7.1 was the conflict. Custom Sidebars rocks. Know how to use that!!! Thank you WEBLIONMEDIA. RESOLVED & CLOSED>

Hello, I’ve noticed that some shortcodes are not ready to be translated. More specifically ‘Read More’ inside the [services] shortcode. If I use only one language, I could change this manually. But I’m using multiple languages so that is not an option. And making new .mo, .po and .pot language files does work for the other functions, but not for the shortcodes. Is there a way to make ‘Read More’ in the shortcode translatable? Thanks in advance.


Open the file: ”/blackbird/functions/shortcodes.php” and find these 2 lines:

$str .= '<div class="lnk"><a href="'.$url.'">Read More...</a></div>';


$str .= '<div class="lnk"><a href="'.$url.'">Read More</a></div>';

and change them both into

$str .= '<div class="lnk"><a href="'.$url.'">'.__('Read More','blackbird').'...</a></div>';

and respectively

$str .= '<div class="lnk"><a href="'.$url.'">'.__('Read More','blackbird').'</a></div>';

The words “Read More” exists already in the translable “POT” file.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

That worked! Thank you!

Hi, How do I make slider auto-rotate in home page style3 and home page style 6 ? Regards


1) To make autorate for home page style 3, open the ”/blackbird/js/main.js” file and find this code:

function init_home_slider_3(target) {
    var container = jQuery(target).parent();
        animation : 'fade',
        controlNav : true,
        directionNav : true,
        animationLoop : true,
        slideshow : false,

In the above code change slideshow : false to slideshow : true.

2) To make autorate for home page style 6, open the ”/blackbird/js/main.js” file and find this code:

function init_home_slider_6(target) {
    var container = jQuery(target).parent();
        animation : 'slide',
        controlNav : true,
        directionNav : false,
        animationLoop : true,
        slideshow : false,

In the above code change slideshow : false to slideshow : true.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hello, I’ve got a problem with the image editor, it isn’t synchronized or it isn’t working at its best on WordPress. Please, tell me how to solve this problem on my own or solve it for yourself, improving the theme, and then send it to me again without any mistakes.

Error description: It was unable to choose the editor.


Rather than otherwise this is the WordPress installation’ issue not our theme’ issue. Please send more details. Thank you.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hello, I’ve got a bag with social buttons in header, when admin setting is checked and youtube channel link inputted, but link don’t appears. Could you please fix this? And second, what is the better way to expand header div for bigger than original logo? Trying to set new dimensions in framework options doesn’t seem the good solution. Thanks.


Which Header Layout are you using in “Theme Options > Header Options”?

Please send the logo size and I will make a few tests and will reply with results.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

Hello. I have problem with send mail , forms contact style 3. The mail no arrive, whats posibility solution ?

In themesolution/contac option, and header option i have mail direction ok


I can to test this issue. In almost 99% if you don’t receiving the email from contact form, you have to contact your hosting provider and ask to remove the restrictions from mail function.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Thank, I checke host. Your suggestion “Easy to change the default contact form with any contact form plugin like Contact Form 7” works with this plugin :)

Please reply to another my email and send the log in details and I will debug to test this issue. Thank you.

This is an excellent theme and love the features it offers. I was just wondering how the subscription form above the footer works. I’ve found that it uses the “newsletter” shortcode, but I have checked the code and its not connected to any subscription system. Can you please comment on this? Thanks !


This is a newsletter subscribe for FeedBurner. I have tested and was found a issue. If you will use it as FeedBurner subscribe, please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest and I will send the modified file with the fix. Anyway the new update will be soon available on ThemeForest.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

How can i hide the map from contact?


For example, if you are using the page template name “Contact – Style 1” then in the “contact-style1.php” file delete this code:

<div class="block_map_1">
    <div id="map" />
    <script type="text/javascript">
        'map', //write here container's id for your map
        '<?php echo $blackbird_data['gmap_address']; ?>', //write here address you need
        '<?php echo $blackbird_data['gmap_address']; ?>', //write here description you need
        '<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/icon_map_1.png' //path to your custom marker
<div class="line_1" />

If you are using other contact page templates then see the files “contact-style2.php” and “contact-style3.php”. Find in these files divs with classes “block_map_2” and “block_map_3”.

I have added option in admin panel to Enable/Disable the google map. Will upload new update soon. If you want these changes now, please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest and I will send new 4 modified files.

Best regards, Weblionmedia