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I require help regarding the contact form. The forms are not emailing out. In your previous post I removed some content via contact-form.php and I do need this resolved, please. I can make you admin to investigate further. Thank you in advance. http://floorcoatinginc.ca/contact/

WebLion did you receive my email with the details. Just need to make sure thats its working now.

Hello, I have checked the Inbox and found the email, but the log in details doesn’t work. Please recheck them, also check if the created user has rights for Appearance > Editor.

I sent you another email.

I’m sorry but it is seriously issue after issue with this theme. All posts are showing up in the monthly archives. If I use the archives widget and click the posts for January all posts show up regardless of when they were posted, same with any month you click.

Also, why does the demo for this theme show header positions, creative or static, and there are no options for this in the admin?

Creative and Static header positions are fixed or no on scrolling.

Please send the page url for the archives on your site.

How do you mean, “fixed or no on scrolling”? There are no options like that in my admin.

If I activate a different theme the archives work fine, it this theme that isn’t working properly;


Ok, options just show that this is possible. By default the menu is fixed. If you need hide it on scrolling, just let me know.

Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

My Profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia#from


I would like to have some help in BlackBird installation from my WP. I do all the process (install themes, upload and install now) but nothing, it keep me waiting for 5 or more minutes. Thanks


Please check this article and be sure that you did all steps:


Best regards, Weblionmedia

How to create or use styles rev slider?


In the folder “DocumentationBlackbird” you will found the documentation for the revolution slider in the folder “documentation_Revolution_Slider”.

Best regards, Weblionmedia


on a page the

is the tittle of the page and when i use firebug i can see a H2 just below. How i can delete it ? ( because currently the H2 is empty and that’s not good for the SEO )


Ok thx :)

cool ! But now i would like to put the search bar juste above the menu ( at the left ou right of socials buttons ) . ( if you see my my website , you can see that the menu hide the search logo )

Edit the file /blackbird/functions/headers/header-v3.php and found the code:

<?php if ($blackbird_data['header_search'] == '1') { ?>
    <div class="block_header_search animated">
        <div class="form">
            <?php get_search_form(); ?>                                               
        <a href="#" class="button_expand"><?php _e('Expand search form','blackbird'); ?></a>
<?php } ?>

You can move the code in every place.

Hey, I was wondering if there is a way I can get a sample of your short codes without import. Cause the website is already set up and I don’t want to do an import (which was giving me 504 gateway time out I guess its just 2 big). I tried the documentation codes but I don’t find it easy to work with. if i can get a copy of short code some how it would be a great help to me.

Hi there,

You can use the select list from WordPress editor. If you will not find the needed shortcode, just contact us and will send the code.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

nice template, but very poor support.

Hi. You can’t do with the revolution slider all features that are these sliders use. If you want to use only the revolution slider, then it has very good documentation that is included with the theme. Cheers.

Hi. How do we set up sidebar to regular pages? And where do we find shortcodes for this theme ?

Hi. Find this info in documentation in section “BlackBird Shortcodes”, also the shortcodes can be found in WP editor, find the select “Select Shortcode”.

I just install blackbird and import the DemoContent. But all text in the site just got all mixed together… Cant understand what is happening. Please, could you help me? This is my URL: http://vibroacustica.com.br/website/

Thank you!

Please, help me!

Hi. You have to create menu, pages, posts and don’t forget to set all options in Theme Options and to save them. If you have more questions, please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you and Best Regards!


FMD Purchased


I need a french option (en / fr) so people can view the french side. What do you recommend i do? (1 site with two languages)



I’m using WPML plugin and for me is the best and it has a lot of features.

Best regards, Weblionmedia


FMD Purchased


How can I avoid the p tag after div class general_content when I set Page Title Section to Hide? This extra p tag are messing the the design and I cant figure how to delete it.

this is the code, so you can understand:

<div class="general_content"> <p> </p> <--- how to delete this? <div class="inner"> <div class="main_content"> <div class="block_slogan_1"> <div class="block_home_slider_3"> <div class="block_services_10"> <div class="block_related_projects type_home type_slider_1"> <div class="block_columns"> <div class="block_promo_1"> <div class="block_partners_1"> </div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>

Please reply to my email with credentials to your WP admin panel and I will debug and will check myself. Thank you.

Thank you, I just solve that one!

Hello, I put a big Header Image (940×300px) how can I make it responsive? Thank you.

Hello. Please contact us from the account where was purchased the theme. Thank you for understanding.


is it possible to have a colored background with full screen revolution slider? I found that the full screen theme doesn’t get colored background. i don’t want to change the color of general.content since it changes the color of the whole page. also when i make the slider full screen in boxed mode it starts from left side of general.contet. is there a way to solve this ?

Oh and also with the new wordpress i have problem with sidebars. i cant get it to work … im trying to put widgets on the left side bar page template but it doesnt work.


Unfortunately the current plugin is not supported by latest WP version. Please install and use this WP Plugin that was tested by me: http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/

About the revolution slider, please try to find this answer if it is supported in Revolution Slider documentation.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

How can I get this exact style for pictures subtitles: http://blackbird.weblionmedia.com/z-pages/z-about-us-page-style-2/

I mean, on the slider: first line: white letters and red background. second line: black words and white background.

And this subtle 1px frame around the pictures.

I am trying to apply this exact design: http://blackbird.weblionmedia.com/z-pages/z-about-us-page-style-2/ On my page: http://vibroacustica.com.br/website/a-empresa/

Already did that when I installed the theme, did it again just for precaution, but didn’t work. The styles are completely different. I think it is just a CSS problem. Could you send me the CSS file for that slide or the correct AboutUsPageStyle2.txt? Like the demo? I think the AboutUsPageStyle2.txt in the package isn’t the same as in the demo. Thanks for you support.

Would be great if you could send me the correct AboutUsPageStyle2.txt!

Please send the credentials to your WP admin panel to my email and I will check my self the issue. Thank you.

are you guys still supporting this ?

Yes, I have started to support our themes after a while. Will answer to your answer soon. Thank you for your patience.


I have a problem for sidebar. Sidebar does not work correctly (css does not work), What’s the problem? (http://protan.protantest.com/danismanlik/)

Unfortunately, these css codes do not work. The left sidebar menu does not work as originally. (separator, border bottom etc…)


Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Is this theme compatible with WP 3.9?

Yes, it is compatible with WP 3.9+

Love the theme but I am having trouble with the Wordpress version ( I bought both the wordpress and Html versions)

I am selecting the footer I want in wordpress but it is not displaying??? no matter what I select the footer is not displaying…is there something I need to turn on?

I have loaded it on two different URLs to test and same results on both. Please help, I have a presentation to do very soon. :stress:

never mind…duh I figured it out

Hi, I am having a horrible time with the portfolio stuff. I have created several portfolio items, and my gallery page uses the 4 items template but when I look at my gallery page only two times show up??? all the categories show up but only the last two portfolio items show up.

I would like to see some documentation on the portfolio functions and how to set them up with blackbird….this is the last hurdle I have…need a portfolio page similar to the one I see in the demo on themeforest just cant seem to get my head around how it get set up???

Please help, I am running out of time. I know it is something I am doing wrong…...just don’t know what to try anymore…

ok I figured the portfolio stuff out…thanks

last hurdle….how do I get a thumbnail for my video in the portfolio but not have that image in the post??

never mind…figured this issue out too…..thanks