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Nice work! :) Good Luck

Thanks moutheme!

Nice themes, I really like the Event list style. GLWS :D:D

Thank you very much!

Great, fantastic work ! :)

Thank you Bedros :)

Great work :)
Good luck with sales.

I really like your template. Forgive me for my ignorance – but can I use your template on wordpress?

If you convert it to WP, yes, but by default no, this is a HTML template

Cool man, GLWS

thanks mate! :P

Great job Cristi, good luck with sales!! :bigsmile:

I really like the template and I’m about to buy it. Just one question: I know my way around with HTML/CSS, but I haven’t worked with sliders. Is there a tutorial/documentation on customizing the slider?


The slider is using Flexslider, they have docs on their official site

Do photoshop files come with this?

Hi, I am about to buy your theme, I like it. I want to use it on wordpress to build a site for my cleaning business. I am not tech savvy but can get by, i’ve worked on my own wordpress site before, nothing special but I am worried that if I buy this theme I may find it is more harder to work with than I thought. So my question is how hard is it to convert this theme into wordpress, and how hard is it to customize it? I am pretty new to all this so I appreciate your help. Thanks… any videos around?

It’s as hard as converting any other html template to WP, it’s the same process. I’ll make a WP version myself too and sell it on themeforest, but it’ll be in march-april.


I was hoping you could fill me in on how much it would cost to develop this template and if you could recommend a developer for me? Also, how much will it cost if we were to buy the rights of this template? Please advise!

You can drop me an email at


Cheers, Fera

I don’t sell the rights for it, neither do custom development work, you can try looking for a developer on the themeforest forums to develop this html template into a CMS

This theme looks great! Quick question: does the theme come with a login form example? It looks pretty doable as-is, but I am more into development than design.

It doesn’t come with any login form by default, it needs to be coded.

Hi I have bought the template and working my way through it.

I’m not an expert in HTML and would really like to be able to display multiple images when clicking on one of the images in the Portfolio page.

Can this be done?


By default that’s not possible, sorry, it requires quite some customization in order to achieve that

Thank you, I have redesigned my site as I do not want to use flash in the template.

Another question. When previewing it on my computer the portfolio page doesn’t seem to work in IE, it’s fine in chrome and firefox. Any ideas?

Many thanks

Can you please elaborate? What exactly doesn’t work in IE? I’m on OS X, I’ll be able to check on IE tomorrow probably, on some other computer.

I bought this template but am quite frustrated. The contact form does not appear that customizable. Is there any documentation or is it a plugin?

I edited the process.php file to include all of the appropriate fields, linked them to the names in the contact file and also edited the custom.js. Perhaps I am missing somewhere but it does not want to allow additional fields to send data (null set reply).

Hello. Since this template uses AJAX to send the data, it validates the data in js/custom.js and then sends it to process.php via AJAX from there.

The code is


        var error = false;
        var $this = jQuery(this);
        var name = $this.parent().find('#name').val();
        var email = $this.parent().find('#email').val();
        var message = $this.parent().find('#message').val();

            if(name.length == 0){
                error = true;
                jQuery('#name').css('border','1px solid red');
                jQuery('#name').css('border','1px solid #CCCCCC');

            if(email.length == 0 || email.indexOf('@') == '-1'){
                error = true;
                jQuery('#email').css('border','1px solid red');

                jQuery('#email').css('border','1px solid #CCCCCC');

            if(message.length == 0){
                error = true;
                jQuery('#message').css('border','1px solid red');
                jQuery('#message').css('border','1px solid #CCCCCC');

            if(error == true)

            if(error == false){
                jQuery('#send_message').attr({'disabled' : 'true'});

      "process.php", { bbsubmit: "1", bbname: name, bbemail: email, bbmessage: message }, function(result){
                    if(result == 'sent')

you’ll need to edit the code there and fetch any other fields you added to the html code. The line that sends the data is

      "process.php", { bbsubmit: "1", bbname: name, bbemail: email, bbmessage: message }, function(result){

Other than bbsubmit, bbname, bbemail and bbmessage you’ll need to send any other field you may have. After that, you’ll need to edit process.php to get the new fields as well and include them in the e-mail.

It is easy to customize once you know how it works, but you’ll need to have jQuery & PHP knowledge in order to work with it, since it’s a static template and not a WordPress theme that does all its job automatically.

Quick question for you, is it possible to have the html files centered, right now it takes up the whole screen I am guessing because it is a responsive template except it look a little stretched on a 23 inch screen.

Unfortunately not, you’re right, it’s because it’s fully responsive.. :/

just bought this theme. It wasn’t possible for me to install it due to the following error
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.
I tried to install in on bluehost and then locally. On Bluehost I receive “page couldn’t be displayed” message but locally I got the error message about css file. Could you, please explain what I did wrong?

Hi, this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme

wow. this is my fault ) Thank you

No problem,