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Great Design!!! Good Luck to You! ;)

Thank you!

Thanks man! Nice collection.

I can’t find xml file(Blacker_live_preview.xml) in your package. Please send this file for me thanks. ^^


Thanks for your purchase!

Indeed, the xml is not there i just updated the package. In the mean time you can donwload it from here. http://http-solutions.com/themes/Blacker_live_preview.xml

I hope you like the theme.

Thanks, Cristian

Simply beautiful. Great work!

Thank you!

All the best, Cristian

just awesome…

loving it – so clean ;D

Thank you!

All the best, Cristian

Awesome work and good luck with sales!

I got a question before purchasing:

Is it possible to make the “post/ portfolio item”-slider on the front page scroll automatically? without having to hit the little circles on the left?

Thanks in advance. and again, great work!



Thanks for your comment!

Yes, it’s possible to make them to auto scroll. You have to make a small code change, though.

Open recent-blog-posts.php and recent-portfolio-posts.php (you find them in /lib/includes/main-page), there …, on line 5 in each file, change :




All the best, Cristian

Awesome, thank you for the quick and perfect response!

Hello Thanks for your work. I have a question.

Can I use Page Navigation or pagination on blog page ?

I want to just show 5 posts one time.

Is It possible?


Hello, Thanks for your purchase!

Yes, it’s posible. By default is set to 5 posts. You can modify the number of posts to be shown on the blog page (after you create the page and choose from page attributes Blog, look down the page and you’ll see an input where you can modify) Also, see the documentation. There are instructions too.

Best, Cristian

Thank you!

Hey Disgogo,

Nice theme and we have a few questions before we purchase your site.

How do we change the “White Color” section into all Black or even a Dark Grey?

Regarding the “top logo section” where it says “Blaker,” are we going to be able to remove that “grid of grey squares?” Maybe make it all black?

Thanks for your assistance and we look forward to hearing from you :)


Vaja Music Management


Thanks for your interest in this theme!

All the modifications you need can be done. You just have to modify the css a little.

If you choose to go with the theme please contact me and i will help you.

Best, Cristian

Thanks and we appreciate the info :)

Hello. thanks for your quick response.

I still have pagination problem on blog page.

I change page attribute on bottom blog page but this function doesn’t work.

How do I fix this problem?

P.S. If possible, please let me know which php page have default number of blog post. I will directly fix this number



I found the problem. Thanks for your comment.

Please open blog.php and insert this line after line 12:

$gogo_blog_text_no_posts = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'gogo_blog_text_no_posts', true);

Save and it will be fine.

All the best, Cristian

a few questions before I purchase…p.s. it looks beautiful!

I wanted to know if there is a way to make the menu bar appear underneath the photos on the home page?

Also, is it possible to make the page beneath the homepage menu and photos into 3 columns from left to right instead of columns of info from top to bottom…hope that made sense :)

I mean…I see how you have the blog posts in a set of three and the portfolio post in a set of three…but is it possible to add content like widgets on the left and right side of these posts so that the blog posts and portfolio posts look like they are the middle of the page and not the full width of the page with widget capabilities on either side of them?

let me know…thanks for your help :)



Thanks for your comment!

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. Those credentials will involve heavy code modifications.

Sorry …

Thank you, Cristian

Also is there a way for the pictures on the slider to link into the articles they go with?

And is there a way to put video in the slider?

thanks, -s


Yes, you can link pictures with articles, and yes one of the slideshows supports video (Orbit).

Thank you, Cristian

Hi Cristian,

Thanks for your immediate attention to my problem – what a great theme!

Many thanks! Lou

I’m happy you enjoy the theme!

Let me know how it turns out.

Best, Cristian

Hi there disgogo,

I just purchased the theme. However, I can’t make it look the same as your model here. Is there a quick and easy guide to resemble your “model” template?




Thanks for your purchase!

Yes, you can achieve the model on your installation fast. You have this in the documentation as well.

To achieve the live preview presentation fast: Please use the XML file that comes in the package(Blacker_live_preview.xml).

1. Go to Tools >> Import

2. If you don’t have the Import plugin installed please choose Wordpress from the list and install it

3. Then just choose the Blacker_live_preview.xml from “Choose a file from your computer”

4. That’s it, you have the live preview on your website.

Please contact me by email with a temporary admin login if you experience problems.

Best, Cristian


Getting a wp-load (cannot find file) when clicking the add shortcode tinymce button.



Thanks for your purchase!

Can you please send me a temporary admin login? (by email)

Thanks, Cristian


Your problem was resolved!

You have to install only the theme, not the whole package you donwloaded.

And it has to be in its own directory (/themes/blacker/), not /themes/other_folder/blacker

All the best, Cristian

Hi, very nice design. love it. one glitch, if you could please fix or tell me how to. drop down menu with the slider clashes. at times the menu won’t even show cause it’s behind the slider. is it possible to have the drop down menu always on top of the slider so it won’t flicker or hide underneath?

Thanks, again other than that it’s very nice. :) Wina


Thanks for your purchase and reporting this bug!

I will resolve this and update the theme.

Thanks again, Cristian

Just a quick FYI —the nav’s drop down menu is getting buried behind the Orbit Slider. All other sliders work fine. (BTW: I’m using Chrome for Mac OS 10 .6.7…)


Thanks for your notice.

The bug was resolved and the theme updated.

Thanks again, Cristian

Hi. .great clean design,

i’m keen on this theme, but seems to be lacking a feature i’m really looking for – the ability to filter the portfolio based on for example date, tag, video, photo etc. .(at least i can’t see it when playing wtih the demo) this can be done on other themes like AIR . .

is that possible?

also are there any other colour combinations other than the black/white theme?


oh. really? not even in a future version? how hard is it to code it in? i really like your theme and want to use it!

oh really? how hard is it to code it in? i really want to use your theme!


I will have to wait a little longer to get more feedback and then i will release a statement with the future upgrades.

Thanks again for your interest, Cristian

Oh one more thing do you have a catalogue of cool icons esp for the socila media in addition to the ones on the demo – eg Youtube? tumblr etc?


The Social media widget has already this icons embedded.

Best, Cristian