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Hello Chrisian,

Please help, I have an issue with the menu, it seems to add a lot of black space if I have more than 3 items in the menu. I’ve even tried deleting the whole wp database and reinstalling everything. I did manage to figure out the other issues I was having with the front page “user error”

Any suggestions of what I may be doing wrong? or is there a fix…


Thank you in advance. Olivia

Oppps the website in question is ….

http://passioncoach.net is regard the other website


Are you still experiencing issues? I see the menu is fine and the site is taking shape.

I’m here if you have any other issues.

Best, Cristian

I’m planning on purchasing this theme.

I was wondering how hard it is to replace the homepage slider with a piecemaker slider installed as a plugin.



Thanks for your interest in this theme.

You will have to do a modification in the theme files and then install the plugin. It’s not hard.

If you choose to go with the theme, contact me and i’ll guide you trough.

Best, Cristian

Thanks for the reply.

I actually got the theme and decided to stay with the actual theme’s sliders. I will definitely ask for some pointers if I decide to change the slider.

Regards, Ehsan

Hi there, Just a very simple question! I want to have a button called “home” so people can navigate back to the home page. How do I do this? When I installed the theme, I deleted all the pages there, so if there was already a home page, there isn’t anymore! Thanks for your help again.


Thanks for your purchase!

Please find below the instructions. It’s very simple.


Best, Cristian

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I was using it under WP MU . Have now installed it on regular wordpress and it’s working just fine.

Regards Michele

anybody getting this kind of thing when you try to install the xml preview:

Failed to create new user for admin. Their posts will be attributed to the current user. Failed to import gallery_cat Images Failed to import gallery_cat Images with description Failed to import gallery_cat Mixed Failed to import “Featured post 1”: Invalid post type featured Failed to import “Featured post 2”: Invalid post type featured Failed to import “Featured post 3”: Invalid post type featured Failed to import “Gallery post no.1”: Invalid post type gallery Failed to import “Gallery post no.2”: Invalid post type gallery Failed to import “Gallery post no.3”: Invalid post type gallery Failed to import “Gallery post no.4”: Invalid post type gallery Failed to import “Strategy”: Invalid post type featured_tabs Failed to import “Design”: Invalid post type featured_tabs Failed to import “Technology”: Invalid post type featured_tabs Failed to import “Marketing”: Invalid post type featured_tabs Failed to import “Vimeo post”: Invalid post type gallery Failed to import “Youtube post”: Invalid post type gallery

etc. etc…..

any ideas much appreciated.

my bad – not sure what’s wrong but i ran the xml through about 4 times and now it works great – thanks!


Thanks for your purchase!

I see this happened before with other users. Frankly i dont know what’s the problem … but if it worked it’s perfect.

I hope you’ll enjoy the theme.

All the best, Cristian


I have purchased this theme and was wondering if you could answer the following question.

I have created a gallery page (6 column with short description). Each post is a different project. I would like, when i click on the image to see 5 or 6 images of this project. However when i click on the image i actually only get one image from each post displaying, not a selection from each post, if you know what i mean. Is there any way i can link several images to one post?

Many thanks Jeremy


Thanks for your purchase!

You can have more images in the gallery post. But for this you have to set the image or title to “Content of the item”. Then, when a user clicks your project title or image will be directed to the project page where you can insert a gallery shortcode with multiple images.

I hope this will fit your needs.

All the best, Cristian

Great theme. Really love it. I do have a question: Can I put the slider on every page not just the home page? And if I can do this, can it have different slideshows per page? Previously I was using nextgen but the homepage just looks so much cleaner.


Thanks for your purchase!

You can put it, but it involves a lot of code written and you can put the same slider on all pages. The best solution is to install a slideshow plugin that can be inserted on each page.

Best, Cristian

I got a slideshow plugin but wanted to make all the pages look like the front page. Can I set a background image that has that dark color on top (where I can put the slideshow) and white where text would be on bottom? How should I go about doing this? I figured it would be inserting something into the css and then inserting something into the page template or full width template of some kind. Thanks, Jeff

I am having problems getting my social media icons to show. Is there a plugin I need to activate?



Thanks for your purchase!

No, you dont have to do anything, just to install the theme correctly. Now, you have it installed like this wp-content/themes/blacker/blacker. It must be just wp-content/themes/blacker.

All the best, Cristian

I dont have a blacker folder inside the blacker folder

Hi Cristian,

Have waited another 11 days and still no response? are you going to help me? i feel i’m being completely ignored here even though i’m one of your early customers?

reposted my comment from 11 days ago below: hope to hear from you.

Hi Cristian, I posted this message 6 days ago here in the comments, as well as send an email, hoping to get a reply. . I’ve now been waiting over 11 days to receive an answer to my queries. . You were very quick to reply to my initial questions and seem to be answering other peoples enquiries. if there is a problem, please let me know. i would appreciate your advice, as i would love to get my site completed. many thanks!. posted 5 days ago and also sent you a couple of emails, but haven’t heard back. hoping you can reply soon, so i can complete my website. many thanks!

1. i’ve just noticed that the gallery posts are full width, how can i have a side bar for these posts? 2. The pages i create as a Gallery template won’t show up any text i write in the text box area. . is there anyway of activating this so i can have a description of the gallery contents? 3. Also having an issue with the gallery posts, where when i select ALL POSTS . nothing will show up on the home page, but if i select one of the categories of galleries that works. .do you know what the issue might be? 4. Also Is there anyway also of having an option to select ALL Posts but exclude one or some categories? for the Gallery posts? Thanks!

First off, Gorgeous theme! I’m in the process of revamping our company’s website and think this template would be perfect but I’m brand new to wordpress. Will I need any particular experience to set this up? Thanks in advance.


I just purchased this beautiful theme. I can’t get the blog post to show images….. Could you please let me know what to do about this?

link: http://windsurfteam.com/2011/


great theme


I have a ‘pop up image in a light box’ on the following page


however when i click on the image the slideshow seems to start at the end and not the start. Can you advise on how to correct this. Many thanks Jeremy

Hi Cristian,

Love the theme man. My only question is, how can I re-enable the “expand” option for pretty gallery? I am an illustrator and I would like this function to work in the theme, it appears to be disabled.

Hi there,

i would like to slow down the animation (moving to the next image) of the image slider shortcode and i would like the image to stay visible longer before moving to the next image.

THank you


Hey Cristian,

Love love love the theme. I am having issues with the menu. I have created my primary navigation and added pages to the menu, but they are all vertical and showing up on top of each other. Any suggestions?


Thanks so much in advance! Lyndsay

Christian, I lied. Everything works perfectly. Cheers mate!

I have purchased the Blacker Theme. I have uploaded my logo and I am new to CSS . I have gone into the editor and been unable to fix my question. I want to make the background behind my logo black #000000. As of right now it is a dotted black background which is pretty much clashing with my logo jpeg. Please advise where in the editor I can change the background color. Thank you so much. www.chairmanpromotions.com is the website if you needed to take a look.