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Hi there,

I love the work you have done with this theme.

I would like one thing changed. I would like the hover on the buttons to be orange #f26522. Although when I go into main.css and change the hover from #fff to #f26522 the whole image/border around the site disappears.

Is there a way to change the menu hover to #f26522 without making the image frame of the website disappear???

Your help would be grateful.



Any updates available?


i have a last question. Can you explain how to set up the contact page?



Hey there, I bought your theme, and I absolutely love your work. I found something that you may not have noticed and would be awesome if you could include in your update if that’s not too much trouble. when you go to my blog and click on the category it shows up really wonky.


Here’s my blog.


There’s one of the categories. Any ideas on what I could do?

Other then that, haven’t found a single thing wrong. Love the whole thing. Thank you for your excellent work.

Stay classy,

-Dustan Townsend

Ps. Watch Zeitgeist: moving forward on my blog if you have not seen it. It may change your life like it has mine.

Hi there,

I have a problem with the top ‘wood grain’ bar on your theme. It seems to have spaced itself ~30px from the definite top of the page, so now it ‘floats’ off of the top.

I tried to poke around in the code, but couldn’t see exactly what might be causing this. If you have any insight I would love to know as it looks pretty tacky now.

It’s been like this since I first installed it.

You can view my page at http://www.digitaldropletsmedia.com/

Thanks Brad

Hi There, Love the theme! Thank you! I’m using it for a band site, but just wondered if it’s possible to use nextgen gallery with it? It doesn’t seem to be working. The portfolio option is great but doesn’t quite fit with what I’m trying to do. Thanks again, have a great week! Polly :)

oh.. and i’m having the same problem Bradish had with the top ‘woodgrain’ bar. Hrm.. didn’t do it when I ran the test on my local machine. Have hunted with firebug but no luck. Thanks so much for your help again!

Aha! I think i’ve worked out the bar spacing issue. But the gallery is still unresolved :)

I am also having problems with my blog and would really like some help getting it resolved. My blog appears fine in its original form:


but when you click on a “tag” or “category” the blog entries are centered and the images come out full size and it makes that view unusable. An example here:


Thanks for your help!

cufon is broken in IE9 . Menu text and headlines are invisible. Is there a solution for this?

Hey guys I am very new with WordPress. In fact this is my first attempt at a WordPress site after many html sites using Dreamweaver so I am not totally new to web design. Hopefully someone can give me a little guidance:

1. How do I put up a header / logo? I can see the “B” logo but cannot figure out in WordPress how to put it in.

2. can I place a footer anywhere? I know the menu is where the footer usually is but I am wondering how I can put the usual copyright information, etc.

Thanks so much in advance.


Sorry – not well documented at all. I would correct that statement. And support is slow so far.

I would advise people from buying this specially if you don’t know much about theme coding because this theme is missing stuff that keeps wordpress from working fully and the support doesn’t exist.

It looks like I own version 2.0. Is there an updated version?

Nope, I’m sorry. Currently working on a new big theme. I’m planning to do a Blackout update in the future.

Hi, Is it possible to see a live demo of this theme? It is so difficult to decide by screenshots? Regards