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Wow! Brilliant work! Good luck with sales ;)

Incredible design! Congrats :)

Nice template :) The slider and the “Spring up” Banner are not centered in the mobile view.

Thank your for your kind words. Since we reloaded theme files once again we do not see the described bug. If you still watching that bug please first of all refresh your browser. If the problem remains, please send us email through our contact form with the screenshots. It will be appreciated.

With best regards, Dylan

Oh no, I could scream! I’ve just purchased your Minimalism then you go and create this gorgeous template… This is exactly what I wanted…

Question: The text does not appear in the slider image on the iPhone, why is that?

Hello Before we purchase this template can you please answer my question above?

Hello. This bug will be fixed in the next version of the theme (1.1) in a few days.

Many thanks!

I am seriously considering buying this but does it have ny social media on the product page. Example Facebook Likes on product page or pinterest?

Hello. There is a predefined static block on a product page where you can put code for social media.

Is there a brands slider in the making? Maybe also a brand logo on the product page?

Hello. This feature will be added in the next version of the theme.

Hello, i want to buy this – but on IE8 do not show drop down menu?

Now it’s ok. As to product options in one line since this feature isn’t default you will ned to install an extension for this.

Maybe you have some link to this extension?

Seems I didn’t understand you correctly. You can display your product options as checkboxes. To make them displaying in one line you will need to change css a bit.


We’re considering this theme. Is there a blog extension that will work with this theme and is there a widget to display latest blog posts on the home page?

If not, is there any plans to develop a blog module?


It may take some code changes to get this extension working with this theme.

Is this something you can help with?

Unfortunately we do not offer integration services.

Great theme !
Just a quick pre-sale question: on the product page is it possible to display the custom attributes instead of the product short description ? (by default the custom attributes are displayed in a tab below the picture of the product)
Thanks in advance

When i say “custom attributes” i mean the content of the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” tab

Yes, we can help you to move this block for free.

Great ! Time to show the template to my client :)

hello. I try to put the maskedinput.js in this theme but don’t work. :( .


Nice jobs!

I have some questions about your theme, today i try to see your options pages in samples page but some options don´t work for example: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/sample-category/collateral-block-as-accordion.html

and I can´t see Integration with Cloud Zoom in product images.

How can i see this functions?

someone could answer this questions?


Hello. We fixed it. Please check the demo.

is the newsletter signup extension included in the theme and if so, can you configure it?

Hello, This extension included in the theme. In v1.1 will be added ability to change background on newsletter popup. Text can be changed in a file.


We purchased this theme last week but have since been told by an SEO expert that the style of navigation that you using is not ideal as it creates too many links. If we view source and count how many times ‘href’ is found, this is currently 142 and increasing with every category that is added.

What can be done o make your theme more SEO friendly?


Hello, Not sure if I understand you correctly. If you don’t like many hrefs just do not create so many categories. Href is required attribute for any link.

Awesome theme.

Is the checkout a real licenced version from www.onestepcheckout.com? And if not, did you make it? Or is it from another module dev team?

Same with AJAX add to cart? Is this a custom module you guys created, or from another company?

Just curious in terms of support and future updates.

Awesome theme :D

All of extensions we used are free so you can use it on your store for sure. As to updates we do not provide support for these extensions as we didn’t developed them.


I have 2 question before i buy

1. do you have any installation service on a already existing store? 2. have the “one page checkout”,support to another shipping or payments methods from magento connect?


  1. No, we offer free installation service only for test stores
  2. I think yes, but it will take some code changes for sure

ok, then do you have any installation guide for existing stores?

Sure, there is description how to get it done in the user guide that comes with the theme. But it strongly recommended to install it first on a test store to learn how it works. Using “1 click installation” on your live store can damage your content, so do not use it if you decide to install the theme on your live store

I have this error when I try to make anything with the products(edit, add new, etc):

Source model “ThemeOptionsMinimalism/attribute_source_type” not found for attribute “minimalism_prsku”

can you please help me.


ok, What is your e-mail?

Please check your ticket. There is fixed dump in the attachment.