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Very nice theme. All the features i need. For me design i would need to have centered logo. Are you available for custom work. Make some tuning for my project? Can i email my specs?


Hello, Unfortunately we are not available for any custom work at the moment but we have trusted partner which knows our theme very well co can customise the theme the way you like after purchase. If you’re interested please send us a message through the contact form on our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/MeigeeTeam to get more info.

Very good, if the side widget is disabled, where can i select different blog category? Under the main navigation?

No, you can do that under the extension config tab.

Ok, thanks.


Do you have a few blog widgets available for the home page? For example, something like the home page on this website: http://www.johnnycupcakes.com/

Thanks, Noah

Got it. This may not be a deal-breaker, but I wanted to check. Thank you!

Sorry, one more quick question. Can you change the number of posts displayed in the Latest Posts widget? And can they stack vertically instead of horizontally?

Yes, you can change the number of displayed posts. As to displaying them vertically, you will need to change html and css code a bit.


There is no 1 column option in product listing. How can i get rid of the sidebar. I have Wide mode enabled.


Found it on category settings.

Hi, i’m looking to disable the BIG category name under main navigation. Can it be disabled from admin?

Unfortunately no, you need to edit template files to get it done.


I can’t find the settings for “Second view” on product images. I have uploaded two images for my product. Where can i control the transition?


Hi, What to you mean by second view? product image hover effect? If you, you need to set a label for second image as “hover”

Exactly. Thanks!


Is it possible to have different image aspect ratios on different categories.

i.e. 1:1 and 1:2



No, it’s not possible.


Can i adjust the mobile navigation submenu width to match the menu block width. It’s good looking menu, but when you don’t have those promo boxes under main navigation the mobile menu is bit confusing, because of the aligment. The menu overlaps the login button and is not that clear and userfriendly.

Maybe if there would be dark overlay over other interface when you are in mobile menu.

In my project the mobile menu overlaps the main slider and depending on the image, rotation speed etc, it could work better.

Otherwise this theme is very good. Also i would like to adjust the mobile menu navigation colors from admin panel. Maybe in future updates?

See the screencap.


Hi, is this template support RTL language?

Hi, unfortunately RTL isn’t supported.


Do i need to manually remove all the default magento side bars to get the blog looking like in your live preview?


No need to remove anything manually, you can disable sibebar blocks via theme admin options. “Categories”, “Shop By”, “Shopping cart”, “Compare products”, “Compared products”, “Viewed products”, “Wishlist”, “Popular tags”, “My orders” and “Facebook like box” can be disabled in admin options.

With best regards, Dylan

Can product image display be retina ready / friendly? We would like high res product images for our ipad users.

Thank you for showing interest to our theme. Blacknwhite is retina ready template, using which your images will look crisp and and sharp on devices with retina screens.

With best regards, Dylan

Does this theme have styled transactional emails? (order confirmation, shipping confirmation, etc?)

Thank you for showing interest to our theme. Default magento transactional emails are are used in theme, but they can be easily modified. Here is some information: source#1 and source#2 about customizing those emails.

With best regards, Dylan

hi, i’m sorry for this question but i can’t find in homepage the four blocks widget “CONTACT US” “FEATURES” “LINKS E TAGS” “LATEST TWEETS” i search in cms pages home content, in cms block and in cms widget but i can’t found…

can you help me?

really thanks


Hi, Nicola
That block is part of footer static block. Go to CMS -> Static blocks open and edit static block with id “blacknwhite_footer”. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan

What an incredible theme this is! Super flexible and very solid features.

Comes with a very in-depth documentation and has ultra fast support via a ticket system.

I have been using this theme for 2 weeks now and it is one of the best themes I’ve used in 3+ years on themeforest.net

5 stars!


Absolutely love the theme.

Almost ready to go live and have been testing test credit cards in sandbox provided by payment gateway company. Once place order is pressed the page loads then just shows shopping cart is empty instead of success page. I can see the test payment goes through on sandbox on payment gateway.

Any ideas? I’m still on version 1.5


We provide support only via ticket system. Please send your request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com Do not forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png

Please fix the previews of the theme. Its all the same layout.

Hello. Fixed.

Thanks for this.

Please fix also the preview version “Full Width Header Slider”. The slider is not displayed correctly.


This bug is also caused by the frame. We’ve just started to use new frame so it may have some bugs which aren’t actually related to the theme. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I am planning to buy this theme. Is there an option to add buttons for social sign-in’s in the (1) ‘register’ pop-up (2) on the ‘customer login’ page and (3) ‘create an account’ page?

Hello, Social login isn’t default magento feature so isn’t included in this theme. To add this feature you will need to install and implement an additional extension for this by yourself.

Ok, any recommendations on extensions? And can this extension be used in the ‘register’ pop-up as well?

We do not offer customisation service at the mpment but I can recommend you our trusted partner http://www.advancedlogic.eu/ which can help you with this.


Nice theme. I have a question about the “MY CART” Button (demo page)

1. I add a product in the cart. I go with my mouse over the button and I see my product in this dropdown. 2. I click “view cart” – all is ok in the cart 3. I go outside of the cart page – Home page or other page 4. Now, the Button “MY CART” doesnt work. Click on this button doesn’t work.

I have tested in chrome and firefox.

I’am to stupid for this?

Hello, Thank you for reporting that bug. It’s caused by our demo frame. I’ve disabled it here http://demo.meigeeteam.com/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/women.html?___store=german to show you that the theme hasn’t this bug. The demo will be fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks for info.

Hi, a pre-sales question :)

The sub navigation left: The categories have some sub categories: e.q. Woman -> Clothing -> Coats & Jackes. If I click to Coats & Jackets, the navigation is folded again. I need again some clicks to the sub category “coats & Jackets”.

Can the navigation remain open or unfolded?


This bug will be fixed in the next theme update. Anyway you can get the fix on demand after purchase.

Thank you.

I’m having a problem installing the demo store database. My host only allows files up to 8.1mb and your demo database is 8.5.

Will I still be able to use 1 click installation if I don’t have the sample database imported?

Yes, you can use 1-click installation, but demo products and categories won’t appear in your store.

With best regards, Dylan

Please create a ticket through that form and we will provide you dump file of 2.4mb size. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan

Since I am not able to install the demo data en database because it is too large for my hosting, how can i install the revolution slider?

In that case you have to import dump sliders via revolution slider option and create widgets which locate slider in appropriate place. Please take a look at theme documentation at section “Revolution slider” in order to know more about revolution slider configuration. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan