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Hello. I am a French absolute beginner in ecommerce and I am very interested in your Magento site to start something new (I know about website design, CSS, HMTL JS but nothing about Magento). My questions may sound stupid but can we edit the shipment options (Chronopost, Fedex, mail…) and do we get information on how receiving the money by Credit Card ? Thank you very much

Thank you for showing interest to out theme, but here we sell just themes not a whole magento store and the shipment methods are related to the default magento feature, while we provide the theme related support. Anyway, here is article from the magento knowledge base that describes setup of fedex on magento store, here is free extension for chronopost, here is thread on stackoverflow about credit cart payments.
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With best regards, Dylan

Thank you! I appreciate the useful information. It will help to make up my mind. See you soon then!

Very nice template.

Can I replace the main slideshow with this module http://magentoslider.com/ (drag and drop is easy for me, I’m not technical guy). They say it is compatible with all template. But if any bug your company will do support for me or I must ask the module company? Just wonder who will do support me?

Looking forward your reply.


Hello, Definitely you can but it may take some code changes.

Hello I have 2 questions for you:

1. You provided VictorM55 with a bug fix in the dump file that caused the following issues “with the products(edit, add new, etc):” Would you be so kind as to provide the fix to me as well, please?

2. We were just about to start work on our new website when we noticed the the full/wide screen layout has turned into a boxed layout. So we went to have a look at the demo and the same has happened there too. How did this happen? How can we return back to the wide screen layout?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello, 1. Please check your ticket.

2. On the demo boxed layout is used by default. To change it you need to set wide layout in the admin. “Meigee -> Theme Options -> General Options”

Thank you!

Hello, I need to put one (or maybe several) static block on the right of the logo: how can i ? Thanks Guillaume

Ok: thanks four your feedback.
Can you please take a look at my support ticket ? (see my post on the first page of the comments). Thanks in advance !

Yes, I saw it. All tickets are handled in a queue so you’ll get the fix as soon as possible.



Great theme, this is really working out for us

Can you please tell me how to add up-sell products and attributes in to the tabs that are featured on your live product page preview called WE ALSO RECOMMEND and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION?

I can’t find any information about this in the included documentation


Thanks for your reply

I’m having trouble with the Up-Sell products. Currently, the theme will only display 2 products even though we have 11 selected. I’ve checked the catalog.xml file and the upsell default is set to display 4 products. I’ve even tried increasing this but only 2 products will display.

What can be done here?



Also, in addition to this, only 1 product is displaying in the related products section rather than the 4 we have selected. Thanks

As to Up-Sell products, this bug will be fixed in the next version in a few days.

As to Related products, can we have a look to your store and get access to magento admin panel?

Please create new ticket here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com


when you plan a new upgrade?


On Monday or Tuesday

One small bug: if product names are not of the same length the products are not well aligned in category listing
Thanks in advance

Sorry, I meant this code:

<h2 class="product-name"><a href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $this->stripTags($_product->getName(), null, true) ?>"><?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getName(), 'name') ?></a></h2>
                    <?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?>

Also you should change it in this file too:


Hi. As “vanillaunderground” said it’s not working.
Do you want me to open a ticket too ?
Thanks Guillaume

Yes, please.

Add to wish list, make that use the ajax alert instead of the horrible browsers popup and i will buy

when not logged in that is

Hello, Fixed. On the demo it will be updated in a few hours

nice work, glws :)

I have this error when I try to make anything with the products(edit, add new, etc):

Source model “ThemeOptionsMinimalism/attribute_source_type” not found for attribute “minimalism_prsku”

I must change a value in table ‘eav_attribute’ on database?


Hello. Yes, we know about this bug. It’s in dump file which you have imported into your database. Please send us an email through the contact form to get fixed dump file or just remove all product attributes with “minimalism_” prefix there (Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes). Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

The template is not working with “Attribute Splash Pro” extension. Fishpig support (Fishpig is the company behind this extension) says: “this is an extension for your layered navigation that is causing the problem”.
I tried to disable the “Shop by” sidebar in configuration but it won’t go away.
Any clue ? (i can provide a link to the support team)
Thanks in advance

Hello. This theme may not work with some extensions due to the same files of default theme can be used at the same time in our theme and an extension you have installed. In this case you should make some code changes to get it working. This issue isn’t bug but customisation issue. Unfortunately our support doesn’t cover free customisation.

p.s A big amount of features included in the theme by default requires big changes in code. There is the only one theme which is fully compatible with any extensions. Default magento theme.

You are right but what is the “Shop by brand” option in the admin ? (i can’t see any difference if the parameter is enabled or disabled). Is it a way to disable this “extension for your layered navigation” ?

To disable any module go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced and disable appropriate module ( modules of extensions that are included in theme are: Magehouse_Slider – price slider, VS_Ajax – ajax for catalog module, IWD_OnepageCheckout – onepage checkout module).

With best regards, Dylan

Nice Template! You have the cloudzoom in your demo page, fine – but its still not in the download package. Can you send the integration for the file: product/view/media.phtml per mail please?

Hello, Version 1.1 of the theme is on its way and will be released very soon. If you are subscribed for updates you’ll get an email!

As you can see on the demo we also added brand slider on the homepage.

Is it possible that you could please include the fixed mysql dump file in the blacknwhite themeforest download zip. So new and existing customers don’t have to contact you, to send the fixed mysql dump file, for the error:

“ThemeOptionsMinimalism/attribute_source_type” not found for attribute “minimalism_prsku”

Its very inconvenient that I have to scurry through all these comments to find a fix instead of correcting the issue inside the themeforest theme download zip file. But regardless, Thank You for a great theme !

will there be a changelog so i know what changed?

There will be .diff file with all changes we made in the package. Anyway if you customised the theme files correct way, as we described it in the user guide updating process won’t be tricky.

ok, thanks again for the quick reply!


I installed your update this morning and it has caused some issues

The BROWSE FILES and UPLOAD buttons are now missing from the backend and none of our product images are showing on the backend but are showing on the front end. I have performed a rollback to pre-update installation and the buttons and images are back.

Do you know what can be causing this issue in your update?


Please send your request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com

Do not forget to provide access to your server and magento admin so we could check what’s wrong.


I notice that if you use the login modal, it allows you to login.

But if you are not logged in, and you click on the wish list link icon in the nav… it takes you to the “Login or Create an Account” page:


But the login wont work.. Any reason why this is happening? Thanks again for any info and help!

To make sure it was the blacknwhite theme.. I even switched the theme to the Magento’s base and default theme… and the login page worked!

So it is an issue with the blacknwhite theme. .. but i found the solution here: http://blueclawecommerce.co.uk/blog/fix-customer-cannot-login-to-magento-1-8-1/

The themes login.phtml was missing a hidden input field name form_key

In this path:


After adding this hidden input within the form tag the “Login or Create an Account” page works again :)


1. Can i disable newsletter popup ? Or can it be improved to show only once? It is pretty annoying. 2. Can i disable image hover effect? 3. Logo in the footer is not retina 4. Cloudzoom is not working on iPad.

Thanks in advance and good luck with sales.


1. You can disable newsletter popup from the admin panel so it will be put to sidebar. Anyway you can click on “Don’t show this popup again” in popup so it won’t bother you.

2. Yes, it’s possible

3. Thank you for reporting. This bug will be fixed shortly.

4. Cloudzoom plugin isn’t supported on iPad.

Do you have any update guide for version 1.1? I have a store almost ready for me And I don’t know how to update the theme without damage my current information.

thanks in advance

Hello. Did you read Read it first!.txt that comes with the theme? There is a reference to the user guide where we have described how to customise our theme correct way which allows you implement our changes pretty easy.

Unfortunately if you didn’t follow instructions, updating process may be a bit tricky. Anyway it’s described in the user guide too.


I was just reading a post by Guillaume14 above about alignment and you answered with this

MeigeeTeam AUTHOR 23 hours ago Flag Yes, sure you can do that Try to open up app/design/frontend/blacknwhite/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml in any text editor and find in it:


... and wrap it with div tag like this:


... Then open up skin/frontend/blacknwhite/default/css/custom.css and add following code:

.pr-row { min-height:44px;}

However, I have opened the list.phtml file in the Black and White theme and cannot find anywhere in that file.

Can you help please?

Great, thanks

Also, there seems to be a bug in the mega menu. If ‘Right Content’ is added to more than 1 category, the padding on the left of the entire grid in the other categories is removed, so everything is shifted to the left in those categories.

Do you know what is causing this?

I can send screenshots if need be


Also, I’ve wrapped the code in the div tags as suggested and added the pr-row code to custom.css file but nothing has changed (even after flushing cache etc) – any product with a longer title isn’t aligned horizontally with products that have shorter titles

Please create a ticket here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com Any screenshots would be appreciated.

Hi, I see a little bug in 1.1 version in my installation also you demo theme, when I select a image in product page this is in low resolution.

Hi, Fixed! Please open up app/design/frontend/blacknwhite/default/template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml in any text editor. Find 2 numbers 240 and replace with $imgSize

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


Great Theme. Good work guys! Will purchase the theme, a few questions though.

1. I don’t want to install through Quick Install. Once I installed your theme manually, Is there proper documentation on how to set up store as it looks in the demo? (Like home page setup, product listing, category page layouts…)

2. How easy is to upgrade your theme to new version If I haven’t modified the theme’s core files?

3. Can I add more products to the home page under different categories?

4. How many home page layouts are available? (Not asking about different stores) Or can I build a custom home page layout?

Thanks. Praveen

Hello, 1. Sure, you can install our theme manually. In the user guide we have described how to get it done. It will look as the demo.

2. If you will customise the theme the way how it’s described in the user guide, updating process won’t tricky for you. You will need to edit only updated files in your subtheme.

3. Sure, you can add as many products as you want.

3. Building different home pages requires html/css knowledge. There is no “drag and drop” interface or something.