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Hi there,

is it possible to display 4 products per row on the category view page?


Hi, There is ability to display from 2 up to 8 products per row.

Hi, i just bought the theme and installed it. I want ot upload images to products, but i got this error: “Image type and information need to be specified for each store view.” What can i do?

Thank you.

Hello, Your issue isn’t related to our theme but to your installed magento. Hope it helps http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19690402/magento-1-7-0-2-image-type-and-information-need-to-be-specified-for-each-store


my category mega menu is not black anymore. now it is with grey background, but i didn’t change anything. do you have a idea?


could you ansere the support question. i created a ticked 3 days ago.

BGC-494-30213 is the support ticket

I’m sorry, I sent you wrong link (envato support), https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com – here is our support ticket system.

It would be nice to see a fancybox or some lightbox feature on the product page also. We would love to have the product image displayed fullscreen :)

Hello, it’s going to be added in one of the next updates.

when is the next update coming out ?

It’s going to be released next week.

How do I manage the contents of the sidebar—specifically the sidebar of the Category pages?

Hello. You can find some short information about sidebar blocks in the user guide that comes with the theme.

When attempting to add a “subtheme”, a layout>local.xml file only containing a remove paypal statement, and then setting the design configuration to layout “subtheme”, the entire structure of the website breaks.

Wow, just got it working. Had to copy over your entire local.xml file, add the remove statement and then delete every following references to the PayPal element.


What’s the easiest way to upgrade the theme?

Hi, If you customised the theme code the way described in the user guide you need just upload the latest version over old one.

Hi I got question to ask regarding your Black&White theme. It seems that your theme has “category slider”. Does this mean I can add different category slider image on different categories? Thanks in advance.

Hello. Yes, you can add different sliders for each of your categories.

How Stupid menu Setup in Products left categories.

How removed ‘home page’ and ‘blog link’ from the Products left layout?

Hello, there is no ability to get it done through the admin panel but you can hide them using following css rules:
.block-vertical-nav li.level-top:first-child,
.block-vertical-nav li.level-top.last  {
    display: none;

this rule is working for the demo, so you probably may adapt it a bit


hi there,

Is it possible to add blog section to the home page to display a blog newsfeed block?

Hi, for now it’s not possible but we are going to try to extend this extension to allow displaying posts on the homepage.

Hi Meigee Team, Can I check when will this feature be possible as we would love to have that!

Hello, New version 1.4 has been released.

do you have a video background?

edit: i would love to have a landing page with a looping video background and a clickable menu, similar to http://www.bruunogstengade.dk/

There is ability to use video in revolution slider but it’s not possible to have it as background. Anyway you can add this feature by yourself with one of these jquery plugins http://www.jquery4u.com/media/background-video-plugins/

hi i want moveing <form id=”product_addtocart_form” to Below HOW? i try edit blacknwhite\default\template\catalog\product\view.phtml No change

Hi, this file is used if ajax is disabled. To find correct file please use magento path hints http://meigeeteam.com/faq/#toggle-id-15

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Hello, This extension included in the theme. In v1.1 will be added ability to change background on newsletter popup. Text can be changed in a file.

Where do I change the newsletter text? Thanks

Hi, To change text of newsletter popup, go to app\design\frontend\blacknwhite\default\template\newsletter\popup_subscribe.phtml and change text in that file or you can use default magento translation feature. Additionally: other options of newsletter popup (such as Popup expires end, background image etc..) can be changed in theme options (Meigee -> Theme options -> General options -> Newsletter)

With best regards, Dylan

Hello, Is it possible to make a “Quick View” working on product page for Recommended and Related Products?

Yes, it’s possible. We can help you to add that feature in your store without any charges.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, I like your theme and would like to buy. I have a few questions before I buy.

1. Can I able to add same product with different colors? If I choose red it should show red color product or if I choose black it should display black color product.

2. Is it possible to filter the products based on the price, category or brand? It should display on the widget.


Hello, 1. This is not default feature but can be implemented by installing additional extension like this one http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/product-color-swatch.html

2. Sure you can. Take a look at sidebar block called “Shop By” on a category page

“The site Foreveryoungcane.com uses the Black & White theme, The theme is causing issues with the FedEx Shipping module.

When activated it causes the Address update to RESET back to the In-Cart Page and does not update the shipping modules.

This can be replicated by just trying to checkout.

Can you help us fix this issue so FedEx shipping properly updates and checkout can be done.”

The FedEx shipping module is default magento module and the issue seems not to be theme related. You can check if the problem occurs on default theme by switching BlacknWhite theme to the default theme: if the problem appears on default magento theme then you should search for soultion on magento forums, in particular here are several issues with FedEX that were already discussed on stackexchange. If the problem occurs only when the theme is enabled it would be better to write to the developers of the One page checkout – free extension that was included in theme package, authors of that extension will know better how that extension works and probably give your ready-to-use solution.

Do you provide a sample data sql file to make a new install look like the demo?

Hello, Yes, this theme is bundled with the sql sample data.

I really like this theme, but im very disappointed it does not have on product pages social share icons, or way to for liking facebook, twitter share, or google + is this a feature coming soon if so how soon?

Hello, These links can be added just from the admin panel with ease. I’ve added them on the demo. Please take a look at this product pagehttp://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/kids/combined-padded-waistcoat.html


I emailed you last week but didn’t receive a reply. I updated the theme from 1.2 to 1.3, but the footer links (middle footer and bottom footer) are all pushed to the left. How do I fix this?

Also, how do I change the slider from the wide slider to Revolution slider?


Hello, Unfortunately I don’t see any emails from you in our inbox.

As to issues you have:

1. Code of static blocks has been changed. Please update it from files under “Sources/Static content”

2. Please refer to the user guide of downloaded package where you can find info about revolution slider.

find a bug! xxx.com/checkout/cart/ use Qty ajax plus , can’t Update Shopping Cart save new qty!

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