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nice theme. a few minor changes and it could be the best i have seen.

Product Page: 1. How can we have the price box be above the custom options? It should be just below the title given that it is one of the most important parts of the page? example (this is on a dev site while we make sure it works properly) http://girlsdresses.com/devsite/flower-girl-dresses/d-1098-princess-gown-with-sleeveless-satin-bodice-and-tea-length-tulle-skirt.html 2. is it possible to remove the review sections? not interested in having this as an option. takes up to much space on the page overall.

checkout: 1. Is it possible to have a filed added to the chopping cart section where buyer can add a date? we use a “wear date” to show when they need the items by. Currently we have to add it into the option section of the product page but we would prefer to have it in the final phase of shopping cart and prior to check out.

Thank you for your kind words. The answers fro your questions are below:

  1. How can we have the price box be above the custom options? This will require to apply some custom changes in phtml files. Please create a ticket in ticket system and we will help you with that.
  2. is it possible to remove the review sections? Yes, this can be done via magento options: go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced and disable Mage_Review module.
  3. Is it possible to have a filed added to the chopping cart section where buyer can add a date? Yes, but this will require adding custom code or installing additional extension. While installing the 3-rd party extension please refer to the “About third party extensions” section of theme documentation.

With best regards, Dylan

Does your latest version will support Magento CE ?

Or it just support to Magento CE

Please ensure ASAP I want to purchase the theme


Hello, Yes, it’s compatible both with and


I would like to update to version 1.4 and I want to make sure that what I need to do is override these folders: app, js, lib, media, and skin?

I have only made changes on frontend.


Or, the folders I need to override are:

- app/design/frontend/blacknwhite/default/


- skin/frontend/blacknwhite/default/

Please let me know. Thanks.

Update and installation process is the same. Please read “Template installation” section of the user guide that comes with the theme.

Thank you! I successfully updated the theme with no problems :)

Hi, I am using magento 1.9 theme like Black & White and I am unable to select the background-image slider. The path is as follows: AM> AMrevolution Slider> Slide Manager> <slider sample>> Slide> Add Slide> Slide and Image Layers> (Type = Background image)> Background Image.

When I click the ”...” button in the “Background Image” nothing happens. How to proceed?

thank you

Hi, Please create a new ticket here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com/ and provide us access to your magento admin panel so we could check it. Do not forget provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png


How do I remove the drop down box from header with english/ revolution slider etc.

Also how d o I set revolution slider as default homepage slider?

also how do I change the twitter feed at bottom / add links to social icons?

This feed is put using our widget “Latest Tweets”. You can edit it in one of static blocks used for footer blacknwhite_footer_... it depends on which one you enabled.

Hi Meigee. Thank you.

My first time using Magento so still trying to figure it all out so i apologize in advance as I am sure I’ll be asking you some more stupid questions in future :)

Love the theme.

How can I add a google webfont in the list? I’m trying to add McLaren Google Webfont without sucess…

follow the desirable code:

@font-face { font-family: “McLaren”; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; src: local(“McLaren”), local(“McLaren-Regular”), url(“http://themes.googleusercontent.com/static/fonts/mclaren/v2/FqTQTXFtc2eZjZjo-UZnegLUuEpTyoUstqEm5AMlJo4.woff”) format(“woff”); }

Is possible add a field to specify the google webfont name then retrieve the font information? :)

Hi there!

We provide support only via ticket system. Please send your request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com Do not forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png


I have a couple of questions:

1. I want to keep the “wishlist” and remove the “compare”. I was able to disable the “compare” button from the category pages (general options/product listing), but it still shows on the product page. How can I disable the compare icon from the product page?

2. How can I disable the wishlist counter from the menu bar?

Thanks in advance.

See below the answer for your questions:

  1. How can I disable the compare icon from the product page? To remove completely compare product feature please follow the instructions described in this article
  2. How can I disable the wishlist counter from the menu bar? Go to app\design\frontend\blacknwhite\default\template\page\html\header.phtml open that file and remove or comment our the code below:
    <span class="wishlist-items"><?php echo $this->helper('wishlist')->getItemCount() ?></span>
  3. With best regards, Dylan

Thank you Dylan. That was helpful!

Hi, I need to know if purchasing the template to $ 85, contains all the menus and test articles like this in the demo site.


Hi, The theme comes with the sample data so you could get the same look with the same content as the demo has. But please note that images from the demo aren’t provided (all of them are replaced with blurred ones)

Hello, this theme looks great. Has the theme got a Sidebar menu, similar to Ultimo theme?

Do you mean categories menu in the sidebar? Yes, it does. Check it on the demo please http://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/kids.html

Black & White v.s. Minimalism theme; What would the difference in terms of features and functions beside of the look? I like both but can’t decide.

Thank you for showing interest to our themes. Both of the indicated themes are responsive and retina ready templates, compatible with popular browsers and modern magento versions (including recent 1.9 magento), have bunch of features and options, are ultra customizable and will suit for any online store, but the Blacknwhite is more powerfull magento template which allows to achieve the ultimate level of sales. The list of all options is huge to be listed here, so I indicate below the main features that have only Blacknwhite template for now:

  • Revolution slider (worth $93)
  • Ability to hide sidebar on frontend
  • Welcome newsletter pop-up
  • Fancybox on product page
  • Vertical tabs on product page
  • Rich snippets
These are the most significant options and features that are available in Blacknwhite. Listed and other theme options make Blacknwhite theme more impressive theme than the Minimalism.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, a very good magento template.

Before purchasing, i would like to know-

Whether this template has Ajax product load & Lazy loading of products on category page or not.

I want both the features- 1- Ajax Product Load – so that customer can scroll and products gets loaded automatically. 2- Products Lazy Loading- I don’t want all products to load at once, its should load row by row based on user scroll.

Purchased theme and have left you two questions what is your turn around time to answer?

Namely installation quick install with demo content and menu links failing with 404 errors


Hello, All of tickets are resolved in a turn so no need to duplicate it here. Take a look at your tickets, we already sent you answers.

this is the best, amazing, wonderfull theme I ever ever worked, so easy to customize, and amazing support from the guys behind. I can only say AWESOME! I will buy everything from they in the future, ´cause have great design, lovely support (always helping to resolve every issue) so thank you so much I really enjoyed to work with your design/theme/support. :kiss:

Thanks for your kind words!

Hi, thinking of using the template, do you have a feature for assigning or offering store credit as a payment option where users can log in and see a credit balance on there account?

Thank you

Such option is offered by several extensions, and is not included in theme by default. You can use any extension which allow to do that (for example: Store Credit Pro or Customer Credits).

With best regards, Dylan

Instructions re Using and Installing Blog Black And White Blog Extension not clear at all! we used the 1 click install extension

Used Magento Keys


Fails to find it

Please advise also posted at you help desk but you seem not to notified and or…..


Hello, Did you read a section called “Blog Extension” where we have described installation process?

How to install

  1. Refresh and disable all magento cache
  2. Please read blank” href=”https://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/7-_magento_connect/what_is_a_magento_connect_extension_key”>What is a magento connect extension key
  3. Go to blog extension page to get extension link and then install it
  4. Upload aw_blog.zip to the root directory of your magento using your favorite FTP client. This .zip you can find in Sources -> Extensions folder of downloaded package
  5. Unzip it
  6. Refresh magento admin page in your bowser
  7. Log out from magento admin panel and log in again

Update: Just saw in your ticket you did. But I still o not understands what’s not clear here?

At you support page why are you removing older tickets when i need to reference them at a later date. Perhaps other to have the same questions..Saves you time as well ..



Hi, I’m considering buying your theme. But is it possible to have next/previous image arrows on the fancybox pop up float in product pages? In the demo page, I don’t see any of this feature. Thank you!

Do you mean here? http://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/women/coat-with-gathering.html

It’ll be fixed in the next version of the theme. Also you can get it on demand, just create a new ticket after purchase here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com

Thank you for the reply. Yes, in that product page. It’ll be great if there are next and previous buttons on the float. I will purchase the theme first and decide either purchase a ticket or wait for the next version.

Some pre-sales questions here. Is this flexible grid that is included capable of the infinite scroll effect? I like so many of the other things in here but need this also. Please give solution friend

hen in cart some product are not available in the desired quantity: - subtotal info and links “Go to Cart” “Checkout” is not displayed in ajax-cart, - when adding a new item to the cart, ajax-notification appears with the text “undefined”.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We fixed that issue and sent you reply with solution in your ticket – check your inbox or ticket. Please do not duplicate messages on themeforest and in ticket system.

With best regards, Dylan

When in cart some product are not available in the desired quantity: - subtotal info and links “Go to Cart” “Checkout” is not displayed in ajax-cart, - when adding a new item to the cart, ajax-notification appears with the text “undefined”.