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Hi , your demo has a button in Category Page to hide sidebar but mine has not. I cant find it in admin panel? how to configure it?

Thanks for The Help

This feature is added in the version 1.4 so all you need is update your theme.

Thanks. another one: Please Help me how can i add compare (ajax) on header beside the wishlist?


How can I remove the wishlist feature from the frontpage? I was able to remove the count, but not the heart button itself.


To remove wishlist icon go to skin\frontend\blacknwhite\default\js\script.js find and remove or comment out next code:

var WishlistLink = jQuery('.top-link-wishlist');<br /> WishlistLinkParent = WishlistLink.parent();<br /> jQuery('.top-cart').after(WishlistLink);<br /> WishlistLinkParent.remove();<br /> jQuery('.wishlist-items').appendTo(WishlistLink);
By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan


On the demo homepage there is a block called “latest blog post”. Where can I find the layout for that block? I Installed the blog plugin en can get the block with the latest blog post on the homepage, but I can’t find the layout used in the demo.


Hi, What layout exactly do you mean? All you need is create some post in the admin panel. Demo posts you can find in sample data.


Please Help me how can I add compare (ajax) to header beside the wishlist?

This feature isn’t provided in the theme. You should add it by yourself.


Love the template! Was wondering if the review system could be changed such that only verified purchasers could place a review?

Also, will be using the template to list hotels. Each hotel has different categories of rooms. Would it be possible for someone to click on the product (hotel) and be brought to another page with the different categories of rooms along with the respective prices?

Thank you so much!

Hi, Things you’re asking about aren’t provided by default in magento. It’s custom work and requires additional code changes. I can recommend you our partner http://www.advancedlogic.eu/ if you’re interested.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I’d bought the magento hotel plugin. However, the theme doesn’t seem to work well with the plugin- do you have the documentation to facilitate the theme and plugin to work well together?

Please take a look at the section “About third party extensions” of theme documentation in which we described the most general instructions which help to integrate theme with third party extensions. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form.

With best regards, Dylan.

Hello Megiee Team

I am interested in buying your theme. But I have a few questions. Please answer them:

1. The default magento field of gift wrapping with special message box is right now not seen on this theme’s demo checkout page. But will it be available for the actual theme?

2. Customer testimonials. This also is default magento feature. But is not seen on the black and white demo theme. Will it be available for the actual theme?


1. I’ve just enabled it. Please check the demo 2. Do you mean product reviews? If so, it’s enabled by default and you can find it on a product page.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Please also let me know whether the newsletter subscription pop up will be seen across all pages of the site or only on the home page.

For ex: If a user lands directly on some category page, then also will the newsletter subscription box seen?

There is theme admin option which allow to show newsletter only on home page or on every page.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, I see that when I add a product in the cart, the action is not well visible, is possible to adding the cart also in the left/right column?

We already answered you in ticket system. Please check the your inbox.

With best regards, Dylan


i use the onestepcheckout. but in the field for business therms and revocation are just {{block type=”cms/block” block_id=”business_terms”}} but it nowhere editable? br matthias

To change color for the main text you have to add some additional css styles: go to skin\frontend\blacknwhite\default\css\styles.css find the string body {color: #888; (it should be 90 string if you did not change that file) and change the value of color for all the text. Additionally you have to change color of text in tabs: same here (styles.css) find the string .product-collateral .box-collateral and change color value for it. Here is color codes: http://html-color-codes.info/ that could be used for the text color. Concerning the onepagecheckout: could you please describe the problem more specifically, cause we are not sure that understood you correctly.
By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com Don’t forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png

With best regards, Dylan. MeigeeTeam


how do i edit the color of the main text? In your design configuration is no point to do that?


I’m seriously considering buying this theme. There’s just one thing i noticed in the demo i’m concerned me (usually there are a lot more).

In the mobile version (ex. iphone 5s) the cart shows up on the bottom of the page, wich sometimes makes it impossible to click the button go to checkout. On the homepage this problem doesn’t exist.

I’d like to know if there is (coming) a fix for this before buying:)

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for showing interest to our theme and thx for reporting an issue with cart. It was already fixed and the demo was updated – you can check how it works now. All our purchasers are provided with theme lifetime support, so do not worry about about the theme related bugs fixing. Besides fixing the possible issues we permanently working on the theme improvement and every our new release includes more and more features.

With best regards, Dylan.


I’m using magento and I’m trying to use the revolution slider. However, if I add the slider, the floating header that shows when you scroll down won’t show anymore. If I remove the revolution slider, it shows up again.

This is the content of the page <hr class="indent-24 white-space" /><header class="widget-title"></header> <div>{{widget type="revslider/slider_preview" id="1"}}</div> <h2>Accessories</h2> <p>{{widget type="meigeewidgetsblacknwhite/featuredcategory" featured_category="category/13" template="meigee/meigeewidgetsblacknwhite/slider.phtml" products_amount="10" visible_products="4" widget_id="4969"}}</p>

nevermind, I forget to set using “shipped jquery to ‘NO’”

I bought this theme and installed it. In the begining it worked fine but now when I make changes the store does not show them.

And the site is suddently more bright than dark like in the original config.

Also, when I’m making changes in System->Configuration->Meigee / Theme Options->Theme Design the changes does to appear on the frontpage.

What is the problem?

Thank you for theme purchasing. The changes on frontend usually don’t show if the cache is enabled in magento admin. This is default magento behaviour: in order to see backend changes on frontend you have to flush the cache (System -> Cache management). If you apply some changes to products and/or categories you also have to reindex data (System -> Index management) besides flushing the cache. Concerning the color changes in Theme design options – you have to enable custom colors overriding. In order to do that go to Meigee -> Theme options -> Design options -> Base colors and set Enable for the Override Base Colors drop down list. All that information about theme options and features you also will find in theme documentation that is included in theme package. Please read it carefully and you will save your time of theme configuring. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi I love your theme. I am trying to change all the colours to be black background with white text, I have managed to change the top and bottom colours of the site easily using the in built options, but cannot get the middle portion to be black. Can you please advise how I do this?

The website is www.distinctivedesignerfurniture.com.au


Hi, Thank you for your kind words.
To change that color go to skin\frontend\blacknwhite\default\css\styles.css find the string body.boxed-layout .container_12 (should 156 string) and change value of background-color to #000. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code.

With best regards, Dylan

Hello Meigee Team,

Tnx for this great theme.

I would like to create the same blog blocks on the homepage as you have on the demo version. In the documentation with the theme it is not wel explained. I hope you can help me out.

Tnx, Outger

It has been 4 days and I am still waiting for a reply.

Sorry for late reply. Next time please create a ticket in our ticket system to get the answer faster.

Go to home page (CMS-> Pages -> Home page) open vertical tab content and click on the “Insert widget” button. Choose “Blog: latest post” widget. Set 4 blocks to show and set category that should be shown. Insert widget and save page. That’s it. Just remind that the styles for the latest post were added in 1.4 theme version. So you have to update the theme to the recent 1.4 version if you have earlier versions. Do not forget to upload folders from the “Extensions\aw_blog\” folder in order all looks exactly as on demo. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code.

With best regards, Dylan

nice theme !

Do you have included a demo starter package inside the download ? In order to learn your setting as fast as possible.

And secondly, do you offer paid support ?

If not, when is it available ? Seeing you have a lot similar themes we would appreciate some dedication to this theme seeing it is your best selling theme.

Hello, Yes, this theme comes with dump file so you can install it and get fully working and configured magento store as on the demo.

As to paid support, no, this option isn’t available but we have a partner who can customize the theme the way you like.

Hi, a pre-sales question – http://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/kids.html

on this theme I see that there is the category title above the product banner which I don’t think is necessary as this category title takes up a lot of space in the viewable fold, it could just as easily go in the banner in fact the banner should tell people what the category is.

It’s a nice looking theme and the blog is a good design. I would like to see a theme in Magento that has something of this layout http://www.tiffany.ie/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ie_en_brand_pure-brand&utm_term=tiffany&utm_content=exact&omcid=MIRIEB156401# this is a really nice page and check out the navigation on this, it is Tiffany’s and it blows any Magento theme navigation out of the water that I have seen!

Thank you for showing interest to our theme. The category title can be easily removed by commenting out or removing a few strings of code. Tiffany website has original look while Blacknwhite theme has its own unique design which can be easily customized just through the admin options and changing some php code.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, what is the optimal image size for the “featured category” widget? The widget code on frontend page is as follows: {{widget type=”meigeewidgetsblacknwhite/featuredcategory” featured_category=”category/13” template=”meigee/meigeewidgetsblacknwhite/slider.phtml” products_amount=”10” visible_products=”4” widget_id=”4969”}}

I tried to set the small image size variously but most show up too small on my frontend. Please let me know the optimal image size for the featured category widget on frontend. Thanks.

Product images in featured category widget are exactly the same as on product listing and you can use product images of any size. If all your images do not have same size we recommend to use Aspect ratio option (Meigee -> Theme options -> General options) which helps to make the all of product images of same height. More detailed about that option you can read in theme documentation.By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan

Thanks Dylan, I already used the same heights option for Aspect ratio option. I will contact Meigee support. Thanks.


Is it possible to get the MegaMenu looking as simple as in your Flatshop theme?

Best Regards Rasmus

Hi Rasmus,
The 3rd party extension is used in flatshop theme for the megamenu, while in Blacknwhite we use our own module which have a much more features and is more customizable than that extension. Anyway, you can install that extension in Blacknwhite theme by yourself and configure it as you wish.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, Great template. I just have one question before we make a purchase.

I currently have an existing “Store View” and theme installed. This theme would be installed for new Store View in addition to the current one I have.

I’m concerned there may be some conflict if the extension package you provide changes all Global settings rather than just individual store view configurations.

To your knowledge, would your theme work independently of the existing Store View?

Hello, Definitely you can configure our theme for your store view and it won’t affect to your another one theme. As to conflicts between extensions, I can’t guarantee that everything will be fine because I don’t know what extensions you have installed, in additionally we have overridden some default magento methods for our own mega menu, probably your current theme has overridden something, I mean there are many many things that I can’t cover.

If you decide to buy it: DO NOT USE 1 click installation on your real store, it’s provided only for testing.