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I am trying to disable shop by manufacturer sidebar but it doesn’t work.


Can you please help me?

Thank you,

Yes, sure we can help you. Please create a ticket via ticket system and we’ll provide you improved code.

With best regards, Dylan

Do you provide full package for installation?

Hello, What do you mean by “full package”? We can install our theme on your existing test store.

i got it installed..how do i enable currency selctor in the home page..i have enabled multiple currencies, but it is not getting displayed at the home page

You also need to enable currencies rates (System -> Currency Setup). Besides, please flush the cache (System -> Cache management) – this is default magento functionality: in order to see backend changes on frontend you have to clear the cache after backend changes. Basically, we recommend to disable the cache while store configuration. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan

Hey Guys,

The theme looks great and I am really keen to buy, but I am new to magento and do not know how to install the theme. Would you be able to provide me with instructions or help me out with it?


Hello, this theme comes with the doc file where we have described all steps you need to follow to get installed our theme. Anyway, we can also install our theme for free on your exiting test store.

Hey MeigeeTeam.

I have bought the theme unzipped the files but can not find the information for the step by step upload. My magento store is community version Please would you point me in the right direction?


There is “User Guide” folder in the root of the downloaded package where you can find index.html file.

Hi Dylan,

1. Could you show me how to make the search bar like 3 times bigger and have the cart button + wishlist button next to it on the right side would it? Also add like 3 main advantages of the shop under or on top of it? Cause it will free up space to add more parent categories in the navbar.

2. Your other theme shows tabs expandable under each other: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/unique-magento-theme/index.php/product-page-layouts/jeffery-suit-jacket.html Could you tell me how to do this for the blacknwhite theme?

3. I’m involved in BH. Would you be able to remove your footprints of this template against an extra charge? Very important for me and GG ;-)

Thank for your time!

No, there is default option in magento where you can change copyright, also the footer in this theme is a static bloc so you can change it from the admin.

Actually you have to do an extra step..i found out myself…the template is almost footprint free.

How would I go about when I have too many categories that the header has 2 lines now, what is super ugly ofcourse :-) Can we narrow the space between words please, have to look for some margin class, but in which file exactly, cannot find it in style.css though

Try to decrease padding here “.nav-container li.level-top > a span”, in skin/frontend/blacknwhite/default/css/styles.css


i deleted the code for startpage to include the slider. Could you give me the code please?

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Hello, This code you can find under Sources/Static Content directory of the downloaded package.

Quick question, does the mega menu extension included can manage 1 column dropdown AND 2 column dropdown (AND 1 sub-menu level) ?

This Theme come with Shop Administrator like change banires and adding new products online?, also itãs with any tape to report exp. control of stok ?

Hello, This theme is magento theme, so you will need to install magento core additionally, it’s free. And yes, you’ll get magento admin panel with all these things you ask for.

What should I do to add more quick links to the header-top-right. The position were the Login link is located right now please?

You should edit this file app/design/frontend/blacknwhite/default/template/page/html/header.phtml

hi there how do we rename the additional information tab? and how would we go about adding more tabs with information like shipping times etc

thank you

We already replied in your ticket, check your email inbox or ticket. Please do not duplicate messages.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi There,

I need the show cart subtotal price on home page like http://puu.sh/9UXT0/3f305f3b90.png

on here http://puu.sh/9UXUO/572f2b73a3.png


This can be easily done by yourself: go to app\design\frontend\blacknwhite\default\template\checkout\cart\topcart.phtml find the code

<?php if($topCartCount): ?><br />    <?php if($topCartIcon or $topCartLabel): ?><br />    <span class="cart-divider"> </span><br />    <?php endif ?><br />    <span><br />     <?php echo $_cartQty; ?><br />    </span><br />   <?php endif ?><br />
and add after it the code below:
<?php echo Mage::helper('checkout')->formatPrice($this->getSubtotal()) ?>

With best regards, Dylan

Hi There,

Thank you. Last question if clic the add to cart is it possible automatically open the mini cart popup like this


Yes, it is possible: create a ticket and we will give an instructions.

With best regards, Dylan


I am currently choosing between Prestashop and Magento. I am interested in your theme for Magento.

Quick question, what formatting is available in the product descriptions? Columns i.e Hello etc?

Thank you.

Hello, Our theme is based on http://960.gs/ so similar code is allowed for sure.

Interesting. I have tried this on a product description and it does not seem to support full 960 grid in product descriptions. Mainly because div box-collateral has a margin applied, so when I try to implement 12 columns, the last column wraps under itself because the container is not wide enough. I will send a support ticket. Thanks.

We answered for your ticket in ticket system. Please check your email or ticket.

With best regards, Dylan


In your demo you have the blog along the bottom on home page along with the carousel of brands. How do I add these?


Hi, You can show your latest posts using a widget for this, it’s called “Blog: Latest Posts”

Hi, what about downloadable products? Do you support them? I mean, I’m looking for something where sample links are nicely presented next (below/above) of short description.

Hi, Here it is http://meigeeteam.com/templates/blacknwhite-magento-theme/index.php/bundle-product.html , it’s bundle product but configurable one will look the same way. This feature is default magento feature so our theme definitely supports it.

Hi, thank you for quick reply. However, it is not the same, because bundle product has no option for link purchase and checking samples (for example short mp3 file or so). I have met with themes which frontend doesn’t show links/samples, so that’s why I preer to ask before I spent money :)

Here is an example of downloadable product. Some code improvements were made in order the downloadable product works perfect, so if you decide to purchase the theme, please create a ticket after theme purchasing and we provide you improved code.

With best regards, Dylan

Hi, excellent theme, congratulations! But the header could have other versions including the only logo in the center (for logos with higher sizes), so me and more people buy it! :bigsmile:

Hi, It’s very easy to move the logo to the center of the header and we can help you with this without any charges.

Hello MeigeeTeam,

I am developing a website for my boss using your theme, i have followed your User Guide, but it shows up this error https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47514578/blacknwhite.png If possible, can you install it from our website? http://irddev.evilgeniustechnologies.com/

Thank you very much

Hello. Seems you have resolved this problem since your site is running well.

yes, it was my bad. Thanks so much for quick reply. Just one small things, could you show me how to edit Manufacturer options? :)

Please read the “Brands Showcase” section of the user guide.

Hi there,

Our company is new to magento, Who do I reach out to about doing the theme install for us?

you can email me at seangpanton@gmail.com

Hello. Support is provided only through the ticket system https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com/helpdesk so please create a ticket there and do not forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png.


If there is documentation available could you tell me where i can find this?

I’m trying to figure out how i can create custom css file so i can update theme easily.

Kind regards

Hi, You can find the user guide in the root of the downloaded package. User Guide/index.html


One question: updating to version 1.5 creates a new IWD One Page Checkout module? It seems that there are 2 modules for this extension and also different folders (opc and onepagecheckout).

Our Checkout is messed up: Don’t know if it was because of an extension we installed later or because of the update.

Although, One Page Checkout works with Ultimo template.


Got it working now.. Had to delete all files related to onepagecheckout from version 1.4.

Also, reinstalled 1.5 and cleared cache.


how do I change or add brands/Manufacturer?

Hi, Please read the “Brands Showcase” section of the user guide that comes with the theme.


I noticed this on the demo version of the mobile as well as when I’d installed it on mine- some of the text accompanying the slider blocks do not display properly when viewed on mobile, e.g. ‘70% megasale’ and ‘incredible collection’ aren’t displayed.

Another question would be how to change the text for the newsletter- have not been able to figure this out.

Thank you!

Hello. Please do not duplicate your messages. You will get the answer in the ticket system as soon as possible. All tickets are handled in a turn.