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I’ve bought this template but there are 2 functions in the supersized slider which aren’t working.

Autoplay and paus-hover. I want to put autoplay of and pause-hover on, but this isn’t working. Here’s a piece of the code:

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(function($){ $.supersized({ // Functionality autoplay : 0, pause_hover : 1,

Hello! We provide real help to our customers directly. Let your client login with his account and ask the same question. Thanks.

Hello Before you buy a very nice template you would like to ask if we can show first the about page or some other instead of the description of the slide show. Thank you

Hi! Current template doesn’t support this feature. Thanks.


Just found your theme yesterday and saw today that there’s also a Wordpress-version. Before buying one of them I would like to know if there are differences (besides Wordpress itself) in functionality between them.


Hi! Some differences: unlimited colors theme, multilanguage ready, touch swipe support, widgets & shortcodes, video documentation. Thanks

hi Email works but success email message it’s no show. div class succes it’ not displayed

after few seconds i see empty form.

i try to change $(’#ContactForm’).forms({ ownerEmail:’info@mail.com’, successCl:’success’, successShow:’4000’ }) but nothing

Check the style.css file you may have there is not a closed tag. Specify font size for the div .success.
#ContactForm .success { font-size: 13px; }

thanks now works

before retail was #ContactForm .success{display:none; position:absolute; left:0; bottom:10px;}

now is #ContactForm .success{ font-size: 13px; position:absolute; left:0; bottom:10px;}

ContactForm .success{ font-size: 13px; position:absolute; left:0; bottom:10px;}

Glad to help.
In the main archive for download no need to add the font size in the code. He takes it from the parent div.

Hi I am having some trouble getting the contact form to work; when the form is filled out and the submit button is pressed nothing happens. I have updated the line of code in the form.js with my email as well as the second owner email location.


Please provide access via ftp to the website. Thanks

Thank you for your help; I have emailed you requested info.

It works perfect; thank you

how to change the thumb image and fullscreen background image?

In the bottom on file index.html –
{image :'images/bg_pic.gif', thumb : 'images/bg_pic_thumb.gif'},
Fullscreen image – “image :’images/bg_pic.gif’”
thumbnail – “thumb : ‘images/bg_pic_thumb.gif’”

Sorry to change address in the map?

folder “js” file “googleMap.js” add your map URL
var mapUrl ="yourUrl"

Hello, hot to change yellow color of menu and who we are in the white?

style.css file
Yellow color in the menu – #menu > li > a > strong {color: #FFE300;}
“who we are” color –
h2 {color: #FFF;}

No. I want to change the yellow that is in the container of who we are and the menu. No text but the image

You have to change color in the Photoshop and replace the following images:
menu_top.png, plane.png, menu_bottom.png, article_back.png, article_bottom.png

HI I have change color but two elements remain yellow. Can i sent you an attachment?

hi. yes of course. please send an attachment e-mail. thanks

your email for support?


Hi the external link in the client not function.

You image hover overlaps the button. To avoid this you can set the height of the hover is equal the image (.bxslider > li > span) or remove it. Thanks

the not is this. If you go http://www.pubblistoretest.it/www.pubblistoretest.it/migliozzi_new/index.html#!/about and click on “termotecnici” the problem is the path of the link

You are using a relative path link. You need to use the absolute path. Example: <a href="https://www.google.it/">termotecnici</a>

hi i want to know how i can put in the form a checkbox for the acceptance of the privacy policy? Is important the form will not be sent if the checkbox is not activated.

Thanks but i purchase html version, so i neeed code for this

please any news? it’s important for eu privacy law to have a checkbox in form to be checked (agree condition) before send form

Hi! This function is not supported by the contact form of this template. You can try to use the contact form other developers. Thanks

Hello, I think you have a little problem with the responsive on Iphone. The problem is with the menu it appears and disappear when you try to scroll down thank you to check this out. I even tried on ThemeForest and the problem is the same. Thank You


Hi! Thanks for the bug report!

Hi I am having some trouble getting the contact form to work; when the form is filled out and the submit button is pressed nothing happens.


please help me

ContactForm .success{ display:none; position:absolute; left:0; bottom:0px; font-size:13px;}

this isn´t the problem.

Your site does not work I can not see the reason. Thanks

Is slider (Flexslider) ? Can be add not just image from PC … Can I add link image : http://kapital3.org:8080/capture1.jpg + can I resize using like this width=”” height=””??? Before I buying I like know ….. can u check / tested

do u have message with ftp login?

We have received your letter, we will soon contact you. Thanks

Contact form does not work because you have made changes to a file MailHandler.php
Please replace it.
Please check your site for errors – https://validator.w3.org/
You have a lot of open / unclosed tags.
If you not change your review we will have to contact support envato.

2 months later and still the same problem with the responsive on Iphone. Thank you to check this out.

DO NOT BUY THIS TEMPLATE….. Support is absent, contact form is not working, responsive as bugs on Iphones.