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This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and professional.

Nice work! Good luck :)

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!


I would like to know if this template can have video files on it’s portfolio, and if can it handle more than 2 portfolios?

Kind Regards, Paulo

Hi! Of course, You can add videos to portfolio and create as many portfolios as you need. Thanks.

Hi FX Office Great theme, thanks. However, I am having a little trouble configuring the email contact form. I have added the email address to the to the ownerEmail: field in the form.js file but can’t get the email to send. Is there any other settings I need to edit? The site url is – billmclean.org.nz/newsite/ Kind regards Stephen steve@websiteguy.co.nz

Hi. You need to change your email in the initialization script – ”$(’#form’).forms({ ownerEmail:’steve@websiteguy.co.nz’})” p.s. The script is located in the TOP of the form.js file. Thanks

Hi FXoffice – thank you for your prompt reply. Works fine now.

When gallery rotating description is coming down after the first circle, i.e. when page is being loaded for the first time, description’s position is OK, but when same picture appears for the next time is goes down. Asked support but received reply referring to non-existing files and then no reply at all … quicksand script is not working properly (no sorting out), no description to modify script attached in documentation.

Another question. How to make 2nd, 3rd, etc. one-half portfolio? Another #portfolio2Col in layout.css, like #portfolio2Col2, #portfolio2Col3, etc. and respective tags in html? or some other way?

Hi! This template is designed for two portfolio pages. If you need to add more pages – write to us via private messages. We will help you. Thanks.

I purchased your HTML Black&White, dear FXOffice, but the contactform dos not work. I changed the form.js with ”$(’#form’).forms({ ownerEmail:’info@webridder.nl’})” but it won’t sent. I hear from you.

Regards from Holland

Please check e-mail. Thanks

Problem fixt ;-) I solved the problem with one line in the .htaccess with: SecFilterEngine Off Thanks for your help

Ok. Thanks

Hey FXoffice,

I’m looking to turn the portfolio image links from single images to galleries. For example, click on the 369X171 image link and the prettyphoto popup will have multiple photos that you can scroll through.

How would I go about doing this?

Cheers from England! :D

Hi! Open index.html. Find all rel=”nofollow” and replace with rel=”nofollow[gallery1]” for portfolio1, rel=”nofollow[gallery2]” for portfolio2, etc. Thanks.

Hello FXOffice team,

Please can you advise me how to integrate RSS news in Javasript? Is this possible and if yes how can I fix this? I want to integrate this javascript: http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-news-jquery-plugin/159839?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.seg_1=search_thumb&WT.z_author=radykal

With regards, Toon Hermsen from Holland

Unfortunately, we haven’t work with this script yet. This is a description for its installation – http://radykal.de/codecanyon/fancynews/

Hi! How to change contact form in a way that instead of your ‘phone field’ form will have a subject field? Usually anti-spam deletes msgs without subject. And one more thing. Will it affect work of contact form if I’ll leave only Your name/Your mail/Your message fields? It is rather seldom that anyone will leave his phone number. Thanks

I think you shall provide more detailed settings for contact form – it will safe purchasers from lengthy correspondence!. Thanks.

I’m so very sorry…. for the above. All works. Many thanks indeed.


I found nothing in your documentation, except the name of the file that I’ll probably have to change. But I would have liked to have your opinion on the matter.

Here it is : I added in the Head section of the index a script with a $(document).ready(function()...

All is “working” if and only if i refresh the browser. if i don’t refresh the browser i can see your template like without the script added. I can navigate between the pages but can not see the script in action for the page as I have not refreshed the browser.

I noticed that it seems to be linked with each click on the menu. Every time I click on the menu, it seems to kill my script. I refresh…it’s ok… clic menu…not ok… refresh ok etc….

so, i have seen a file called switcher.js but i can’t figure out how and what to add to have my function working.

Can you explain to me please where i have to add my code to be run at each clic on menu…

Sorry for my poor english. hope you understand.

Thanks Best Regards PS : if you give me the answer i buy your last template. if not, i will buy it too because it’s fantastic and original (like this one)^^

Hi! Please provide a demo of your website and js code. Thanks.

Hi! I have several contact forms on index page (yarsdesign.net), all of which have same code, but only one which pops up when contact form button clicked is working. Is something wrong with my coding or php script works for one form a page only? Any solutions. Thanks.

Hi! For using a couple of contact forms you need to assign its unique id and initialize it in the form.js file. Thanks

Thanks so much! If I’m correct I shall amend form.js for each contact form (ContactForm1, ContactForm2, etc) with additional statement as below: /==========================================/

$(window).load(function() { $(’#ContactForm1’).forms({ ownerEmail:’aaa@yaa.net‘ }) });


Yes, that’s right

HI! And one more question. Any chance to have a messages in contact form sent in Cyrillic as a second language in addition to English? Many thanks indeed. Igor

Hi! You may use Cyrillic and Latin fonts but it is necessary to turn off the validation checking of the appropriate fields of the form. Thanks

Many thanks, how remove validation only from Name field? Appreciate.

Hi. File form.js line 21 – ".name":{rx:/.{1}/,target:'input'},


I have troubles getting pages/portfolios to work.

http://www.colettebordo.com/new/ I believe that I have followed the instructions (like in the video), but all i get is 404 errors, page nog found, tried several pages, new menu no matter what, error stays. So what am I doing wrong? Pls look at portfolio in the menu, thats should display a gallery 2 (column template)

purchased it here, with this account.

(I have only one account)

Here are discussing html version of the template. You have a site on Wordpress. Please write in the theme template – http://themeforest.net/item/blackwhite-responsive-photo-portfolio/discussion/5155625

Does this come with instructions. I know HTML code but not js code. will I be able to modify this know just html.

Do you add the pictures in the java script code or HTML code. If you can point me in the right direction I can figure it out after that. I was able to change the photoshop files to get the logo I wanted, I just can’t figure where to add my pics. I named one of my pics bg_pic.gif and it added the picture in the main page but I’m pretty sure this is not how you do it. Thanks for any help.

Do you add the pictures in the java script code or HTML code. If you can point me in the right direction I can figure it out after that. I was able to change the photoshop files to get the logo I wanted, I just can’t figure where to add my pics. I named one of my pics bg_pic.gif and it added the picture in the main page but I’m pretty sure this is not how you do it. Thanks for any help.

This was the first themeforest template I have ever purchased. I figured out how to put pics in the slider. It really is quite easy when you know where to look. I was looking to much in the java code. I thought the java script code might rotate the pics in a file, but I see it is all in the HTML code. Anyway sorry about all the comments. This theme really is very nice!

Ok. Thanks

Nice template, thanks for the hard work put in this, I have a question tho. is there any walk through for this template? I am kinda lost between codes here.

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Thank you FXoffice, tell me what you want me to provide you with, I am currently building it offline and once complete I will upload it, but I can upload it to my ftp and give you credentials to look at what I did so far. so let me know where to send these information to you.

thanks again

Hi! Please send us a private message with your questions. We will try to help you. Thanks.